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  1. Why do you think that you are taught in school what is not necessary? Maybe you don't need it just because you don't need anything? Have you ever thought about the fact that the entire school system, the educational system in general, was created for centuries, by millions of people…it was created long and painstakingly, and you can so easily spit on it and say that it's all wrong. So offer your own version of the educational system. Next, why should you suddenly have to explain how to make money or survive a crisis if you can't keep up with the school curriculum? It is a pity that this type of question often started to pop up. Everything is easily explained by the fact that schoolchildren are in dire need of a subject-Survival, which supposedly easily and easily should put in their minds how to make a lot of money without doing anything.

  2. I fully support Vlad and will take his disadvantages on myself too. Yes, of course, everyone sooner or later pops up in their head “well, what the hell do I need *the name of the subject*, how it will be useful to me”, everything continues after school, to be honest. But how can you build a house without a foundation? Stick sticks to make the wolf blow away?

    Elementary school (1-4 grade) – do not teach to write, count, taught here on the fingers in kindergarten and in general enough to survive, shovel in the sandbox wielded skillfully, you can already send(to the old generations) on the bed, the benefits are there, dug one.. two.. * counts on your fingers* potatoes, now you can eat one, sell the other, and you are full and with money, a daredevil, survives a crisis in his 10-11 years. Already on the way to earning your first million.

    Then one water starts altogether (class 5-9). I learned to read and write, I can also count, why all these equations, some triangles to draw, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history. Here, as it were, everything is superfluous, it's obvious. Here you need to send them to colleges and professional colleges. Here, Petya, you have been promoted, you are no longer a “garden digger and collector”, you are now a professional, since you decided to earn money and survive from an early age, you will turn this nut, and we will give you money so that you can survive in a crisis. (Here, from these reflections, I have a picture that looks like in “Flowers for Algeron”, where the main character worked as a cleaner in his 32s before he got smarter(recovered), and they didn't trust him with anything else, since he was mentally retarded) So here, the land for the conditional Petya is still flat, the man is made of bread, just as they used to poke a stick into a stone, they still poke it now, but Petya is successful, they taught him to earn money, turn the nut of his favorite, Petya is well done, be like Petya.

    Grade 9-11 Peter has already experienced the third crisis in the country, but it's a pity that he never found out what this crisis is.

    Why did I pour all this ulcer here at all. Well, it is impossible without all the basics that are given at school, even banal for expanding your horizons, to earn normal money, you simply can not count them and will trample on one place.

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