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  1. And why would wealthy people who earn good money and have good connections leave everything in Russia and go somewhere where they will have to earn everything again? There are no connections there, and no one will look at how much they earned or what they have abroad. Plus, when we say well-off people, we still mean people over thirty or forty, and for them moving to a new environment with a different language and mentality is a big stress.�

    In addition, if life in Russia really pisses you off so much, you can do what most people living in the country do now: abstract from politics and live by the principle of “my hut is on the edge”

  2. Well, maybe they still love their Homeland somewhere deep in their soul or are guided by the expression “Where they were born there and came in handy”.
    But most likely, if we are talking about really well-off people, the main reason is the minimum income taxes. In addition, a person who has a business adapts the environment, develops connections, contacts, and a customer base.
    It may also be a banal fear of change or an inability to adapt to the language, customs, and rules.
    We can also single out one more small reason, although it would be wrong to call it a reason… People who have a stable large income are public, their statements attract much more attention than ordinary mortals. After all, just if you think about it, then each of us is dissatisfied with something, because nothing is perfect)

  3. Let's say they move… and what will change from this? will life dramatically improve in Russia?
    Suddenly, officials will stop lying and stealing? In the police, prosecutor's office and courts, will everyone remember the law and the constitution together?
    Obviously not.
    Therefore, being neither well-off nor a citizen of the Russian Federation, I can say with confidence: for those who do not care about their friends, relatives, neighbors, emigration is not an option for those.

  4. Because it is much easier to criticize your country than to decide to leave it. Because. that in fact, in those countries where they would go, everything is not so cloudless and better than here.

  5. Perhaps because they want their country to change at least a little and life in Russia no longer infuriated them?
    Perhaps because it is not so easy to leave for another country forever?
    Or maybe they are already in the process of moving?

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