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  1. Because it still wants to go its own way and is not going to take into account the experience of other countries, not to mention its own mistakes. Russia is driving itself into isolation, condemning its economy to stagnation.

  2. Exactly the same question can be asked by a resident of any country. The question is rhetorical, since every nation in history has had both light and dark days. Any nation had to build and fight. So it's a sin to complain about any very specific difficulties in the context of European history, everything is no worse than others, and in some places even much better.

    Russia has always been big and strong, and has always had its own statehood. And in your home, both truth and power. All countries of the world, when building their foreign policy in Europe, did so with an eye to Russia as a regional center of power and influence.

    Russia has been an empire for many years. Almost always. There were only a dozen such countries in the world, and many of them did not exist at all during their existence. This means that many countries and peoples were dependent on Russia, and not vice versa.

    Human resources. Lots of hardworking, talented men and women. Nischerpaemy �resource �as �for �war, �so �and �for �peace �construction.

    Huge territory. С With �different климат climatic �conditions. �There is enough land suitable for farming. Outputs �to �the seas, oceans, �deep �river, �lake – water� enough.

    Russia has always had one state religion, one denomination of one Christian church. One faith that unites the people is a great blessing.

    In Russia, the great trump card has always been the complete set of minerals that half the world needs and for which half the world pays in foreign currency. Invite, pay , and any smart specialist will come, build,configure, launch, train, and even help you sell your products profitably. If only there was a desire.

    And now we compare all these features of Russia with the conditions of other countries. Point by point. �With �conditions � existence Sweden, �Norway, �Denmark, �Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands � Japan, �China, �Iceland, USA, �Canada. Korea. Brazil. �And �many, �many �others. Especially Finland , the happiest country in the world.


    So ,what are we complaining about?� All �that �not �is �as �need �Russia �created �yourself �herself…This is ” in “the past.

    Well, ” if “about” modernity “in short…


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