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  1. Let's start with the sad part. Not always. Sometimes a person gets religious psychosis.�

    But on average-yes, usually the Church calms down. By itself, the atmosphere of the temple is calm, relaxing, monotonous reading, quiet singing, a pleasant smell of incense. Church life in general is a certain rhythm (prayers in the morning and evening, services on Sundays, fasts on Wednesdays and Fridays), it gives a sense of stability, correctness, and planning. A responsible attitude to church life also means thoughtful reading and setting aside time for individual prayer, which is akin to meditation.�

    All this is soothing.�

    Here to run after Jewish Masons and participate in prayer stands against “Matilda” and religious processions against rappers (or vice versa? I can't keep up with the latest news) – it upsets the psyche.

  2. A person goes to church in a state of inner discipline and gratitude.He knows that he can mentally express everything that bothers him.And he won't be convicted for it.From this, peace is born in the soul.

  3. Church or religion?
    If it is a church, then everything is connected with the entourage, which in itself is set up to calm down: a specific smell, a bright room, prayers, etc.
    As far as religion is concerned, there are two options:
    1) A person needs someone on whom he can throw all his problems, whom he can blame for them (in this case, this is the guise of God).
    2) A person wants to talk about his condition, and then religion comes to the rescue with its prayers and confessions.
    In both cases, the church and religion perform their functions perfectly.

  4. Yes, of course, I agree. But, in some cases … Mysterious situations.

    This is especially noticeable at funerals, when the father of the deceased sings the funeral service.

    At the same time, everyone stands humbly.

  5. Well drugi with what I congratulate you.there are other reactions-they start barking.howl and convulse.The human soul is a very sensitive tool-some people can sense the places where murders have taken place.And the church is a place where the spirit of Love is evoked-this Holy Spirit illuminates the water .prosphora wine for communion. t.that the church is filled with the Holy Spirit.everything has the imprint of the Holy Spirit.Hallowed be thy Name. in Christianity, the most precious thing, i.e., the most holy thing, is Divine Love.what is Love is sacrifice.this is when you give.you took offense at someone you killed love because justice is more important to you.at work, you were not promoted to promotion, although you are better at this job, but they humiliated you in your abilities.you're upset-it killed love again.any emotion caused by any misunderstanding is the killing of love.renunciation of God..You come to church with all your problems and then your soul is filled with the Holy Spirit-Love .pushing away all your negative emotions and calming down comes.only after communion, when you leave the church, you need to keep Love in your soul.And emotions are the seat of Satan.no, it is necessary to fight injustice and other things, but without bitterness and emotions.

  6. The question is exclusively in the persuasiveness and suggestibility of a person within a particular church. No more, no less. A placebo. How much, as they say, a single visitor to religious buildings is “happy to be deceived”.

  7. A priori, this is not done by the church, but by the person himself. A church is a community of people who are usually connected by spiritual circumstances. During prayer, atonement, and penance, something happens that in different religions is called meditation, talking to yourself, and talking to God (in different religions and practices it is called differently), but the essence of the action itself is the same. The mystery of the phenomenon itself remains unsolved, only guesses and hypotheses. It is for this reason that this phenomenon is attributed to God's power, beyond power. Although in fact, none of the people are deprived of this and everyone is on an equal footing. This means that everyone can meditate and calm down. And in our time, the church is first of all incorrectly presented, because most people do not even realize that the church is people, and not a temple and places where they go to pray. It is for this reason that distorted information leads a person to believe that temples and places are soothing. And the most interesting thing is that it works) By the way a person believes in it.

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