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  1. Actually, yes! The whole world is in our head and our perception is a picture of our world!

    The reason for this perception:

    1) we don't focus on the present

    2) we don't live emotionally with what's happening around us

    3) we don't mark events for ourselves

    Therefore, life is not fixed and flies by like a picture outside the window of a fast-moving train.

    Take your time, live with taste, imbue your life with emotional and aesthetic impressions. Then life will become more meaningful and filled with tangible experiences, filling the memory with the fullness of life in pictures, emotions and sensations.

  2. The older a person gets, the faster time passes for them. And here's why. Suppose that a person is 10 years old, then 1 year for him is 10% of his life lived. Now let's take a 100-year-old man, 1 year for him is only 1% of his life lived. It turns out that 1 year of life for the first will drag on, and for the second it will only flash. There is another point here: over time, biological processes in the human body slow down. This means that his internal biological clock is also slowing down. And real time starts to overtake them. As a result, for a person, time begins to accelerate more and more. That's how it feels. There are probably no real ways to slow down time. Subjectively, it will always accelerate. You can only try to load yourself to the full with different things and then the feeling of running time is slightly blunted. Or you can do the opposite, lie down and do nothing. That's for sure.

  3. Yes, this is due to your perception. As a child, your brain took in literally all the information. Because of this eventful saturation, time stretched out and it seemed that it was going slowly.

    With age, many processes, visual images and other information are formed in the form of ready-made neural connections, which at the right moment act as ready-made templates. The brain no longer needs to re-perceive something, remember something, think about something-you act as if on an automatic basis. Reducing the number of new events in your life leads to compensation for this fact in the form of an increase in the pace of personal perception of time.

  4. Yes, this is a perception of reality that is closer to reality. With age, human consciousness moves away from the material perception of reality to spiritual perception (through mental feelings), such is the cyclical nature of evolutionary development. Mental feelings belong to a more subtle plane of being, or reality.

    The concept of time exists only on the lower (physical, material-dense plane of being), on the higher planes of being or consciousness, the concept of “time” has the essence of cause and effect. You can understand this from your own experience. When a person mentally immerses himself in creativity or a certain work, time does not exist for him, he notices time only when he is not deep in the world of subjectively perceived, i.e. his consciousness is at the level of the so-called illusory world. During the transition of consciousness to a more subtle level of being (in a dream, or after a so-called dream). 2) time does not exist for consciousness, but only stretching in space, as a chain of cause-and-effect events, because reality is formed directly by thought. For example, everyone knows that if you think about Paris in a dream, then you already find yourself there, there is a “transfer” (more correctly, reflection) of the subtle body in space, while everyone will note the instantaneity, not say that ” five minutes passed, (or two seconds) before I was in Paris.” Also for the lower layers of the astral plane, the alcoholic will beconstantly (without being able to assess this after a while) suffer from the inability to satisfy the need for alcoholic beverages, because the lower feelings remained, they were not eliminated during life, and there is no way to satisfy them, because there is no longer a physical body, through the five developed senses of which this is possible. And so for all bad habits: drugs, tobacco, gourmet food, etc.

    No need to try to “slow down the passage of time” in age, it is necessary to seriously engage in self-improvement, preparing for the transition of consciousness to another plane of existence. Self-development, self-education with moral attitudes, active observation and thinking can increase spirituality, and therefore expand the level of consciousness, which will increase the level of the so-called post-death stay of consciousness. What is important is not the very fact of awareness of the approach of death, but the quality of the imagination of one's post-death state – “Given by faith”.

  5. I look, all Alexs are so sophisticated to learn))) The older you get, the more itchy the question of time becomes. But really, it's all about how you spend that time. If you live in such a way as to do a certain benefit for society, that is, to spend every day with benefits, so as to remain in the memory of many people, then your time will fly for you as quickly as possible, but still you will live longer than if you just live for yourself. I won't be able to decipher my thought for you, it's addressed to you as a message, from you to you little one. But once you understand the meaning and start striving, you will eventually understand the whole secret.

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