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  1. This topic has also not been ignored by scientists and researchers. A team from the School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Film at the University of St Andrews has even developed a mathematical formula that can be used to create a so-called “earworm”, that is, a jamming song.

    Overall, 5 key components of creating such a track were identified: surprise, predictability, rhythmic repetition, melodic potency, and receptivity (how the listener reacts to the song).

    The formula is as follows: Receptivity + (predictability – surprise) + melodic potency + (rhythmic repeat x1, 5) = “sticky melody”. Based on it, a top list of the 20 most haunting songs was developed, which was headed by the track “We Will Rock You” by Queen. In general, this group was included in the list with three of their own songs. The oldest “Velcro” that made it to the top was “Jingle Bells”.

    Actually, the top 20 looks like this:

    1) Queen – «We Will Rock You»


    2) Pharrell Williams – «Happy»


    3) Queen – «We Are The Champions»


    4) The Proclaimers – «I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)»


    5) The Village People – «YMCA»


    6) Queen – «Bohemian Rhapsody»


    7) Europe – «The Final Countdown»


    8) Bon Jovi – «Livin’ On A Prayer»


    9) James Pierpoint – «Jingle Bells»


    10) Baha Men – «Who Let The Dogs Out?»


    11) Psy – «Gangnam Style»


    12) Rick Astley – «Never Gonna Give You Up»


    13) Journey – «Don’t Stop Believin»


    14) Mark Ronson – «Uptown Funk»


    15) Taylor Swift – «Shake It Off»


    16) Michael Jackson – «Beat It»


    17) Kaiser Chiefs – «Ruby»


    18) The Rocky Horror Show – «The Timewarp»


    19) Meghan Trainor – «All About The Bass»


    20) Culture Club – «Karma Chameleon»


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  3. There are several rules according to which you can write a successful earworm. Such a composition is written in 4/4 size with a desirable emphasis on strong beats, at a medium tempo. A memorable rhythmic pattern is required. The song is written in C major or minor, with playing I, IV and V steps of the scale, sometimes vi is added. Ideal would be C major, as the most comfortable key for a Westerner. A monophonic melody is written on top of this progression, which is simple (no more than six or seven notes counting octaves), but recognizable and memorable, and most often performed by a vocalist. More than half of the songs in the current world Top 40 are written according to this formula, which indicates the undeniable originality of modern popular music

  4. The auditory cortex of the brain is responsible for the perception of music, which is activated when you listen to a melody and reactivated when you imagine its sound in your head. This process is considered to be what is called the stuck song syndrome.�

    First, which is obvious in itself, the jam can occur from recent or repeated listening to the same melody. Secondly, we have certain memories associated with many songs, and just a hint or a fragment of a phrase is enough to make them sound again in our head.

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