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  1. It is known that the human brain occupies about 2% of the body, consumes about 50% of energy. Therefore, there is a difference in the size of the brain in men and women, but it depends on the size of the individual, but the weight and size of the brain does not affect thinking or memory in any way.�

    I will not go into details, but I will explain: the gyrus is what affects us more, the size and shape of the furrows is an individual indicator. But there are basic furrows that can be distinguished in all people, they are formed in utero.

    The human brain “matures” gradually, from the formation of the rudiments of the brain and spinal cord to the formation of the main departments, the brain is considered fully formed by about 7 years( all individually, but this does not mean that new departments are added, only existing ones are developed).

    The human brain is a complex organ, where there is no clear division and everything is interconnected.�

    Well, let's start with the fact that the hemispheres of the brain in both humans and other animals are asymmetric. The left and right halves of the brain develop asynchronously. �This does not mean that the brain is divided in half, it is whole!“The hemispheres are separated by a longitudinal slit, in the depth of which lies a plate of white matter consisting of fibers connecting the two hemispheres – the corpus callosum.”The corpus callosum is a bridge between the hemispheres of the brain and other parts of the brain. This means that both hemispheres perform the same function as the temporal lobes, parietal lobes, frontal lobes, etc., but unevenly.�

    Perhaps, from a biological point of view, it is better to make 2 hemispheres in order to protect the individual from diseases and injuries. And perhaps it is the asymmetry of our brain that makes us who we are? �It is possible that the development of the human brain occurred with an increase in the number of furrows( gyri).

    In any case, I advise you to study neuropsychology, if you are interested in it. Because the brain is not a thumb on the hand, it developed long and painfully for humanity.

  2. not only are there two hemispheres – if you notice that a person also has two legs, two arms, two ears, two eyes. I think that this metaphysically means that a person lives in two worlds at the same time – in the world of ideas, spirit, imagination, in other words, the invisible world and the material world, in the eternal and temporary, in the obvious and secret, and so on. And in order to properly balance and walk, you need to see two sides of things, two sides of the moon, as it turns out

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