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  1. In the Abrahamic religions (except that I'm not sure about Islam), the ban on masturbation is usually based on the history of Onan, from which the name “masturbation”came. But if you look closely at his case, it is clear that God punishes him not for masturbation as such, but for evading marital duty – he did not want to have children with his brother's widow, whom, according to custom, he was forced to marry. If he had masturbated, but poured the seed into his wife, and not on the ground, he would have been whole. That is, initially, except that the violation of the command “to be fruitful and multiply” can be seen here from the more global onanovskikh transgressions.

    I suspect that in Buddhism masturbation will also not be approved, but there it is already a matter of abstinence from any carnal desires – it is not appropriate for a Buddhist to indulge them. Christianity most likely also developed this line of argument on occasion.

    And abstinence from carnal urges is part of the common vector of both religions to maximize conscious control over their behavior – relatively speaking, abstinence from masturbation is a training of the will to refrain from killing in a state of passion. It wasn't the best choice, but it was a good idea.

  2. I may surprise you, but not everyone masturbates, whether you believe it or not.

    And why DID YOU BECOME sinful? Was it once not sinful?

  3. by nature, almost everyone masturbates . And this is because it's a sin for you to jerk off and then think what I've done it's a sin and you run yourself into a narrow frame . that's all. as it is, everything is true, I treat everything neutrally, absolutely everything. what will happen will happen, everything and everything is controlled by nature so it's not free will but instincts that rule a person 😉 masturbation is also an instinct for many people, it's like eating and sleeping . caught up?

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