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  1. People are afraid of any changes and uncertainty. Death is a change, the end of a habitual form of existence. A new form of being or non-being, no one can say, the unknown. You should not think about death, but think about life, how beautiful it is. Live forever? After 4000-5000 years, you'll get tired of it. You will learn everything and go everywhere, learn all the languages and dialects, fight a war, live peacefully, get power, and eventually GET BORED….Not with the current level of development of the human mind to live forever….

  2. The answer is very short-people don't want one thing – to suffer!

    They are not afraid of death, but of suffering. They are not afraid of eternal life, but of eternal suffering. Remove the suffering and fear will disappear!

  3. Because most people don't think logically in such matters. The simple logical juxtaposition “you either want to die or you want to live (forever)” is too complicated for them.

  4. Life on Earth is a series of trials for the cultivation and education of the soul. People are trying to build a Paradise on Earth, but they do not have eternal life, and old age is not a joy. Jesus Christ didn't want to live on Earth forever either. After living his best years on Earth and teaching his disciples, he decided not to wait for old age and return to God, pointing out the path leading to the narrow gate of eternal life. How did he do it?

  5. People just don't know what they want or don't want, and the sad thing is, they don't want to know. Living and existing, by the way, are different things. If they understood and wanted to understand the difference , they would want to live forever.

  6. Because the fear of death is inherent in us genetically.We don't want to live forever – we are afraid of boredom and aimlessness of our future existence.Personally, I want to live forever.

  7. Why don't they want to? I would live if I could maintain my physical activity, and most importantly, my sanity. It is clear that forever will not work, one day the sun will go out, but a dozen million would be interesting.

  8. They do not want to die – this is the fear of obscurity. The most powerful feeling, the fear of what is not known and understood. They don't want to live forever – a mirror image of the same feeling with the opposite polarization. Everything flows and everything changes. Nothing is permanent, which means that in the physical universe and in all its levels, dimensions, densities, everything that has a beginning has an end. It is impossible to know all the options for changing everything while remaining within the framework of the individual. To become everything means the death of the individual. This is the answer to why people subconsciously do not want to live without ceasing. The consciousness of the individual is not ready to accept changes, and sooner or later there comes a critical moment for the integrity of the psyche. We are not talking about the capabilities of the body, I am talking about the psyche and the holistic work of consciousness within the established framework of the individual. It will not want to experience what it can see. It won't want to go through this again and again. It will not want to exist in such a reality when it learns that it cannot change its laws. And it will leave, leaving the body regardless of the method of leaving, it will not want to be a person. Therefore, there is no difference in the reasons, because they are the same, since both options sooner or later lead to the same result.

  9. There are two questions here.

    They are afraid to die because 99% of 100% of them are too lazy to make an effort for themselves to learn what life is and what death is.

    Laziness-creates Ignorance.

    Ignorance breeds Fear.

    They don't want to live forever-this is a completely different field of action.

    If death is inevitable, then eternal life is just a fantasy on the subject. Most people have very little imagination. They do not know what to do with themselves in this life, let alone what to say about eternal life.

    And then the human biological body is not designed to live for such a long period. They are weak and vulnerable. The patient. Gets old fast. No one wants to drag out their miserable existence for centuries in a decrepit body.

    If we assume that technology has become so high that you can afford an “eternally young beautiful body”..- this is a completely different conversation. Here the percentage of applicants will increase slightly, but not much. Because as mentioned above , the longer the life span, the more developed a person's imagination should be. (and few people can boast of this).

  10. In this regard, IMHO, accurately expressed the famous pop psychologist Nikolai Kozlov:

    The people, however, if they take care of their health, it is not out of love for health, but because it is painful to get sick and it is terrible to die. People do not need health, but that it is not painful and not scary.

    Like children at the doctor's office.

    At the same time (watch!) the vast majority of your friends secretly dream of how to quickly “pass” their life and get out of it as quickly as possible.

    Like a lesson they're not ready for, as always…

  11. I'm just such a person. I don't want to f*ck up or get killed, etc., I don't want to die right now. To live forever is such an absurdity. If you live forever, you will survive the death of all your relatives and friends, you will not rush to live, knowing that you have a lot, a lot of time.

    I think you've got the gist of it: I want to live, to be happy, to laugh, but I don't want it forever, because then there is no point in this joy.

  12. Apparently, we have a desire to live forever, so people don't want to die. This can be seen even in the example of a baby when a woman has an abortion. Ultrasound was used to record how the baby tries to move away from the suction, which in a few seconds will tear it apart, how it opens its mouth wide, screaming, how its heartbeat increases! Seeing such a tragedy, many observers simply felt bad. And you can think of something else: if you were asked to choose the day of your own death, would anyone choose?!
    And many people don't want to live forever, because they probably misunderstand what this life should be like. Many people are tired of difficulties and illnesses and do not want to suffer forever. But when I read the Bible, I realized that eternal life should be completely different.

  13. I agree with the author of the first comment that a person does not want to die, but not because the fear of death is inherent in a person, but because the desire to live and create is inherent in the genes. We are created in the image of our Creator, who is eternal and constantly creating something. If a person is lazy, then he is always bored, but if a person studies, invents, observes, then he will always have something to do. One scientist spent his entire life studying only about one species of butterfly all his life. At the end of his life, he said that he knew almost nothing about these butterflies. This means that life is never boring. There's an old nursery rhyme that says, ” There's always something for skilled hands to do if you take a good look around!”

  14. this is probably the most important paradox of human existence and its most important contradiction, expressed in this form. And all because a person does not know what life is in the highest sense of the word.

    13 Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many go by it;
    14 For narrow is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few find it.
    (Matthew 7: 13,14)

    In this statement of Christ, it is explained that the life or rather the existence in which humanity lives is not Life, but a certain Shadow of life with all its consequences – that is why a person would not want such an eternal shadow. But on the other hand, he also does not want to hasten his death – there is no point in this either. So the person is hanging out in such a confused state-neither here nor there. He needs to get out of his paradoxical and confused state through the narrow gate of Christ, otherwise his confusion will only get worse.

  15. Death, eternal life, or the afterlife are nothing more than figments of our imagination. A person does not know anything about life or death, cannot subject them to unequivocal denial or confirmation, but can only state the decrepitude of the body, cardiac arrest and brain death. Trying to position brain death as an absolute evil and the end of life, or an absolute good and the beginning of the afterlife, is the work of small minds. An organism that has been alien to these ideas for millions of years of evolution and resists wasting energy on their implementation. Man strives for completeness, not for death or eternal life. The fear of incompleteness comes from a lost life, not the number of years lived. For some, even 30 years may be enough, the question is “how”, not “how much”. Eternity is incomprehensible to the great ape, it can only be about prolonging life with the help of technology and medicine, but it will always be a limited number of years and long-standing issues will not change. You can name any number, even 1000, even 1,000,000, but it will not change the essence, the person will continue to suffer or get hooked on drugs and destroy his body. Wise old men or bald monkeys who tell you new theories about happiness have always been and will always be, their task is to inject you with a sedative in the ass and send you to your paradise, which you didn't even ask for. If fifty-year-olds don't hesitate to do this, then millennials will be even more stupid. Over the years, no wisdom comes, but stupidity-easily!

  16. Hmmm. It's not scary to die, it's scary not to die. (I don't remember who said it). Well, sometimes some people project the death of loved ones on themselves, and do not want such a fate for themselves.

  17. Because Suicide, like the east, is a delicate matter.�

    Why don't they want to live forever?

    So without suicidal ta. Life loses all meaning. �

    So they fight between the first and second like fish with their muzzles on ice.

    There is a gap between equal opportunities.

  18. A strange question about death. When you live, you communicate with your favorite people, eat delicious food, listen to your favorite music, read interesting books, enjoy nature, travel, do your favorite activities, feel, learn, contemplate, constantly receive new information and a full range of emotions.

    and when you're dead, you just lie in four grave walls, alone for life and in the dark, and your body is being destroyed by micro-organisms. and you can't do what you love, or even just think things through, like you're dead.

    It is strange that the question arises, which of these two options is better)

    But I don't understand why they don't want to live forever. I would like to. And I'm terrified of death, because there's too much that keeps me here. Perhaps someone does not want to live forever just for fear of losing everything they love and know, afraid of the novelty that will follow.

  19. Everyone dreams of living forever. From scientists who are trying to invent a medical miracle, to conquer death forever, in the form of a purely material infinite existence, to all sorts of mystics, religious figures, poets and philosophers who sing of an infinite existence beyond the corporeal form in Paradise or Nirvana. Speaking about Nirvana, the Buddha dispelled many misconceptions of people, among which two main ones are the belief that it is like Brahma's paradise, where everyone lives forever, and the other extreme of nihilism of some Brahmins, who believe that Nirvana is like the total destruction of consciousness, its natural result, when everything is done and achieved and it no longer makes sense to exist. These are two basic misconceptions about Nirvana: one is idealistic, the other is materialistic. There are still a lot of misconceptions about Nirvana on a purely conceptual level with all sorts of small nuances, which the Buddha explains well and subtly in the Lankavatara Sutra, the 13th chapter, so called-about Nirvana. In particular, he says that Nirvana is not achieved by intellectual, philosophical search, it enters the chitta (heart) of a person. In fact, Nirvana is neither eternal life nor annihilation, but something in between, which can hardly be expressed in any way or anything, since in fact there is nothing to compare in Samsara with. Its main properties are bliss, contentment, complete peace, and constancy, while in the absolute, final understanding, which in Samsara, in principle, does not happen under any circumstances. Technologically, this is also not achievable, only in a purely yogic way. The materialist's view of the question of eternal life, where his body would be infinitely reborn in a medical laboratory, or his consciousness would be reinplanted into an information carrier – this is a mistake, because a person simply chooses samsaric vegetationism, unable to see deeper, and wants to stretch it, refusing self-deepening, not understanding that it is enough just to free the mind from kiles, and then the stream of consciousness, which in itself is infinite and beginningless, automatically passes into a state of Nirvana. And there is no death in fact, its nature is illusory, and death does not have its own nature. There is no death, there are just painful intervals between incarnations, changes of state and form, in which we are born in agony and die also in agony. Yes, and our very states and forms in incarnations are also both painful and pleasant. Most often, they are painful. Therefore, any question of seeking the elixir of immortality, seeking victory over death, rests on self-absorption in order to purify your mind, bring it to a state like Hindu deities, perfection without hesitation and obscuration, achieved only by the yogic path. Any scientific research with complex mechanized and technical methods in the field of medicine does not help in this matter. No one will go through the arduous, individual path of purifying and taming their mind, except for sraman, which translates as ” making an effort.” Everything else will only distract and confuse, keep you in Samsara.

  20. People don't want to die, people are afraid to die. It's like doing something that's scary to do, but you know what you need to do. In general, our life is not paradise and far from perfection. Suffering is no less, if not more, than pleasure. To live in such a world forever would be more like a punishment than a blessing. Even with a lot of things and living in comfort, a person will have something to suffer about. We are designed not only to get high, but also to suffer. �And in the context of eternity, these sufferings will be endless. People don't want to suffer forever.

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