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  1. You should know the answer to this question yourself… I'm most interested in what do you want to dream about? Well, in general, a person is not responsible for this… We can think and dream before we go to sleep, but we won't dream any of it.

    So know that a real good deep sleep is without dreams. I'm sure you're just getting enough sleep. And with shallow sleep, a person may unconsciously move and make sounds.

    So know that your sleep is healthy, not disturbed.

  2. In fact, the question about dreams has already been asked before, and it is clearly stated by a competent person that in fact everyone has dreams, we just forget them. Forgetting dreams is caused by the need to distinguish between dream and reality for the brain. Sleepwalking is a consequence of a violation of the mechanism of forgetting dreams, a person simply does not distinguish a dream from reality.

    If I may be wrong, please use the search.

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