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  1. Good afternoon! This is one of the most complex medical issues that psychology and psychosomatics will help you understand. Let's start with the fact that a person can not be divided into three parts-consciousness (mind), subconscious (soul, feelings) and body.

    A person is one in his three components, every thought leads to the appearance of an emotion, and every emotion is lived with the body. It should also be noted that most often it is not the soul that hurts, but a person is disturbed by cyclical thoughts that directly affect the state of the body.

    Thus, the soul is really not an organ, but our emotions, feelings, thoughts and memories in the limbic system of the brain are reborn into specific bodily impulses with a subsequent reaction from the body.

  2. Have a good question on this topic: “Where in the body is your self.” Someone asks where the soul is in the body.�

    Just feel where all the information is coming from and where it's coming from. What this place looks like (not from the point of view of anatomy).

    That's where your soul will be at any given time.

    And so, everything is quite easily reduced to describing emotions, impressionability and spasms in the body when experiencing this or that emotion.

  3. First , it is a turn of speech that does not need to be taken literally. You don't think “a place in the sun” has a direct meaning, do you?
    Secondly, sensory experiences often have localization in the body and specific sensations, “hands itch” – because emotions suggest starting a fight, and hands begin to itch, tension appears in them, “butterflies in the stomach” from a loved one-blood rushing to the genitals, etc. Accordingly, “soul hurts” can also have a similar meaning, although the wording is too vague to say exactly what it should mean.

  4. I agree, the soul is called something abstract inside a person, everyone has their own idea of this, so it(the soul) is not a material substance, all the feelings that we experience, in this case “heartache”, is a matter of the limbic system, and in general, the well-coordinated work of the central nervous system

  5. There is no soul as such . This is rather a combination of many concepts. Beliefs and faith. If the environment is constantly influenced by events that contradict your faith and beliefs . There is dissonance in them, and questions arise:” and do I understand everything so ? “�

    There is a kind of civil war and a difficult exit from the comfort zone .

  6. Because we are first of all souls, and only then the nerve endings, cells, skin, etc. components of the material shell. And the meaning of the existence of our souls is the development and knowledge of the world through love (for the universe, for the world, for our neighbors, for ourselves, for friends, etc.). And each of our misdeeds distances us from the love that the soul always strives for…So it hurts later.

  7. There is no soul. This is a completely fictional concept, so it can't hurt. In fact, we are talking about specific physiological or psychological problems in your body.

  8. Unpleasant sensations of heaviness in the chest during stress can be associated with vascular spasms. Blood circulation is disturbed, breathing becomes difficult. If such symptoms recur, you need to contact a specialist, be examined.

  9. In our culture, there is a language trick that separates the body from the soul. We say “I have a headache” with about the same message as “my tomatoes wilted”. This form of speech makes the body an object separate from”me.” “I” as it were own this object-the head on the same grounds as tomatoes in my garden. The same goes for the phrase ” my soul hurts.” The idea suggests that they are separate.

    However, there is another way of thinking, it is extremely unusual, but it can lead to a greater awareness of yourself. Instead of “I feel dizzy”, you can say “I feel dizzy in my head… clockwise, and what's swirling feels light and soft like cotton wool.”

    Instead of the words from the question, you can say “I'm sick in the soul” or even “I'm hurting myself in the soul”, and then pay attention to the physical sensations and add, for example,”and I feel a cutting pain in the solar plexus area”.

    And then ask yourself, ” Why am I hurting myself so much?” And you can get specific answers like :” I'm punishing myself for my misdeed” or “I broke up with my beloved and my heart froze, and the wound brings with it pain and a reminder that I'm still alive, because the dead do not hurt.”And this is not the only correct answer to the question of why the soul hurts. This is the search direction… attention to the nuances of physical tension and pain.

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