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  1. Be that as it may, but the number of books read can really be considered one of the indicators of education (but, accordingly, not the main one). Books develop people and make them more literate. As you read, you subconsciously memorize the spelling of words and punctuation marks. This way, you become more literate – already quite good, right?

    But in addition to this, books are also a carrier of information and thoughts. When a person reads (and understands!) books, he gets into other people's thoughts and ponders them-this makes a person interesting and educated. And, of course, he gets new information, learns something. The amount of new information varies, but here everything depends on the type and quality of literature.

    Summing up: literacy, new information, ability to think and draw conclusions. Anyway, this is my subjective opinion.

  2. Why exactly is the number of books read an indicator of a person's education?

    Because books (texts) are a source of knowledge (education). The ability to read also reflects education (illiterates do not read).

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