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  1. And try to keep your mind if everyone around you is always praising you, and you yourself live in a world of well, just a few blocks away.�

    By the way, this is a common problem of native (born in) Muscovites – unhappy people all(!!!) whose life from the maternity hospital to the crematorium fits in a patch of 10, or even less kilometers, and their birth rate does not allow them to condescend to read comments on their opuses in social networks.

    Short flights “Sheremetyevo-Thailand-Washington” do not count – there Muscovites who grew up in a cage first of all run to look for a familiar feeder and a corner where you can poop. And, in the case of Washington (America is a country where everyone can find what they like), they find it. So then such a Khazin comes back and starts trying to persuade everyone that”I didn't like Washington – well, just a big village.”�

    Katya (of course it is correct to call Catherine, but she is so cute that it's just mi-mi-mi) not yet the most severe manifestation of this syndrome. Due to her innate ability to think critically and communicate with students, she still holds on and almost doesn't mess up, except for the shameful flight with the Tominsky gok, which could have been forgiven for having to answer quickly without preparation, but she is still worried about the lack of appeal of her immediately issued advice to wash your hands.�

    The most striking manifestation of provincialism (yes, yes, Muscovites are provincials-not because they came from the provinces – everything is fine with them, but because they bear the mentality of a tiny world, a village with a outskirts) is of course Varlamov. Naturally shukshinsky “weirdo” and “cut”.�

    And the most pathetic thing is Yevgenia Markovna Albats. He and Konstantin Krylov are two tragic losses of the Russian and, even in the case of Yevgenia Markovna, the Russian cultural stratum. People simply have no one to communicate with on an equal footing and without sycophancy. That's why I'm worried about Katya. He will become Evgeny Yasin in a skirt.

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