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  1. And what do people mean by “growing up and getting smarter”? My experience suggests that “getting smarter” is to acquire everyday acumen, rationality in everyday matters. Sorry for the example, but for me, people who live at the expense of others have the maximum level of this skill. I think your advisers speak about them with a bit of envy in their voice: “Well settled in!” The ability to get out, save money, hold your tongue, agree with your superiors, get a benefit, marry a decent person (does not drink, does not beat, what else do you need?) – this is all worldly wisdom, aimed at ensuring maximum domestic comfort. This is convenient, but is it worth striving for and being proud of?

    Removing rose-colored glasses and growing up is disillusionment, no matter who argues. But with the loss of illusions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, fantasy are killed, life turns into a dull everyday life (but it is reliable that everything is like people's). Love, by the way, as well as friendship, too, are swept out by the same broom. The game – the main tool of human development-is beginning to be considered a disgrace. Clothing – by age. Learning all the time is stupid. Have you started drawing? And why do you need it, only time and money to waste…

    So what you are advised, perhaps, will save you from a broken heart and delays in payments to housing and communal services, but it will turn you into a brainless, but very strong in everyday terms, sorry, chicken.

    Read books. Write poetry. Learn more. Draw it. Always discover new things and do not be afraid to be weird: the moment you give in to the general opinion, you will cease to be yourself. I succumbed once and lost 15 years of my life in a terrible abyss overnight.

  2. When you're 70, they'll keep telling you the same thing. And you'll also wonder how stupid you were when you were 60.

    You're getting smarter and more experienced, but it's just not so noticeable yet. Be attentive to life, learn it and grow up to at least 25.

  3. Everyone develops in their own way. And it's not about how many books you've read or how many new things you've tried)The point is that you realize that you are smarter than you were a year ago, for example, because you already look at past situations and problems differently, you perceive them differently already. Every year you will feel that you are smarter than you were yesterday))And you don't have to chase after being smarter and more experienced!Everything will come with age!) Live for your own pleasure, enjoy something new, do not focus on all this attention!)All in good time!)

  4. I'm fifty. Rose-colored glasses shattered. It didn't make me any happier or smarter. but I lost something bright in myself. Rose-colored glasses really interfere with life. But why break yourself, turning into a creature that has lost faith in people, dreams, and justice? Stay in your pink glasses for a while and be yourself. Life will put everything in its place. What are your years! Who knows, maybe it is faith in miracles that will bring you happiness?

  5. Move out of your parents ' house and go to work. If you are studying full-time, then work on weekends or in the evenings. Learn how to handle money, plan, and budget. Immediately there will be a lot of everyday problems and questions. When you think: “What am I going to eat today?”, “How do I pay for a room?”, ” When will I have time to prepare for the seminar?” you definitely don't think about pink glasses. It is better to choose a job with people: communicate, find out who works where, who does what. Learn people from different sides of them, you will come across both boors and outright bastards. You can get a job in a large company (there are companies that are focused on a young team, students, with a free schedule) – there communicate with colleagues to the maximum. Another good way is to volunteer: help lonely old people, disabled children, orphans, and people without a fixed place of residence. Get a job as a volunteer investigator. Get a huge emotional experience, mostly negative. It will change you and make you more mature.

  6. Perhaps the whole point is that you are not doing what you need. Ask yourself what you would like to do, what interests you in life. On the Internet, you will find many tests that will help you decide on your interests. There are also many methods for developing thinking. Develop, do not stand still.

  7. You see the world from the best side, without losing the visibility of the bad sides. There's nothing wrong with that, just the opposite. There are few such people, and I am even more than sure that many are just jealous.

  8. There is a small subjective theory about this. Reading books, education, and new information make a person more intelligent and educated, but this will only be theoretical knowledge. Wisdom, as you know, is a combination of knowledge and experience. The phrase about pink glasses usually implies naivety, simplicity, perhaps even kindness. That the world seems better than it is, that people seem better, that dreams look impossible, and hopes will necessarily justify themselves. And after all, it would seem that to have in your eyes and thoughts the hope that there is still something good in the world, life and people, is not so bad, but as if and even vice versa, but surrounded by skeptics, most likely, will be burdened by endless haughty views and beliefs of other people about how “you are young, stupid and naive”. And the theory is that people grow up not with age and years (there are also cheerful and quite cheerful old people), but with experienced disappointments, the collapse of hopes. For example, children in orphanages or dysfunctional families grow up earlier, because earlier they stop believing in a miracle that someone will come and take them away, or that their parents will stop drinking or other things. Other people, probably most of them, stop believing in the justice of the world and that all their endeavors will be crowned with success, after an unsuccessful first love and a broken heart after that. Or after the death of loved ones. In general, there are many irrevocable options. In other words, experience, frustration, and despair remove these very rose-colored glasses, after which a person begins to think more rationally, and sometimes even pessimistically or with a certain amount of skepticism. That's the theory. But I would like to add that this does not make you feel less mature: no one says, I think that you do not believe, for example, in death and consider all people good. Just don't consider all people bad – as long as you have this hope, you will have this view of the world, and there is nothing wrong or reprehensible in this. It is customary for children not to tell the truth about Santa Claus for as long as possible, for example. It is believed that they will still find out, they will still be disappointed, so let them stay in this sweet ignorance longer, because it is during this period that the most stormy and vivid fantasies and dreams are when you believe in a miracle and allow it. When they are disappointed and find out the truth, they will never get it back. So you are not in a hurry to grow up: it is most likely that this will happen sooner or later, so there is no need to hurry, but you can only be happy for you that you have a sense of hope and faith in the good inside.

  9. Just spit on the opinions of others-those who advise you to remove some glasses. Rose-colored glasses dissolve by themselves in the eyes after a year. In fact, by the age of 40, a person is gaining enough to consider themselves smart.

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