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  1. They already teach in grades 4-5 in the course “Fundamentals of Secular Ethics”.

    The textbook quotes major philosophers and focuses on the Golden Rule “don't do to others what you don't want for yourself” and its practical applications.

  2. Despite the fact that some of philosophy is still taught in school courses, the absence of philosophy and / or the history of philosophical trends as a separate school course is probably a consequence of the opinion that this subject is difficult for children and adolescents to understand, and the school curriculum is already saturated. I would add that everyone doesn't really need it. Here are the basics of logic and proof theory (as a necessary basis for developing critical thinking) I would add to the school curriculum, and also revise the programs of some subjects in this regard.
    The problem is also that our schools have never taught children critical thinking, which is a necessary condition for understanding the basics of modern philosophy – almost always history, literature and social studies were taught biased.
    �But here, if you pull a thread, then we will definitely come to the opinion that the Russian “school curriculum” requires a complete revision and revision.
    �It should also be noted that many people believe that philosophy is not a science in itself, and these separate sciences together make up philosophy.

  3. For me for example the basis is philosophyAbsolute Reality, but it operates with such abstract high-energy concepts that the simple mind of a schoolboy will get an overload, and after all, it is already loaded with other disciplines. Abstract thinking should be gradually introduced and already at the level of higher education at the university it is already possible to load in full. On the other hand, there are no real philosophers in the education system, at best there are some thinkers. After all, a real philosopher should have knowledge about the basics of Being, but who can tell you about the future?The root cause or the monadic basis of the system itselfThe truth? After all, the same Logic that the Mind uses must adhere to the Truth…Humanity needs to carry out reforms in the field of philosophy and put everything in its place by correcting all distortions of Reality.

  4. The main philosophical concepts and trends are considered in the school course of social studies and history. For example, about Maslow's pyramid, Marx's formational approach and Toffler's civilizational approach, the ideas of Hegel, Kant, Plato and Aristotle, humanism, etc.�is now known already in middle and high school.

  5. At my daughter's school (in Dublin), philosophy is taught as a separate subject. It is philosophy, not the history of philosophy, that is taught to make sense of events, actions and sensations through the development of the ability to meditate and practice mindfulness. This, of course, is not yet in every school curriculum, but it is quite a trend…

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