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  1. Because in many cases, faith in God is precisely the result of a child's picture of the world.

    In the children's picture of the world, you are small, weak and needy, but there is someone big, strong and all-powerful. Absolutely omniscient, owning everything and controlling everything. This is how children perceive their parents – because they do not have an understanding of how the world works, their parents ' actions look like magic.

    And very often, with the same childish perception, we approach the figure of God in our lives. Take even the most common claim – ” if God is so omnipotent, why does he allow suffering?”. It means the old guy on the cloud who sits there rubbing his hands together and says, ” Yeah, I'll give this baby psoriasis to get hurt properly, hehehe.” Well, if there is no such old man, then it means that this is not true at all.

    But the idea of God is not that this is an all-loving (or vice versa evil) daddy, who needs to bow properly, and then he will give everything you ask.

    A healthy and mature attitude to the divine figure in your life is much more like science than religion.

    It says that there are forces in the world that act independently of our desires. About respecting these forces that shape the world. About humility in the face of these forces, about the willingness to understand them and actively act when such an opportunity exists.

    The world doesn't work like that, you can put a candle on and then the cancer will pass. But it will help to maintain the strength of the spirit, apply all your strength to recovery, and follow the instructions of doctors. Yes, there may not be enough money, or the tumor will simply be too aggressive. But that's how the world works.

    And this respect for the world, the willingness to play by its rules – but at the same time not to be passive and submissive to circumstances, but to learn new things and act – this is already about a much more mature religiosity.

    And pleading with the bearded old man on the cloud, yes, is pretty useless.

  2. The Russian word “seems” is the key to the solution. Often appearances are poison in the hands of our adversary, and the antidote is truth, which is given by the enlightenment.

    For more information, see answers in the “Earth and Sky” section,

  3. When there are doubts, you need to include active reflection. And then you end up not with faith, but with trust, so to speak. Just trust.

    Do you say that children”suffer a lot”? It is not children who suffer, but souls who suffer. They usually say that parents are not chosen, they are given to people, as it were. But there is another point of view. So, there is a very high probability that we choose our own parents.

    You know, what if children choose their own parents? If we choose this earthly world for ourselves, to be born in it and go our own way? What should I do then? After all, perhaps, by agreeing to our childhood suffering, we agree to sacrifice ourselves… In the name of ensuring that the person, the people around them, understand that this can not be done.

    Consciousness goes before the body, it leads the process. Consciousness is found everywhere you poke. Even where physicists previously thought it didn't exist. The consciousness effect cannot be excluded from the experiments of science. There is consciousness in every experience. Even in experiments that “nature” seems to have made and is making, continuing the evolutionary process… But consciousness also leads this process, which goes on even in atoms and quanta… And there is clearly no smell of human consciousness.

    I call this consciousness “ktoynost”. There is also “whatness”, there is also “whatness”. It is on these three pillars that existence mainly rests.

    The principle of “ktoynost” was well felt by theistic religious traditions, which most often tried and are trying to answer the eternal question: “Who is?” The principle of” what-ness ” is cultivated mainly by Taoism, Buddhism and philosophical atheism approaching them. They try to show people the answer to the equally burning question :” What is there?”

    Separately, the principle of “whatness”stands out. The fact is that the questions ” How does it work? How does it work? How is this happening? How is this possible? How to perceive and understand the world? How to live?” — they give their excellent and versatile answers: science, technology, art, religion combined.

    Science and technology are more instrumental here than the rest of these human activities. They explore the laws of the existence of things, tell and show us how existence works, how much more we do not know about such an abstraction as “matter”, or about such deeply abstract things like “time”, “space”, “energy”…

    Art shows the beauty of the world. Even where it would seem there is no beauty. Real art taps being with words, paint, dance, song, and music. And it finds harmony, brings a person closer to the very click in his head when he groans, sits on the “fifth point” and perceives indescribable joy, unimaginable, even impossible harmony of being. Poets say that their most beautiful poems, their lines, are born out of some kind of mental garbage. But we all know that a beautiful lotus grows in a swamp, out of mud… “A hundred times more noble is he who does not say in the light of lightning-this is our life!” -“the Japanese elder Basho hits backhand with this verse, silencing our fevered minds. Sometimes, if not always, it is wiser to be noble rather than wise. And then “the style of polemics becomes more important than the subject of discussion” – this is already echoed by Grigory Pomerants, a modern Russian elder and cultural critic.

    Religion also shows beauty, but it shows the beauty of life. For example, if you read the biographies of great prophets and founders of religious traditions, you can't help but feel a certain fragrance of their lives, the fragrance of their actions, their speeches… Bright spiritual revolutionary Jesus. Poetically poignant Muhammad. Crystal clear Buddha. They are very sonorous, these names. Their life is fraught with a certain inhuman beauty, the beauty of an existential order. They managed to do what they had to do. And each of them did it in his own way, being a product of the era in which he was immersed. This is the beauty of the ethical order, the beauty of the vertical of the spirit! The beauty of simple and simple, essential existence.

    The truth is simple. That is why it is simple and super-harmonious. It doesn't have any special structures, any special mechanisms… She has no heaven or hell. She just has herself. You can't break it, you can't kill it. She lives by simplicity. It is neither empty nor full. She's neither. And at the same time, it is everywhere, everywhere. Even where it would seem that it does not exist and cannot be.

    Truth is simpler than a dot, simpler than a colon. The truth is simple, and this is its power, this is its beauty. And vice versa, the essence of true beauty impresses us with its chiseled, honed simplicity, when there is nothing superfluous, when everything is in its place…

    Look for that place in yourself when everything is in its place. Look for that state when there is a “click” in the head, a crunch in the thoughts, when the lightning of sensations flashes, the ocean of feelings opens up!

    Then you realize that there is nothing to rely on and no one to rely on. Unless, on the very “three whales” plus simple trust in existence. To what is there. To the one (that, those) who is. To the impossible harmony of being.

    To human loneliness. To science and religions. To art and technology. To the music of consciousness. To the rhythm of everyday life. To life.

    Trusting trust.

    That's how you grow up.

  4. I suspect that such a feeling may come from a superficial knowledge of Christianity, or from incorrect ideas about it. Superficial knowledge creates an incorrect interpretation of what is happening around you. Well, for example, a huge number of people believe that God controls the life of each of us every second, and from that they are perplexed-why does He punish me so much here, why does He not allow me here, etc. Christianity says that God has the ability to interfere in the course of events in a person's life, but only in exceptional cases and at the Otherwise, our life is regulated by the spiritual laws of being, the essence of which Christianity reveals to us. That is, God has nothing to do with our sufferings and needs – these are the consequences of our spiritual state, our thoughts, words, actions, our desires and aspirations. Humanity has received complete freedom from God and is directing this freedom in the direction that each individual wants. I want to drink bitter water every day – I will drink it. And the fact that after a certain time I will be diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver is not God's punishment, but the result of my actions, the result of my thoughtless use of my freedom.

    That's the first thing to say. Christianity is not a collection of empty dogmas, it is the truth, and the truth is known by reasoning, reflection, criticism, doubts, questions and the search for answers.

    Someone will say “God is love, not justice”, “do not seek justice, but seek mercy” and other tinsel in a similar spirit, which, believe me, I know.

    Tinsel! This can only be called tinsel without understanding what is behind these words. God is love. What is Love? What are its properties? By revealing the meaning of this concept, we reveal the main spiritual law of our life. If you don't want to suffer, don't break this law. And it is only because love is the law of our existence that humanity lives to this day. If justice were the law of our existence, there would be no trace of us, because our first parents would all quickly die just from their sinful thoughts. Justice is attractive only when you think about it from the outside. As soon as you fall under its influence, it no longer seems so necessary. It is good to approach other people's actions with justice, but we always approach ourselves with love, because we always find excuses for our thoughts, words, actions, and always find reasons for leniency. But we will approach the neighbor with the patterns of justice, and strictly ask him for a misdemeanor. Well, if, of course, it is not the source of any of our benefits. If he is useful to us in some way, then again, we can forget about justice. But if he is useless to us, and his appearance does not appeal to us, then we will be adamant in our judgments – we will give justice. Justice is synonymous with indifference. The fairest computer in the world is a computer. A person cannot live in an environment where justice reigns, because he has a living soul that needs love, which is the source of love. And love and justice are not compatible.

    I don't think that for example, for a child who has been raped by some pervert, such phrases will be a consolation or help to live.

    A child who has suffered from our selfishness, from our lust, does not need phrases. He needs love. And love is expressed not by phrases, but by help. Without exception, we all need love, understanding, condescension, and help, and children even more so. And children who have experienced such an outrage of adults-even more so need love and attention.

    But God, if there is one, could have intervened to prevent it.

    Prevent what? Prevent people from exercising their freedom?

    In order to prevent a person from exercising their freedom, for their own good, every person should be placed in prison. Feed him, give him water, give him the opportunity to admire nature, but do not allow him to do anything that will harm him and others. The only dream of the vast majority of people will be the dream of escape. It doesn't matter where – even to hell, but if only there were no external restrictions on freedom.

    The essence of love is that it does not dare to touch a person's freedom of choice. I emphasize THAT HE DOESN'T DARE. Many people don't understand this. We have a pattern in our minds: if God is omnipotent, then there is nothing for him that he cannot do. God is all-powerful, but God is LOVE, and one of the properties of love is that love cannot violate the freedom of choice of another being, the freedom to choose a particular person. Not because it can't in principle, but because then it will no longer be love, but tyranny based on the right of the strong.

    Another question that arises is how did God not protect the child from such actions of a scoundrel of an adult? And here you need to understand another aspect-why does a person live? Why is a person given life? So that a person would live it without shocks, without sorrows, in full prosperity, “…always satisfied with himself, his dinner and his wife…”, live to an old age and die safely? Is that the point? Christianity brings us to a completely different understanding of life. Life is multi-faceted. The first, and most primitive, basic meaning of earthly life is to experience life without God. Knowing who I am without God is impossible without gaining the appropriate experience. Why did Adam and Eve neglect Paradise and the company of God? Because they had no idea who they really were. Who is a small child in itself? A helpless, pathetic creature. Under the care of his parents, he can do a lot, if not everything. Having refused parental care, he becomes a nobody, a creature doomed to death.

    The second deepest meaning of life is healing from the spiritual diseases that afflict us all. And in this perspective, we are all patients of a giant hospital. Someone wants to be treated, someone does not. Someone aggravates their painful condition in the course of life, and someone struggles with diseases. God is seen here as a loving and caring physician. The events of our life are remedies for our ailments, and these events occur only because of our spiritual state. The doctor prescribes treatment only based on the patient's condition. Someone is sent to the resort, and someone is put under the knife on the operating table. And here the choice comes not from sympathy for the patient, not from the personal wishes of the patient, but from the severity of the disease. And we don't know what's good for any of us. Personally, I think it would be very useful for me to get an inheritance of at least five million dollars. But apparently this is just my misconception. Therefore, what happens to us is the best thing that could happen to us, and the events of our life are dictated not by the desires or unwillingness of God, but by our own spiritual state.

    And why do you think that God did not intervene where it was necessary to intervene? You only know about those cases where it didn't make sense to interfere, where it wasn't reasonable to interfere. Where God intervened , you will never know anything about these cases. Personally, I, theoretically, as a child, the same could become a victim of a pervert. I don't remember my age at that time – a schoolboy. A man unknown to me on public transport began to show me inexplicable attention, stood next to me, said some general phrases addressed to me, flexed his hands and fingers. I stood in a daze on the back platform of the bus, not knowing how to react at all. But then a friend of mine got on the bus, 15 years older than me, whom I met well if once every six months. And immediately plunged me into the world of his feelings about the picture, which he could not finish (he is an artist), a passionate person, he did not even pay attention to the guy next to me. The unknown man retreated. I was ready to kiss the artist. “Accidents are not random.”

    And how many bastards still roam the world in good mind and health. The worst thing is that some of them at the same time have an impeccable reputation, respect and love of the opposite sex…

    Well,” love of the opposite sex ” such people can not have either, because what is love? Answer this question and you will understand your mistake. And here, by the way, is another spiritual paradigm: this “bastard” is none other than your brother and mine. Not only that, but also the brother of his victim. Christianity explains that humanity is not a bunch of isolated egoists, which we all see each other as, but one single organism. One commonality. And there are no strangers in this community – everything is part of one whole. There are no bad people, or good people. There are people who are lost, who do not understand where they are and who they are, who do not understand why they live, who do not understand what life is given to them for, and therefore they live it aimlessly, using it to meet the needs of their spiritual ailments: selfishness, vanity and pride. And the lust of the body is just one of the products of our selfishness. But that doesn't stop them from being part of the human community.

    Just because one of your kids hits another of your kids doesn't mean you don't like the bully anymore. You will punish him, but not out of justice, but out of love. Your punishment will not be expressed in just retribution – you knocked out your brother's tooth – I, as a parent, will also knock out your tooth. Your punishment will be expressed in the awakening of his mind, in the realization of what he has done, and in the emergence of the need for repentance, for change, in the need to become better than he is.

    It's the same with the rapist. He's not a ” bastard.” He is our lost, dying brother. To whom no one has explained why he was born. The parents should have done it, but they didn't. Is it his fault? He is spiritually degraded, he now turns into a beast, and the law of the animal world is harsh-who is stronger is right. And he lives by this law. Denounce the predator for mauling its prey. As Khomyakov said: “… having stripped off the image of God, a person will certainly become jealous of the image of the beast…”. But not only that, a person does not stop at the animal image, and continues to degrade to the image of demons.

    This person came to a similar state, including thanks to his ancestors, his parents, and his environment in childhood. Our parents were able to explain to us what is good and what is bad, but they didn't explain it to him, maybe not at all. If we were in his place-we received his spiritual inheritance, were brought up in his environment, it is not known what kind of perverts we would become. The fact that we were brought up better than him is not our merit. If he were in our place, if he had the same heredity and upbringing as we do, maybe he would be hundreds of times better than us, maybe he would become a holy person, but we are no closer to holiness. Well, we'll be christened bastards for our weaknesses now. Yes, we do not molest minors, did not kill anyone, did not rob – we already need to take credit for this? And the fact that we are eaten away by envy from within, greed, avarice, self-interest, arrogance, indifference, jealousy, resentment of all sorts, complacency, self – love-we will not tell anyone about this. And outwardly, we seem to look better than this rapist, but what do we have inside? We are just like him, only our illnesses are different, and are hidden from everyone and visible only to us. And his illness reveals itself by his actions. There are no better or worse patients in the hospital, only different diseases.

    And what is a person? This is a kind of expression of ancestors, a concentration of their heredity. Both in the physiological and spiritual aspects. Why are we all afflicted with spiritual ailments? Because we all have common ancestors: Adam and Eve. And this is not “punishment”, as you put it. This is the law of our being. And ignorance of the law… “You know what's next. Those who struggle with their ailments also form a cleaner inheritance for their descendants. Those who take root in their passions also strengthen the influence of these passions on their children. Do you not want your children to suffer spiritual sufferings? – change yourself for the better. Don't care about everything? – so you have such children, whom you have formed in yourself by your disregard, because children are our continuation.

    And what a countless number of children are born with various kinds of deviations in health and should not be said. A person has just been born, has not even committed a sin yet, but already seems to be punished. And do not talk about the fact that children pay for the sins of their parents. Yes, the suffering of children is one of the most terrible punishments for a person, but why should children suffer for sins that they themselves did not commit?

    Well, physical diseases are only a reflection of the spiritual state. This is only a consequence of both improper physiological behavior, abuse of various kinds, and the manifestation of spiritual injuries. The law of existence is such that from an aspen tree, oranges will not be born in any way. And the only way anyone can change that is to change themselves for the better. But, as practice shows, no one wants to do this. So we have what we have. And it certainly can't be called ” payback.”

    BUT if there is no God, then everything falls into place. Everything in the world happens by chance, and man is the highest kind of animal that exists according to the principle of natural selection-who is stronger and healthier, he survives and wins.

    That's what we are talking about – a person who has not received proper upbringing and education, a person who has not been taught the basics of spiritual literacy by his parents, is jealous of the image of an animal. For the phrase “What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull” is also retroactive: “What is allowed to the bull is not allowed to Jupiter.” Animals are allowed many things, because they are animals that are limited by their position, and therefore cannot be held responsible for many of their actions. In the same way, many people give up their God-likeness, because they do not understand what to do with this God-Likeness, what it is necessary for, what it obliges, and what it gives. Grandfather Krylov's fable “The Rooster and the Pearl Grain” very accurately conveys our attitude to this situation.

    In life, one must understand the fundamental principles of life, concepts, and spiritual laws of being. You need to understand and accept them as the basis of your worldview, then the picture of the world becomes logical, understandable, without black holes and white spots. Without unsolvable contradictions. But to do this, you need to think, reason, doubt, and search. This is what Christianity calls for. But not all, unfortunately, namely Orthodoxy. And again, not in the form of a functioning church, as a public organization. Therefore, I ask you not to be confused and not to be mistaken.

    Someone will say in favor of the belief that after death, everyone will pay for their sins, and those who suffer will be exalted.

    Here's another misconception! What do you mean by “pay up”? This is a very primitive understanding of Christianity, when they talk about payback after death. This is a nursery group. There is no punishment from God! Hell is not retribution, it is not punishment, it is an operating room. A person ignores his illness all his life, ignores the treatment offered by doctors, and eventually comes to such a progression of the disease that he ends up on the operating table. For what? What would retribution happen to him? No!!! To save him!!! The terminally ill who have spent their entire lives turning themselves into animals go to hell. They fall in order that they can be pulled out of this state. So that they don't die at all.

    When you have a toothache, or when you are methodically and continuously beaten – in this state you will want to eat a pie? Or will you want to have sex? Absolutely not! In this state, a person comes to understand what he could not understand in life. For example, what is happiness? Happiness, in this state, is understood very simply and quickly-this is when you do not have a toothache and you do not get beaten. And if the tooth hurts for a long time, which in the absence of visible prospects for the end of the pain seems like an eternity, then this pain is perceived especially hard in view of its infinity. In such conditions, the understanding that the passion for delicious food that caused this pain is evil is absorbed very well, once and for all. Passion is evil. That's what a person needs to understand in life, and try to heal from their passions. This is, of course, a figurative example, but the essence should be clear.

  5. Until I was 30, I considered myself a mathematician and an atheist. Then I began to feel the energy of people, then grace. Grace is like the sea. It is useless to talk about it until you are completely immersed in it. To do this, you need to exhaust yourself in the hot desert, so that a real desire to plunge appears. And I hate beards, and I don't expect them to do everything for me. Even mathematics is studied all your life and there is a mountain of unsolved problems. But there are a lot of experts in matters of religion, and this will be higher than mathematics. That's where all the causality is buried-the Einsteins are resting. But I understand you.In the hustle and bustle of the city with the Internet, it is difficult to find peace and tranquility…

  6. You really need to stop believing. And then-growing up-to come to Faith consciously… If, of course, you can grow up.
    It's just that the “dude on the cloud” that you now believe in is a very childish view of justice, which is really worth getting rid of. And then – for a very long time to find your way through the awareness of the World, yourself and your place in the World.
    Then – you will have an “adult” God, to whom you don't even have to pray. Yes, and you will “repent” not to Him, but to yourself.

  7. Let's be clear – does growing up mean seeing yourself as a person who is responsible for your life? And by the phrase “believe in God”, I assume that we are talking about the Abrahamic religions, and especially about Christianity.

    Then the existence of God has no effect on growing up. The Abrahamic religions with their” trust in God, but do not be bad yourself”, with the parable of the vine-growers and talents, with the concept of free will, contribute to the acceptance of responsibility for what happens to a person.

    Growing up means giving up your illusions? Oh, illusions – this is a separate beautiful topic, you can discuss for a long time how the “illusion of God” differs from the “illusion of atheism” or “illusion of growing up”. I love solipsism in this matter)

    To grow up means to disconnect from spiritual pursuits and move to pragmatism? It is a very controversial question as to what is a more mature behavior. The more developed a person's personality is, the higher their spiritual needs, which means that spiritual searches are more active, which means that the chances are higher that a person will come to Christianity as one of the most developed ethical and cultural concepts.

    As for the fact of the existence of a higher power, the belief in its existence is peculiar even to such undoubtedly adult uncles as Einstein or Newton.

    Faith in God does not affect the understanding of “growing up”that I know. Perhaps you, the author, have some other understanding of the word; in this case, we can discuss the influence of faith on growing up.

  8. The Marquis de Sade just thought that there is no God, Hell, heaven, karma of the soul and reincarnation. That the main principle of life is the enjoyment of the senses. And what zto priineset someone suffering so it does not matter. The main thing is that it will bring happiness to me. And if there is no life after death, then there is no one to answer to. But he was wrong. According to the Vedas, the soul goes through the process of growing up from an uncivilized atheist to a deeply religious person. God does not allow accidents. What seems random is simply the result of our ignorance. everything has its own reason. The law of karma has not yet been abolished.The soul
    coming to a new body transfers and that for which it is necessary to pay. Is it fair that the murderer and the righteous get the same result? Whoever kills himself will be killed! That's fair enough. A person is not a body, but a soul. Although many people do not know about it due to ignorance. Or they have their own understanding that is not confirmed in the scriptures. The material body cannot be happy in principle. Painful old age and death will more than compensate for all the pleasures of the body. If a person thinks about what will be the greatest good for him, then he may realize that the good for the body is not the same as the good for the soul. No matter how rich ,famous, beautiful, and happy a person is, they will still suffer. From the body and mind. Forces of nature and other living beings. The grace of God can save the soul from suffering. Leading her out of the cycle of rebirth.

  9. Well, you yourself say that some people are forced to be abused in early childhood, and others are bastards who cause suffering to children, walk calmly on the ground and feel good. There is a double injustice here and there.

    And let's imagine that the bastard who hurt a child is born a child after death and falls into the hands of a sadistic rapist. That's fair, don't you think? I guess so, because the pain he caused has returned to him.

    And if you look at it through the eyes of others, will it look fair? No! For others, this is an innocent child who did not have time to offend a fly. This is because others do not see the full picture of events, they simply think that they know better than God who is sinful and who is not.

    The Vedas – the oldest scriptures on earth-speak of the law of karma and reincarnation. Every human action has a consequence. If you were born sick, you earned it in the past; if you were born rich, you earned it in the past. All circumstances and events that do not depend on us are responses to our own actions in the past.

    So it is pointless to blame God for this. It is necessary to acquire knowledge and spread knowledge so that people are aware of the dangers and can avoid them. Blaming God will not change anything, it will only give you a reason and an excuse to embark on a dangerous path of permissiveness.

  10. Good evening Evgeny. How many answers there are to your question. Of course, I didn't read all the answers, I got acquainted with some of them. Still, I think it will not be superfluous to write your opinion. Perhaps you are still interested in this question.: -)

    First of all, of course, I would like to say that a person's religiosity does not depend on age. A religious need of a completely different order. This is a property of the human soul, why humanity has been religious throughout the known history ( and this is about 10 thousand years). Even now, if we take the percentage of atheists, it is quite small. As far as I remember, this is about 7 percent.. Therefore, to believe in God is a natural and therefore normal human need at any age.. And these thoughts can arise for various reasons. Perhaps as long as you are not drawn to another life, that is, to the religious life. It is also possible that you” shaggy friends ” evoke such thoughts (because they are the main pests of a person when he reaches out to God), It is possible that you have people in your environment who are old enough and non-believers, which makes you think that you are not yet mature enough to be an unbeliever… I would advise you to ignore such thoughts and, if possible, to have some faith in God and His goodness. And of course, try to live according to His law, of course we can. And the time will come, God willing, soon, when you will live by faith.. This is a priceless gain in our lives.

    I also want to advise you on a wonderful work that will help you take root in the faith and look at life differently. I often mention this work in my answers and consider it one of the best works on the religiosity of humanity and the meaning of earth's history.. The book is called “Religious and Philosophical foundations of History” by Lev Tikhomirov..

    Here is my short answer to your question. If you have any questions, please contact us. All the best to you and Happy New Year!

  11. There are about thirty kinds of idiots and some of them are believers and others are not believers. Few of those who want to know, to know is to have a personal experience, to see, hear, feel, and have communion with God. God this word does not quite fit the fact that there is a reality, it is really infinite and the universe on its background is barely a noticeable point and such points can not be counted so it is great. The mind is in eternal rest and from it, when an internal localized impulse arises, a small part of the soul is born the size of a football (from the point of view of a person). Mind itself permeates and contains everything that is only manifested in vibrations, but it is not directly anything in form or without it. Everything that has separated is as if separated by a membrane.

  12. Just remember that Faith is not the choice of a fool, but a gift from the Creator to His chosen ones – a pass to the Spiritual Dimension. This is a heavenly guarantee that the “owners” of “death will not see”. Thus the Lord said, ” Rejoice that your names are written in the Book of Life.” “Rejoice in that!” – specifies that there is no other joy for a person in the temporary material world, which exists only until the time when “the full number of the chosen ones will enter” from all times. Then “The earth and all its works will burn up.” And quite soon – when they learn to care for 3 -, 4-month-old newborns (-one of the Time markers). And the “saints of God” know when and where this will happen (the latter was warned about this event by Amphilochius Pochaevsky – Ukrainian SSR in the 70s) – some experiments will be conducted in China and it will happen.. And “there will be no more time” (the Apocalypse). – “Other joys “live ” animals” – “In ourselves we are only animals” – bestial joys, and for their satisfaction (their God is their own womb) and do not want to know anything else-their fate with the world. The Lord says (apologetically) To his chosen ones: “It is Satan who has asked us to sow you as wheat.”.

  13. What nonsense! first, you also need to believe in God correctly: it's one thing to do nothing, thinking that God will fix everything and take care of it without my participation-this is certainly wrong! But to understand that God gave people reason and that they themselves acted and overcame difficulties and through this improved-this is quite another! In addition, it should be remembered that the Scriptures of all Religions are distorted and what they were originally is unknown, but this does not negate the existence of God as such. And if It is not there , it does not mean that there is no other world

  14. you think so. I don't believe in God, and I'm 25, but I'm a child, I'm not independent, I didn't work, I didn't have a girlfriend, I don't have a profession, I can't do anything. although I used to be a believer and spent 5 years studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses…

    the idea is correct, but only in some cases, it makes someone grow up, and someone does not. I'll probably die as a child)

  15. It only seems so, because you do not know God and you have seen believers posing as believers. This is most likely why you have this question. Look at the monks, the heroes of the faith, the saints. Read the Old Testament about famous “characters”. Passing through fire water and copper pipes and many other tests-there is such a level and speed of growing up…This can be compared, for example, to the fact that a person passes all 11 classes in a year at school and how it turns out that exams(tests) are taken every month. There are many different views in the world that we see not those and not such Christians as are described in the gospel. This is the impression given by nominal believers, since there are now the majority of such people. The first sign is irresponsibility. Some such lazy and fat person, as if sitting on the” neck ” of God, easily expects gifts from him. But it is said that the Kingdom of God is taken by effort( and sometimes by super-effort). How many experiences, reflections and wars both with your own flesh and in the spiritual world. I answered you briefly and abstractly, without any specific examples, including my own. I'd have to write a lot here. Maybe I will write it, but in the meantime I can answer in more detail in the comments, if they appear. And if God were not Love, I would not believe in such a God or in such a God.

  16. Justice, or more precisely, the balance of crime-punishment, suffering-bliss, will come only after the LAST JUDGMENT! In this life, there will only be suffering, and the better you are, the more this world will turn against you, just as it was with Jesus Christ. Read the Beatitudes and if you accept them, you will understand everything.

    Blessed are the poor in spirit , for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are those who weep, for they will be comforted.

    Blessed are the meek , for they will inherit the earth.

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness( δικαιοσύνην — righteousness), for they will be filled.

    Blessed are the merciful, for they will have mercy.

    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

    Blessed are the peacemakers), for they will be called the sons of God.

    Blessed are those who are exiled for righteousness ' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are you when they will revile you and persecute you, and slander you in every way unrighteously for My sake. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven: so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  17. It seems to me that, rather on the contrary , only a person who has really matured can believe in God (not formally, but consciously). It doesn't matter how old he is – life experience is not measured in years lived.

  18. It seems that Berdyaev (or he was just quoting someone) said that small knowledge pushes away from God, and big knowledge returns to Him. This applies not only to knowledge, but also to worldly wisdom, and most importantly to what is called “spiritual age”. Being a purely physical being, it is impossible to believe in something spiritual, because it is simply unknown. The soulful person already thinks about the spiritual at least at times. And only a spiritually mature person, who is aware of spiritual needs and strives to realize them, sees God as his main goal. However, before that, we need to work hard, which is why we are given this life in a place where everything-good and evil, beauty and ugliness, truth and lies… – is mixed up so that we can choose what we need. So choose. It's not about God, it's about us. As you choose, so be it.

  19. “Everything in the world happens by chance”

    In this case, if everything in the world “happens by chance”, the author needs to admit that he also wrote this article by randomly clanking on the keyboard.

    faith in god As for, everything in the world has its time and place. When parents send a child to school, the child himself does not know why he needs it and he trusts his parents, who in turn assure him that this is something that will be useful to him in life. And the child at a certain stage has faith. In the future, he will be convinced by personal experience that the ability to count is useful to him in life and thus the stage of faith ends, faith passes into knowledge.

    Many religions speculate on the stage of faith, leaving a person in ignorance, and thus create their own gods. A person is fed faith in the taste of bread, but his stomach will never receive the bread itself. “Religious people” need hungry people to come again and again and create a “parish”. But you will not be satisfied with faith alone, and it is not difficult to “earn” an ulcer.

    Now, as for God. Faith is a stepping stone to the door of knowledge, and many people tread on this step, but they do not dare to enter the door itself. If a person really wants to get answers to the questions “is there a God” and “who is God”, then there is no other way than to drop all the junk that has been put into his head for many years and look inside himself. And only there will he be able to find the answers. Anyone who gets deep enough will be stunned by the answer. There are individuals in history who have reached deep enough, their words “There is no other way but through Me” or “I and the Father are one” – were interpreted by people so that they were made into regular idols, believing and believing in which a person can get nothing but “plagues”, unless he goes to the”door of knowledge”.

  20. There is also a beautiful solution to this problem.

    If we take the concept of multiple lives, reincarnation, then these paradoxes are resolved. A child suffers in childhood – because his soul chose this path as a complicated task or as a working out of previous mistakes. Maybe in past incarnations he was a rapist himself or something. Maybe it's just a problem of rapid promotion and development. And the current rapist will work out his job later.

    From this perspective, justice goes beyond a single life. Now you can get out of it any way you want, without waiting for the answer (although some people think that it can catch up with you anyway). But there will still be work-off, and not as a punishment, but as the choice of the soul itself, whose incarnation screwed up, and now it is necessary to compensate for this according to some higher law.

    There is a place for God in such a concept. It is also the source of what is happening, radiates living energy, perhaps affects global processes, and all living things, all souls strive for It, and for this they develop.

    I'm not campaigning, just if you are tormented by paradoxes and you don't want to give up God, then there is such an option. )

    You can stop believing, reject justice, and live in a harsh world. Also who will forbid it.

  21. From your reasoning, it is clear that you do not care whether God exists or not. What you really care about is justice. Since all the examples you have given are related to criminal law and healthcare. And you express your indignation at the impunity of the villains.

    Well, the number of villains and crimes on earth will multiply daily. But this in no way proves or refutes the existence of the Creator. The people themselves are to blame for the ills of humanity. It is because of their greed and evil persistence that they do this. What does God have to do with it? Does He order anyone to start wars? Or maybe He creates pedophile maniacs? Does It cause someone to reproduce and then infect their children with diseases? Do you really believe that God is the cause of hunger, and not the greed of the rich? Do you think that God supports the game “who is stronger is right”?

    I assure you, God is not involved in the evil that you see.

    However, I will offer you a question based on your own logic. You have listed the evil that is happening, and you claim that God did not stop it. Which means It doesn't exist then.

    In this case, who is the cause of the good that is being done in the world? You can't deny that in addition to evil, there are many good people and good deeds in the world, can you? What motivates these people? Is God involved or not?�

    If this is just a desire for good and their pure heart, then it is fair to say that the evil desire is also the result of the human will. But then it is obvious that God has nothing to do with it.

    And if you think God is the cause of evil in the world, who is the cause of good? A person?

    If all good things are done by a person, and God is to blame for evil, then your reasoning looks like an attempt to find the culprit in general human problems.

    But to be objective, then try to explain why there is good.�

  22. This is more of a subtle substitution…grow up to get stupid,and vice versa! Look at society…Vzrlslyye! Yes, but what are they doing? Not everyone understands this.Yes,and why, Adulthood is already reasonable, but life clearly shows…No!!!

  23. I will try to answer taking into account your explanation to the question.The horrors of the surrounding world that you cite here occur and have always occurred, and did not spread beyond the settlement or city,In this small society they were suppressed,without spreading rumors throughout the area.Now, thanks to the spread of information around the globe, the brain disease of the entire society is also spreading.After all, we learn most of these passions from the media.All this makes it clear that we are already so sick with this infection spread by the world Wide web that we are almost dying, so we are ready to send God.God in Christianity is the Father who gave everything to his Son.We are all called to this sonship after Christ, which means that we are free to choose our actions,and this means that the world that surrounds us was built by ourselves.The logical question is how do I change this?Just pay attention to yourself.Try to protect yourself as much as possible from the dirt pouring from the screens, so as not to get infected with anger and hatred for others.And do not think that one of your efforts will not be enough. Russian children's fairy tales brought up real people in our grandfathers and fathers.For example, the fairy tale about the turnip says that the little mouse was the decisive effort that led to a positive result.We are creators of our own lives,if we act according to the rules.

  24. Faith in God and growing up are not connected in any way. There are a lot of adults who believe in God and a lot of adults who don't. Children are more likely to believe in Santa Claus than in God.

    But everything you write about, for example, if there is a God, why he allows injustice or cruelty, is something that is worth looking at from the other side.

    Have you ever considered that man has too limited a consciousness to understand the essence of God? However, I would rather use the term “Creator”. People have been trying to talk about God for thousands of years, but as a result, no one has come to anything in common. That is, no, remotely, of course, there is something in common, but how many differences and different interpretations.

    And the most stupid thing about it all is when there is someone who claims that he knows everything, he knows which way to go to God and what to do. For example, most religions do something like this, whether it is Orthodox or Islam or others. They become intermediaries between man and God, taking away from him the right to explore this topic himself, and, in fact, forcing him to simply follow the way they teach.

    For a certain mass of people, this is the norm that will somehow regulate people's behavior, otherwise, if this is not done, anarchy and permissiveness will begin.

    If a person begins to explore the subject of God, he begins to study it from completely different angles, studying a lot of literature, and at the same time trying to hear a response to all this somewhere inside himself.

    If at some stage of your life you don't want to believe in God, don't believe it. There is a time for everything.

    Just a little bit of it becomes closer or clearer when a person needs it. And it may not always come in the form in which the person wants it, in the form of specific help, for example. Maybe a certain situation was necessary for something, for example, so that a person could become stronger and start helping others who need help, or something else. In each specific situation, it is different.

    Many things in life do not happen by chance, even by chance. But, I repeat, in order to understand all this, you need to study, observe and not jump to conclusions.

    It is not necessary to divide life into “with faith in God” or without it. Just live, and life itself will lead you to the right place.

  25. It is a pity that your ignorance pushes you to sin. Just one question: are you one hundred percent sure that death is the end? If so, please explain.

  26. Strange… you're talking weird)
    You write about bad people, that they are-right, they are, and they have a brand on their forehead, that they are bad and everyone knows about it? They are among us: in the queue, in the subway, on the next chair in the theater-how can you see them? We HUMANS, having the possibility of reincarnation, create our lives surrounded by our own kind.
    We live, and how many were not born! We are healthy, and how many suffer! We are honest, and how many liars! We are good, but how many are bad! What are you-good or bad, and how can your neighbor understand this? Good and evil, day and night, birth and death – this is the infinity of being)) We choose our own path and go the long way. To what end? – ask, – to the truth-I think) You will understand everything about this world yourself, based on your path)
    In the Gospel, the devil offers Jesus: “To you I will give dominion over all these kingdoms and their glory, for it is given to me, and I give it to whomever I will”[18]. But Jesus rejects all temptation. Would you be able to accept such a gift?)) The temptation…
    Don't give in! EVER 🙏💞

  27. You need to separate the question of growing up and the question of justice, then everything will fall into place. Faith is not a criterion for growing up at all, but let's get this straight.

    Let's decide, and what exactly is an adult? What is its qualitative difference from the child? In essence, we have three qualities that we can use to distinguish a child from an adult.

    1. Physical capabilities. As a rule, by the age of 9-10 years, a child can already physically do the same as adults.
    2. Legal capacity. It depends on the country, but as a rule, this is just a legal age of majority, when a person has the right to receive all rights and bear full responsibility.
    3. Mental maturity. But this is the most difficult part, unlike the first two components, mental maturity does not come at a specific time and does not necessarily occur at all. As one famous person says, a young moron is a state of mind, not an age. If you simplify it completely, then mental maturity can be defined as awareness of yourself, your interests, personal boundaries and understanding the consequences of your actions, as well as self-identification with the surrounding society.

    So with how to identify grown-up people, we seem to have figured out how to see neither justice, nor God, nor atheism is necessary for this. People have been growing up for thousands of years regardless of these factors.

  28. I like the metaphor from the movie “Dogma”: “Faith is like a glass of water, in childhood it is big and full, and with age the glass grows, and there is just as much water, periodically the glass needs to be filled.”

  29. A good question always contains part of the answer. )
    And the key word here is ” it seems“
    The fact is that it is impossible to really grow up without believing, for example, in children's fairy tales, Santa Claus or God.
    And similarly, you will not be able to grow up by starting to believe in some otherworldly force or in any social movement, or in an “officially recognized ” authority )
    To grow up, you must first believe in yourself,
    in your ability to distinguish between good and evil,
    Believe in your own strength – take responsibility for your own actions, even the most terribly wrong ones, on yourself
    not looking for pathetic excuses and self-deceptions.
    And in the second ) to follow their beliefs, and if necessary, to defend them
    Only then comes adulthood )
    And the key word “seems” only speaks of the confusion of feelings caused by disparate, mutually contradictory and therefore erroneous conclusions.
    It is not God's fault that injustice reigns in the world, that perverse maniacs maim and destroy.
    All this is the result of our human actions.
    Our cowardice and cowardice allow all sorts of scoundrels to control us sneering and creating lawlessness.
    Our selfish self-interest and disregard for life, for nature, for people like us creates exactly the evil that we then accuse each other, God,
    but not ourselves )
    This is not reasonable and not adequate behavior not only moves us away from the slightest understanding of reality, but also makes us convinced ONLY of our own rightness.
    And that's all.

  30. Quite reasonable thoughts.

    Growing up, among other things, is the ability to take responsibility for your life on yourself, and not assign it to someone, including God.

    Believers believe that nothing depends on them and that only God can help them, reward them, punish them, etc. Such a view of life, the view of a child who is completely dependent on his parents.

    Also, an adult should be able to think independently and independently solve a variety of issues in life, and not rely on something that is not really there. This means that the whole life will be only in your hands and will depend only on your actions, which, strictly speaking, is already the case and you will have no one to push your mistakes and failures, for which you will be responsible in any case.

    In general, starting to think more adequately and look at life adequately without faith in God is quite a serious internal work, in the process of which you will have to ask yourself very difficult questions and answer them honestly, and I will emphasize that you will have to answer honestly, without any assumptions. After all, there is experience and results to date, which will have to be based on.

    I also recommend reading Richard Dawkins 'book” God as an Illusion”. It is an interesting read and most importantly helps to look at faith in God from a different angle.

  31. I understand you, I also had such thoughts. Understand one thing: you did not create the world, and it is not for you to judge its creator. Yes, if there is no God, you can do everything and the demons are waiting for you to teach you to do everything, and who knows, maybe by going this way you yourself will rape children and enjoy life at the same time. The Bible says, ” Man is born to suffer, so that he may shoot upward like sparks.” Life is given to us for repentance and correction, for we are born with a sin-damaged nature. Sin has made us animals and sometimes worse than animals. By suffering, God tries to correct people, although God does not send suffering, but people suffer from their depravity. You do not know the spiritual laws of this world, and you judge God.

  32. I totally agree with you. I think it's all nonsense. It seems to me that some king invented God so that people would be afraid that God would punish them and therefore obey .

    It's just that the king understood that without this, there would be confusion in the country and no one would listen to him.

  33. Is 30 days too long for you?
    It seems to me that for a person this is not a deadline at all. Many people complain that the years fly by unnoticed.
    But for a bee, 30 days is a lifetime.
    On the scale of the universe, a person's life is an instant. But the soul is eternal.
    Many things do not depend on us, but it depends on us whether our soul will go to Heaven or be doomed to eternal torment. That's what religion says.
    Observations show that as adults, people stop believing in Santa Claus, and turn to God more often in adulthood.
    “Nooooo, what's there… after all, God forgives all those who repent, ” you say.
    And I will say that not everyone repents.
    A request for pardon for a person sentenced to punishment is not yet repentance, because God has a different “Code”.
    And remorse alone is not enough.

  34. You absolutely!? It is necessary to believe God all the same if even it seems that if posravlet it is necessary not to believe in God, I am a Tatar and I have Allah, I believe in him and read a prayer, even if you are told that there is no God, then do not believe they are wrong, boh is and he is omnipotent who does not believe in him tama in heaven will be very bad

  35. God in Christianity is the creator of the universe, i.e., he is outside of it. And if so, then we can not prove and know. I.e. there is no point in talking about it at all.

    Humility and patience are the main idea. And that someday the savior and the day of the last judgment will come.

    If you don't like something, then I think I should look for the reasons for the injustice. Yes, in general, knowing how the world works, you can change it.

    This is what humanity has done throughout its history. And it still does. They learn the laws of nature and use them for production.

    Man and human society are also part of nature. This means that humanity as a whole has its own patterns of development. Finding these patterns can improve your life. How many problems have been solved and how many more will be solved by studying the human body, its organons, etc.

    So you can study both the individual and society as a whole.

    If you understand how society works and the laws of its development, you can change it.

    Man was born to fight and create. Everything we do in life will always remain after us. And if you didn't do anything, you lived in vain and died forever.

    As a character in one movie said, “religion is a bad deserter's legend, because it promises idleness for patience.”

  36. If something doesn't suit you, you have every right to change it. God Himself gave us free will. I will try to assume that you are not a person who studies the Holy Scriptures day and night. And, apparently, you have the desires typical of young people. So you conclude that if you believe in God and at the same time fulfill some of your desires, you will sin. Therefore, you have decided that if you stop believing, you will no longer feel the pangs of conscience. In order to really grow up. And I'll tell you that you didn't believe, it was just a superficial feeling, like curiosity. You're just getting a taste of life. Perhaps tomorrow you will like the ideas of Buddhism. Or atheism. At your age, this is normal, so don't beat yourself up.

  37. First of all ,it is necessary to understand that faith as a determining tool

    the behavior is quite episodic.

    That is, usually a person occasionally relies on faith(when it is not possible to use common sense, for example).

  38. There is no God. Religion has existed by induction since ancient times, when nature was explained to it. It still exists because it is easier for the weak to believe in someone. Religion is a product of fear and stupidity.

  39. Faith in God does not prevent you from growing up. Growing up is hindered by the belief in freebies from God and injustice from him. God is the same subject of the universe as man, Everything is always just and arranged according to the law of receiving from the world only one's own relation to it. To see this, you need to know about other people's lives in the past and future of our world . The infant gets his own death, the Jew gets his own Holocaust, Gorbachev gets his own attitude to drunkenness from the drunkard Yeltsin. Yeltsin, as a representative of the Urals, gives power to St. Petersburg and pays for the murders of the St. Petersburg nobility in 1918. The communists are paying off the capitalists for their persecution of them, etc. The Communists have asked the tsar and the nobility for the people's slavery-serfdom, etc.

  40. Well, first you need to stop believing in Santa Claus and call him “God”. Next, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with how a religion differs from a cult. Talk to a priest and learn a lot about Christianity that, given your current attitude to this topic, is most likely shocking. The task of the Russian Orthodox Church, for example, is to train lay people to hammer a huge bolt on all sorts of “otherworldly forces”. So, ask about asceticism, the Eucharist, why confession is needed, and so on. Just ask some priest, and don't dump your worldview on him, it's incredibly far from what Orthodox people really believe in. It's just on the other pole, if anything.

  41. Then why do many scientists, physicists, doctors, chemists and others, with age and experience, on the contrary, begin to come to believe in God?

    They have long matured and sophisticated people?

  42. With atheists, the opposite happens. And with scientists, too. As they grow up, they begin to believe in God. As for injustice, it is the result of human activity.

    A rough example, but… If a person drank, smoked, cursed, but at the same time was a fair person, an excellent professional (suppose he is a doctor who saved a lot of people), then he can get some kind of disease, die in the prime of life. And at the wake, people start complaining about how unfair the world is, how unfair God is. And everyone forgets that he drank and smoked, thereby putting his health in danger. And God has nothing to do with it. It was the choice of this particular person.

  43. grow up who interferes. and what does God have to do with it? fears that it is terrible without God are ridiculous. isn't it scary with him? people cling to their gods more often than a woman to her underpants. this is funny guys.

  44. faith in God is faith for everyone in their own things. the crook and the killer believe that they will be forgiven everything just come to the temple and confess.and this led to the belief in a Jewish god where money will be forgiven any debt and this is the main reason for the rejection of Christianity by people.plus the cries of the priests that all power is from God and accept and endure in silence and until you die while you are being bullied beaten and raped .the whole root of evil is concentrated in this belief where no one protests when lies flow freely when rich people are called crooks and thieves.god is that which does not forgive but punishes according to the severity of the guilt.we are responsible for our actions before the race before our descendants, because our actions will inevitably affect our descendants.if those in power lived by this truth then we would not have programs with fundraising for the treatment of sick children pensioners would not pick in garbage cans there would not be such a large number of scammers and thieves among officials and the country would really become a country of the spirit from various prophecies.therefore, to really grow up, you need to see God in yourself.a god named Rod.

  45. Please note that the text will be long, and it will take about 5 minutes to read with comprehension!
    Everything has a purpose: to give life experience.
    Not always a person is pleased with what brings healing to the soul. Medicines for diseases can be bitter.
    You can't talk about love without learning to love, about beauty without learning to know true beauty, about the need for kindness without learning to show kindness and compassion through your lessons in pain, about tenderness without being rude and arrogant.
    How beautiful is the one who never takes revenge on the offender!
    —Nothing serious can happen to a person that they don't deserve and aren't meant to benefit them.
    Injustice is only an illusion.
    Those who have firmly chosen God the Father as their Pilot-their Goal, will no longer be caught up and enslaved by the problems of things and events in the material world!
    God has designed the “manifested” world so that some animals are predators and others are potential victims.
    By hunting their prey, predators develop important qualities in the evolutionary aspect, among which intelligence is in the first place. Consider, for example, the group hunting of packs of wolves, killer whales, and some other animals.
    Potential victims of predators also improve themselves by learning to avoid their bodies and the bodies of their children and friends becoming food for predators.
    Similarly, many modern people live in a similar way, choosing for themselves either the role of predators — or unwittingly becoming victims.
    After all, how God plans our destinies is determined, first of all, by what we ourselves see our meaning in life and what we direct our attention to in life. For example, many people see the meaning of their lives in the pursuit of earthly wealth and “social status”, in the desire to satisfy their greed, aggressiveness, and sexuality. Others, on the contrary, are dominated by dull passivity…
    … But people who are sufficiently developed in the evolutionary sense, switch their attention from the sphere of interaction with other beings on the principle of “predator — prey” – to God in the Aspect of the Creator. They then gradually acquire the full protection of the Holy Spirits and actively cultivate their Divine qualities under Their Guidance. In my opinion, only these people deserve the title of Homo sapience-intelligent people. All the rest-so far – are just homo erectus – erect humans.
    … The meaning of life and of all diverse beings, and specifically of each of us, is in evolutionary DEVELOPMENT, that is, in order to eventually, after many successful incarnations in material bodies, achieve Perfection, merge into the Creator, enriching Him with himself.
    It is precisely for this purpose that God has placed each of us in the world of matter, having embodied us in a human body.

    If we do not fulfill His Will, go in the opposite direction from Him, then we doom ourselves to suffering. This suffering is a “reward” for disobedience, but God the Father forgives people for their misdeeds if they repent. To teach people, He sometimes has to hurt them.
    We must not grumble! Through all these difficulties, He brings us up. We must learn to understand His educational Will and thank Him-the Teacher-for all such lessons!
    One of the most important principles in God's work in educating us is to give us a sufficiently large amount of free will. e. the right to choose your life path: do you want to come to Me? “Go!” Give me your hand, I'll help you! Do you want to go in the opposite direction? “Well, go, but please try to find Me anyway, I'll keep reminding you of Myself…”
    What a person is striving for with his mind and consciousness is an important indicator for God of how, by what methods, to help this person. For the sake of being able to use this principle — even in Holy Books that are full of information about the True Path, God allows the inclusion of tempting information.
    We can look at all of this as if it were a psychology lesson from our Superior Teacher; these classes include frequent testing of our level of spiritual advancement, intellectual and ethical development.
    Each person is able to perceive from the higher sermons-only those layers of information that he has already grown to understand.
    So, for some people, religion is a fanatical hatred of all those who do not belong to “their own”.
    For others, it is primitive amusements that were presented to them in religious garb.
    For the third — attempts to study religion, the first efforts to change yourself in accordance with the Will of the Creator…
    The principle of free will implies that the results of each stage of study are summed up periodically, instead of immediately encouraging or punishing for each decision made by a person.
    Let's look at everything – like lessons in psychology from our Creator, through the construction of various situations, God the Father tests us for intellectual and spiritual advancement.
    So, the bullet can be deflected, if necessary, and the bomb,
    shell, grenade may not explode, and the fire may go out. And the criminal attacked me and did this and that to me- not only because he is a cruel and evil primitive who has gone to hell-but also because God brought him to me in this situation.
    Once we understand that God is everywhere and that He is omnipotent, we must accept that no external force can harm us unless it is God's Will. And if something unpleasant has happened to us — then we should look for the reason in ourselves: in our fate, in our mistakes in the near or distant past.
    We are completely under His control. He grazes us like His flock, sends us to grow and mature again and again in the” pastures ” of the Earth. Here, in interaction with others like ourselves and with objects of the material world, we acquire and strengthen certain of our qualities — good or bad.
    Humble, kind, loving, intelligent-He brings up with affection and quickly brings them closer to Him, lets them in.
    The rest continue to be reincarnated and reincarnated into new bodies. And between incarnations, they live for a long time among similar souls — in those states of consciousness to which they were accustomed during their life on Earth.
    If someone says that there is no God, since there are earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, or that He is evil, and therefore I will not believe in Him…. then we will try to understand that God's plans do not include making people a paradise on Earth. If there were a paradise on Earth, we would have no incentive to go anywhere else.
    Life on Earth is not a True Life, it is just a fairly short training course, an opportunity to become better.
    And if there were no wars and other disasters — then there would be no opportunities to show selfless heroism for the benefit of others… or betray them, fearing the fear of death.
    Earth's cataclysms are just accelerators of the evolution of the people involved in them. This is an opportunity to become a better person.
    People who embark on the true religious Path quickly get rid of many diseases, including cancer.
    If we go right, He encourages us with bliss; if we turn away from the Straight Path to Him, He points us out by hurting us in one way or another. It's all very simple.
    The Creator evolves in the bodies of humans, animals, and plants. We must come to perfection, but many choose the path of soul degradation, forgetting about the true God (for those who consider themselves believers, let me remind you: Matronushka and other saints are sectarian deviations from the true Teaching and worship them is not pleasing to God).
    There is a God-the Primordial Consciousness of the universe, a boundless, ever-living universal Organism. God's life is an Evolution.
    He puts tiny particles of His energy into the bodies, so that these particles will grow and eventually flow into Him, enriching Him with themselves. Their growth begins on crystal lattices.
    Each of us in our personal evolution has already passed through many incarnations – before getting into the current human body.
    And now our task is to have time to do as much as possible in improving ourselves during the implementation.
    In order to fulfill the main thing that the Creator wants from us, we just need to learn to always be in the state of the emotion of love-care-compassion and never get out of this state, we need to learn this.
    And while remaining atheists, it is difficult to remain righteous and therefore start helping someone by living according to the commandments.
    The root of all the problems of people and most of the Russians is the lack of understanding of the meaning of their lives.
    I can say that stable success in finding balance and true happiness in life cannot be achieved without embracing God in your Worldview.
    And after all, God-in reality — is not just a symbol, but He is a completely living Organism on a universal scale! And true faith should lead to the desire to know Him, to fulfill His Commandments on how to improve ourselves, to an intense desire to serve Him and merge with Him in love! And if we began to live in accordance with His Teachings (left to us by the Messiahs) and began to live according to His commandments, then the situation around us would also begin to change for the better, because then God the Father would begin to help us.
    And-people should learn to understand what is meant by the word – GOD.
    The word God refers primarily to the Primordial Universal Consciousness that exists in the deepest, most primordial, subtlest layer of multidimensional space. The Primordial Consciousness is God the Father,
    This Primordial Consciousness is one for the entire universe and, accordingly, for all its living creatures, including all people on planet Earth.
    In different earthly languages, people call Him differently: God the Father, Jehovah (Yahweh), Allah, Ishvara, Tao, Adibudda, Odin, etc. He is the God of the Jewish prophets, of Jesus Christ, of Muhammad, of the faithful in China, India, and other countries where there is a correct understanding of Him. And only human ignorance leads to the opinion that, since the “names” are different,then the Gods are different…
    For improvement purposes: “The teaching of Jesus Christ about our meaning of life and how to realize it.”

  46. If it seems so…Make the sign of the cross. This is a time-tested way to scare away the demons that take possession of the soul when it thinks something and does not understand what.
    If you ask such a question, it means that you did not believe and do not even know what faith is and why it is used by people.

  47. The fact is that science is growing and changing, but religion is not. If science provides answers to new challenges, then religion does not, again. They produce pamphlets for internal use describing the church's position on topical issues, but all this strictly falls within the framework of religious dogma. And at that time, when the aliens come into contact with us, the churchmen will “change their shoes” again, and notice: “We were called the UNIVERSAL Church all the way!” sort of, implying that there is life in other worlds as well. . . . . . . . . There is a God, I believe. However, the answers about Him should not be given by scholastics, but by those people who are interested in Him, and what He does is interesting (without a single penny, I note). . . . . . . . . . . We just need another religion in which we will not trust our personal happiness to anyone, and in which we will independently understand why something is good and something here is bad. . . . . . . . . . It seems to me that many things can be resolved beforehand, allowing reincarnation of souls, karma, one for all future, and many other things

  48. The people say blindly: if it seems-it is necessary to be baptized. Why? Because there are demons behind appearances. God is not a man to be loved and feared. God is FAITH in Love and GOODNESS.

  49. Some people grow up to believe in God. There are as many situations as there are people in the world. Faith in God is primarily a belief in the immortality of the soul.

    I understand that it is impossible to accept the situation you describe. However, God has nothing to do with it – this evil is created by people. People are making the world unfair.

    Take the nature reserve. Plants grow in it, animals, birds, and insects live there. There are minerals under the ground. But life there is isolated from the human eye. The person there is only an observer and researcher. He has no right to interfere in any processes. And despite the fact that the wolf killed the deer, and the deer ate the nest of a small bird, we believe that life in the reserve is in a state of harmony.

    Why? Yes, simply because life there flows in accordance with the laws of nature.


    We live in a society. We also have laws. They are fixed in each state. In every religion. The laws of society are not only those commandments of Christ that are in the Bible (if each of us followed them, life would be quite harmonious).

    The laws under which we live regulate many processes and phenomena (financial, family, administrative, criminal, universal, international, etc.). Yes, because we, the people, do things that disrupt someone's life, even the lives of entire states.


    If you read the Bible, the Koran, textbooks on theology, etc., you will understand that according to religious teachings, God gave man freedom of choice. And a person decides for himself-to live according to the laws that God has established or otherwise.

    God gave man reason, the ability to create, and the ability to choose. And he gave man laws. If these laws are observed by all, then there will be harmony in the world. If at least one of them violates them, then there can be no complete harmony.

    This is the so-called “butterfly effect”(chaos theory). Scientists put it this way:”Even very small changes in the initial state of the system can cause a chain of events leading to large-scale changes.” Read Ray Bradbury's short story “And the Thunder Came” and you'll understand. Or watch the movie “The Butterfly Effect”. There, of course, they talk about the fate of people who committed some innocent actions from the point of view of society, and as a result received broken destinies (and not only their own).

    As for faith in God, even scientists come to the existence of the Supreme, I wrote about this. I won't repeat myself.


    I will note that I do not agitate anyone to become a religious person. Faith is a purely personal matter. I am a doubting person, but I still believe in the Almighty. I'm just for justice. If there is a Supreme, then he is definitely not responsible for human actions. It's a punishment… Who knows what awaits bandits, rapists, robbers, even if they are not caught and tried according to the law?

  50. This is quite strange)) I advise you to watch a new video on the Topless channel. In it, Ian talks in detail and very interestingly about the fact that people need to believe in something, whether it's God or a dream.

    It's not even about God, but about the fact that people believe in something without realizing it.

    I believe that age does not play a role here at all, adults sometimes on the contrary believe more in all sorts of nonsense)) For example, my grandmother has bad legs and she ordered a special pillow that supposedly “pulls out” all the pain and ailment from her sore knees)) In fact, it's just a placebo effect, nothing more.

  51. this is not growing up it is simplifying a person sliding down to instincts why music theater and literature they have a bad effect on digestion and weaken the nerves

  52. How does an adult differ from a child? – There are two main differences. The first is that an adult knows much more. And the second – the child hopes for adults (for someone strong and kind), and the adult-for himself.

    Faith can exist where there is no exact knowledge. Do we believe that two times two makes four? “No, we don't. We don't believe it because we KNOW it. Moreover, we know exactly and can always prove it. In this case, there is simply no room for faith.

    However, we do not always have accurate knowledge – either an individual in a particular field, or humanity as a whole regarding a particular subject. In these cases, you have to believe (take on faith) whatever seems most plausible. But what appears to be such depends on the level of accumulated knowledge.

    In general, the question of the existence of God is reduced to the question of whether the world in its current form arose by itself according to the laws of nature unknown to date, or was created purposefully by some higher being (cosmic intelligence, God). The answer to this question is not and cannot be in principle, because first you need to answer the question of what this given cosmic mind (God) is. Yes, actually this answer is not needed, since it will not give anything. Indeed, let's assume that God exists. So what? Let's assume that it doesn't exist. Again , so what? We interact with the material world in which we live and of which we are a part, regardless of whether it was created by itself or was created by some unknowable entity. “Maybe the gods made us up… But not the ones we came up with.” Well, you should act in this world, counting not on some help from above, from an unknown entity, but on yourself. “Trust in God, boys, but keep your powder dry” – as Oliver Cromwell, by the way, a deeply religious man, said in the 17th century. Well, we, in Russia, say: Hope for God, but do not be bad yourself. So an adult is counting on himself. On your knowledge, on your strength.

    Well, a certain supreme, if it exists, is also not omnipotent. There is an old riddle: What does the peasant always see, the tsar sometimes, and God never? That is, any entity obeys the laws of matter.

  53. It only seems so. In fact, those who were not brought to God by their parents come to him just as they grow up. The more mature a person is, the more established they are in their faith. There aren't many teenagers in the Temples.

    As for evil, God just sees a little more. Here is a famous parable on this subject:

    An old man became a hermit and for ten years prayed to God for one thing: to find out why some people are born or become rich, and others – poor. And why most often creatively gifted people are poor, and rich people are usually the most ordinary people who were simply born into a successful family. Why is this so unfair???

    So God had mercy and sent an Angel to him. The angel said: “I won't explain anything. Just close your eyes first.”

    The elder closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he found himself in a hollow tree. The angel continued:

    “You will stay here for three days. Watch what's happening.”

    And the monk watched…

    On the first day, a rider rode by on a black horse, in shining armor. Near a tree, a bag accidentally untied from the saddle and plopped to the ground. On the second day, a farmer came up to the tree, unwrapped the tablecloth, covered it with food, and started to eat, but suddenly noticed the bag. When he saw that there was gold in the bag, he was overjoyed and ran on with the bag, leaving his lunch under the tree. On the third day, a poor wanderer passed by, saw the food, and devoured it greedily. Before he had finished his meal, a rider on a black horse returned and demanded his money back. He began to torture him, and then killed him, realizing that it was useless.

    And then the monk couldn't stand it any longer and started shouting in anger: “YOU PROMISED TO GIVE ME ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS, BUT I SAW ANOTHER SCENE OF INJUSTICE!!!”

    “Wait,” the Angel said. I'll explain to you the meaning of what I saw:

    That rider is a rich man. He toured his possessions and collected taxes. He still has a lot of bags like the ones he lost. Just greed did not let him stop – other values, except for gold, he has no.

    That farmer went bankrupt and mortgaged his property. Yesterday was the last day of the refund, and if he hadn't found this bag, he would have been left without everything and ended up in jail. But he bought off the gold he found and saved himself and his family.

    That poor wanderer in his youth, being very drunk, killed a man. After that, he suffered all his life, distributed his possessions to the poor, and prayed to God for a martyr's death to atone for his sin. Yesterday, his wish was fulfilled, and now he not only redeemed his sin, but also became a holy martyr.

    The rider who killed him will now be haunted by nightmares. He will repent and start helping the poor.”

  54. You just need to accept that the ways of the Lord are mysterious and everything will fall into place. To believe that everything is for the best. It is clear that a raped child is an extreme evil, but we will not be able to find out what his life would be like without rape. It's like a person who has become disabled, suddenly passionately begins to love life and does things that a healthy person seemed unable to do. How many people were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, and how many of them became happy? For example, I couldn't speak since I was born, but that's why I learned to read on my own. The example is a little small, but in fact everything happens in life, everything that is done is for the best.

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