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  1. I won't talk about the brain, I don't like this organ. A person's actions are determined by their personality. According to the philosophy of absurdism, a person must answer the main question-is life worth living? Everyone should determine for themselves the balance of positive and negative that we have as a result of the life process. But it is unlikely that this can be done on your own experience, which is updated all your life, and today's assessment may change completely tomorrow. If it is also stupid to make an assessment by looking around , what does the life experience of Socrates, or Napoleon, or Uncle Vasya have to do with me ? I am me. Some temporary combination of circumstances, the current situation, can push you to commit suicide. But this decision is irreversible, and we will no longer be able to say what we are depriving ourselves of by choosing death. Also not interesting. No matter how you look at it, suicide is a stupid thing, and if the brain decided to kill itself, well, fuck it, as long as it didn't interfere with my life.

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