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  1. The creation of such a political system is impossible in principle, it is inherent in the very human essence. If you believe the theory of Ch. According to Darwin, the entire transition period from ape to human was a period of struggle for survival. Later, a reasonable person was formed, capable of producing tools and murder weapons, and it is not known what was the original one. A clan, a tribe, a union of tribes, a state – at any stage of historical development, the struggle for existence is an inevitable companion of humanity. If there is not enough food, fertile land for growing food, and in the future – resources, a person did not strive to expand the acreage or extract resources by his labor, but took up first a bow and arrow, then a sword, a rifle, a machine gun, a tank, etc.he went to take what was missing from his own kind. Primitive man, having captured a prisoner during the war, did not put him on the same level as himself, but turned him into a slave. The predatory, possessive nature of a person does not depend on either nationality or skin color. Everyone knows foact, when the state of Liberia was formed on the west coast of Africa, where after a few centuries former slaves were returned from America, taken from the same places, they immediately subjugated the local population – their relatives.

    Man is an integral part of the animal world, endowed with intelligence, and this intelligence was formed in the fierce conditions of competition for life and existence. In the USSR, for almost 90 years, they tried to raise a person with a communist future, and the results of this education are well known. Humanity at the genetic level is not able to live “according to the truth” and neither religion nor various utopian, Marxist theories can change this

  2. Because humanity, as a creative force, does not yet exist. If it can be considered to exist at all.

    Nevertheless, political systems where there was no violence and peace reigned emerged. Although the absence of violence is always relative. Perhaps there are still peaceful countries without internal violence (for example, Bhutan).

    It's just that usually such systems were destroyed from the outside, and sometimes from the inside, by ungrateful and greedy creatures =))

  3. Created and a lot, but they were quickly exterminated by neighbors, because where it is good and you can take just like that, why not take everything? Therefore, any most peaceful and positive undertaking begins with arming the army to the teeth. See adherents of modern democracy…

  4. Because we are human beings and there are things in our nature that will never change – the energy that drives us is both sexual and aggressive in nature. It is better to learn to live with this, because attempts to come up with an ideal society turn out to be a disaster – the twentieth century is proof of this, but not only.

    Violence cannot be abolished, just as the dark side of people cannot be removed – but you can learn to deal with it and not be its slaves.

  5. There is an irrecoverable contradiction between being able to fill leadership positions in society fairly and the desire of people at the top to promote their children. Always thug geeks turn out to be the bosses and there is a sense of injustice in society, when stability should be preserved by violence. For the time being, senseless and merciless. Then the same cycle repeats with other actors. So it was and so it will be.

  6. Not a valid question. There were a huge number of civilizations on Earth… and what systems were there, and what will happen after us, this is unknown to us. We are not the first, we are not the last.

  7. Surprisingly, there is such a system. On paper. In the works of Karl Marx. I do not popularize his ideas, impose them, and even more so do not make them de facto true. Nevertheless, I will take the honor of delving into this topic in a little more detail.

    Karl Marx described communism. Don't confuse it with socialism. Socialism is a perverted flip-flop of communism.

    Communism has never existed in real conditions. Due to the human factor.

    What is communism? First of all, there is no single ruler of the state. That is, all citizens are heads of state at the same time. Let's go further. Natural resources are shared, but the labor market itself does not exist. Everyone invests their talent in their work for the benefit of not themselves, but all at once. In return, he gets everything he needs from others. No money needed. Roughly speaking, this is the principle of “quid pro quo”, only in this case the principle of “from everyone if possible – to everyone according to their needs“is more appropriate. Someone can protect the country – and let them protect it. Someone works on the machines – and let them work. If only everyone would help each other.

    We go down the list further. There is no consumer market in the usual form. Instead, it is a kind of barter system.

    Skipping a lot of nuances, I will immediately move on to the more significant part. The spirit of collectivism. Here it really is. Well, in theory, of course. From collective solutions to local problems to collective solutions to global problems. From betting on fishing rods to developing launch vehicles, etc.

    I will now take the liberty of quoting one of my teachers. When I was a student, he said these beautiful words:”Theory on paper is always beautiful, always logical, and always true. But practice can hit one place hard.” And in reality, we are faced with the problem of the impossibility of implementing communism due to the human factor. People are unable to realize that they are all together and that they are one. They are not able to realize the lack of competition at all. They are not aware of the fact that they own everything and nothing at the same time. They are not able to realize that they own everything and nothing at the same time. People have not learned to build collective thinking, and human nature does not allow us to achieve the very “Spirit of collectivism”.

    Therefore, the theories of the great philosopher-economist Karl Marx remained on paper. A person is not perfect, and an ideal system for a person is murderous.

  8. A political system is a system of organizing power. And power is a special case of violence. So it's like asking why people didn't invent non-alcoholic alcohol. If people could live in peace among themselves, then they would not need power, and there would be no politics at all.

  9. And why is there no system of sewage disposal that does not concern sewage? Is it really impossible to come up with a system that will free him from shit and at the same time will not touch him? You can't do that!

    The political system is primarily an apparatus of legalized violence within the country and, secondly, an apparatus of protection from external threats. The political system itself is designed for violence and war. In a situation where society is experiencing violence and war, none of the political systems will deal with it. But this is not a question of the form of the political system, but of the culture of society or even of humanity.

    Revolutionary propaganda constantly imposes on its victims the idea that the current political system is flawed or filled with bad people here and now, and the new one will give development, peace, land, husbands to women and vodka to men. But it's high time to understand that this is a cheap wiring for loshkov. As soon as the old regime is overthrown, the new one, in conditions of chaos and violence, begins to commit exactly the atrocities against which it allegedly rebelled.

  10. I heard Marx Karl say somewhere: “For me, happiness in life is a struggle.” Or something like that.

    Without going too far into the analysis of Marxism , I will also say that Marx expressed here the very essence of life. Namely, he retold Darwin, who established that evolution, which is an indisputable fact, occurs only through inter-and, most importantly, intraspecific struggle.

    So peace and war are not just a fantasy. But also the essence of the phenomenon called life.

    By the way, this is precisely why a totalitarian state, whose goal of existence is the stability of the internal structure, and in it the internal struggle for innovations is suppressed, is doomed to perish.

    This is what happened to Imperial Russia,and this is what happened to Soviet Russia.

    Peace reigns only in the cemetery.

  11. Everything is simple, because human society cannot or does not want to get rid of the main cause of violence, private property, and it is the constant desire to take possession of “other people's” property that causes most acts of violence in the world.

  12. Good question. You can theorize a lot on this topic, but I want to remind you about one very scientific experiment with mice. Where they were created just PERFECT conditions for existence: there are no enemies, no dangers, plenty of food, water, a comfortable environment, in general, eat, drink, sleep and reproduce. I think there is no need to say how this experiment ended. But you can still find it yourself and read it: the Universe-25 experiment.

    From here, returning to the initial question, two conclusions follow: 1. It is possible that such a system is impossible, and 2. Well, thank God.)

  13. From the point of view of the IDEA of social DEVELOPMENT, humanity has yet to create political systems without violence. When the level of material production significantly exceeds the level of CONSUMPTION (in my opinion, everything is moving towards this), then the rapid evolution of the state as an instrument of VIOLENCE will begin, from violent forms of government to liberal-democratic (civil) forms… In my opinion, something like that!?…

  14. Take for example an ANTHILL , where there is a QUEEN, GUARDS, WORKERS and DRONES . Why did nature create this, if we solve this mystery, we will probably understand why PEOPLE with REASON live by the same principle . For some reason, our reason given by nature makes people more GREEDY and GREEDY than Just and kind . We came up with the nickname man for ourselves , in fact, we are the same ANIMALS as in the wild and in order to survive, you need to eat another animal named man .

  15. It's very simple. There are very few resources in nature to do without productive labor. To live by gathering and hunting, one person needs from several square kilometers of natural territory in favorable conditions to several tens of square kilometers in unfavorable conditions. When people learned to produce their own food, it became better, but there is still not enough for everyone. So there is a struggle for resources. Will they be able to produce enough resources in the future to make everyone happy? So far, such prospects are not visible.

  16. Because violence is a reflection of conflicts, and conflict is the basis of any development, including life. If the system is freed from contradictions, it simply ceases to be alive. There is no violence in the cemetery and there is peace.

  17. Ecclesiastes 8: 9
    9 All these things I have seen, and I have applied my heart to every work that is done under the sun, and yet man rules over man to his detriment.

  18. It seems that many epochs have passed since the appearance of man on the planet Earth, but humanity is far from the state of intelligence.

    Humans are omnivorous and can adapt to a variety of natural conditions, including long space flights in Earth orbit and some time at a depth of 100 meters in a bathyscaphe.

    When a person adapts to unfavorable living conditions, he is capable of courage, patience and understanding of the environment.

    But, it is necessary to cross the line that would allow not to depend on natural conditions and get a comfortable and prosperous existence in all respects, the transformation of the individual occurs with indifference to others and the manifestation of an extreme degree of selfishness.

    Society, where layers of people with different degrees of income are distinguished, dictates certain rules of behavior, adhering to which everyone accepts the rules of the game and does not violate the boundaries of conventions.

    The development of a society that does not depend on the invested labor of its members and lives on the exploitation of lower status and finances allows you to dictate unfavorable conditions to others and demand their fulfillment by threatening sanctions or using brute force.

    We can conclude that the better we live, the higher the degree of inequality and violence.�

    Peace is a state without war and does not seem to be stable over time.

  19. We must assume that such a system would be disastrous for humanity and for itself, so if such systems did arise, they were not preserved or supported by selection. A person should fight for something, he should not turn into a grazing amoeba.

  20. Politics (any) – it's about power. These are people's attitudes about power. The very principle of power presupposes violence. Just read the definition of the word “power”. This is the imposition of one's will on others, even in spite of their resistance.

    Therefore, the question sounds like an oxymoron: “why is there no violent system, where there would be no violence and peace would reign?” Obviously, because the system is violent, and there is no other way.

  21. You can answer with one phrase : there was no political will. But I believe that such an answer will not satisfy the questioner, as it is too vague. But even in this vagueness, there is one key word – WILL.
    Man has received from the Creator the gift of being intelligent and creating in freedom. Using reason, a person is able to understand what a community of similar people requires of him, and using full or partial freedom to act, he adapts to the life of this community. An example of this is the system of civil laws, which is used by society to maintain order in public life . But the basis for the material life of the members of society is the ability to work, which comes from the total will of the able-bodied members of society.
    Having a law that provides for the responsibility of each person to the entire civil community, the will is an ulterior motive for an action that cannot be regulated by law. That is, if the supreme ruler in the person of a prince, king, or tsar – emperor has a law according to which he has the right from his subjects to demand the execution of the order laid down in the basis of social functioning, then he has no will over the will of his citizens. This means that the implementation of social norms can be purely formal, both for citizens and for the ruler himself.
    In other words, it is possible to declare the ideas of equality, brotherhood, love for one's Neighbor, charity, respect for elders, and respect for parents. But if this is not in the will, that is, in the action, all this remains only good words.
    The system of political views reflects the current system of the aggregate manifested will of citizens, their actions in relation to the established civil laws.
    Let's say that the government is slowly but firmly destroying the institution of private property, introducing laws that no longer regulate the rights of the owner and the state, but the rights of the landlord and tenant. If I own a car, a house, or a plot of land on the right of private ownership, then why do I pay tax annually? This means that I am no longer legally an owner, but only a user, a tenant, and I have to pay an annual rent for using the property. The law is declared, but it is violated in its main point. So it's not a law. But our actions every time we make a tax confirm that it is such. Our collective will is suppressed, hidden, and finds no external expression.
    All civil laws are based on a moral, i.e., just system of values, which in turn is revealed to us from the spiritual world through the Word, Holy Scripture, and Divine Commandments. But without Mercy, without Love, no civil law WORKS!
    Love for one's Neighbor should fill any civil law. He is his spirit, and without him the law is dead and unjust.
    Therefore, we return to the fact that everything in a person's life, his affairs, his family, the state, everything is arranged in such a way as to realize the right truths in business: a fair, incorruptible court, an engineer who knows his job, an official who obeys the law, a mother who loves her child, a father who protects his family, a teacher who teaches conscientiously, a priest who explains the Word, a ruler who cares about the welfare of his people, and not about criminals who have temporarily seized power.
    This is the political will that neither the people nor the rulers have.

  22. Because they don't need to. All political systems are created by fools for fools. There are no rules and no responsibilities in life. All political systems are mental slavery.

  23. The whole point is that in order for the external institutions of human society to be just, without violence, for this, the person himself must get rid of injustice and violence.

    Is it possible to imagine a judicial power consisting of greedy, vindictive, corrupt and deceitful people, which would make fair decisions? This can't happen in principle.

    Any political system is about people. People with all their shortcomings, which, when reinforced by the possession of power, make our society unfair.

    All political institutions have long been invented, but the horse itself will not drag the cart to the right place. The coachman should do it. But we don't allow coachmen to come to power.

  24. Because it contradicts the essence of politics and the social system in general. Any mass society can ONLY degrade by specializing in details, cultivating disunity, until conflict destroys society. No political system is better than another. A person always pulls the blanket over himself, this is laid down by the family. When a person becomes a person, he will understand that SOCIETY as a background is just a simulator, which you need to fit in, using its capabilities, but the real development is small groups of like-minded people who do not contradict anyone, do not fight with anyone, use what is available for self-improvement.

  25. Even 30 years ago, this question was easily answered by the majority. Some are more complete, others more superficial. But they answered. Since we read the 3rd program of the Party. But the illiteracy of today's youth is simply off the scale. They can only click on buttons.

    Humanity faces 3 challenges.

    1 Development of the material and technical base of production.

    1. Improvement of industrial and social relations.

    2. Raising a new person.

  26. The whole question is what level of violence will be acceptable for the author of the question. If we do not take the utopian version of the disappearance of crime, then there are countries in which the level of violence is unusually low: Northern Europe (at least Iceland), dwarf states where murders do not occur every year, some countries of the Persian Gulf, Singapore, Japan. From the historical-the Inca state.

  27. because at the head of the system are always essentially bandits who have not read either philosophy or religious teachings.without philosophy, it is impossible to build a decent political system.

    For example,take Vladimir Putin.what did he read about philosophy?nothing or essentially unimportant.where does he get his knowledge of government?out of nowhere.the chekists have their own teaching and they know how to work only by referring to their teaching.but he is not a statesman, but a soldier in theory.but since he is boundless, he looks more like a bandit, not a security officer.

    why does he always win?because he has soiled the whole country with his bandit mentality and he gets away with it,because in Russia there are no people,in Russia there are talkers and opportunists in the overwhelming majority.it is thanks to them that Putin wins.with normal people, not only would he not have won, but he would have been overthrown and punished!

    I want to emphasize that no system can exist without violence.but a decent system can differentiate and separate violence.

    the system cannot be good or bad, peaceful or non-peaceful.

    the dignity of a system is determined by the extent to which it adheres to 2 super-system principles:freedom and justice.

    in other words, there are only two types of systems:fair and unfair.

    all other characteristics such as good and evil, peaceful and militant, capitalist, socialist, democratic, fascist, communist, etc. are not important or essential, or are not a characteristic at all!

  28. Without the evolution of the human mind, such a society cannot be created. Man is a social being. All people are different, each person is unique. Everyone has different needs and desires. So that the system does not fail, it is necessary that each element of the system (person) satisfies their desires. Then no one will have the desire to remake the system for themselves and everyone will be happy.

    Of course, a person can give up his desire, because he is aware of the negative consequences of fulfilling such a desire. In this case, the desire of this person can be ignored. But then all people must have a clear, pure mind that can predict the consequences of their decisions. Ideally, the fulfillment of one person's wish should not have a negative impact on all other participants in the system. But this is not possible. We live in the same world and in the same society and constantly interact with each other.

    For example, you can take a family with several people interacting in it. Also a kind of system. But how many families do you know who have lived their lives without ever having a fight? We cannot create ideal conditions even for such a small unit of society. Because we can't take into account all the nuances that members of this society may encounter. There are always contradictions, and the question is how they are resolved. In order to resolve the conflict peacefully, you need wisdom and intelligence. And knowledge is usually obtained through pain and mistakes

  29. By definition, any political system is created for the violence of some over others . The question is logically meaningless. How does a person differ from a non-person? Violence against non-human beings is not possible.

  30. At the current level of people's consciousness, violence in public administration is inevitable, otherwise nothing will work. Kali yuga.

    But the Vedas describe epochs when only righteous souls were incarnated on Earth, understanding the divine laws of society and voluntarily following them. Then there was no need for collections of laws, the army and organs of state violence. Each of us knew our responsibilities and performed them honestly. This era of peace and prosperity is called Satya yuga, it was millions of years ago. The next one will come in 432 thousand years.

    For the present time, the Vedas recommend a system of society called Varnasrama. The whole society is divided into four classes, and each person, depending on his innate abilities, is engaged in a certain type of activity. Belonging to a particular Varna is determined precisely by the psychophysical characteristics of a person, and not by his birth in a particular family. This is not a caste system, this is not a system of exploitation, but a fair distribution of responsibilities. If you are not naturally capable of performing the duties of a brahmana or kshatriya (warrior), then there are many other opportunities to fulfill yourself in this life, such as as a merchant, (vaishya) or hired worker (sudra). For every 900 sudras, there are 90 vaisyas, 9 kshatriyas and 1 brahmana.

    In the varnasrama system, it is not so much social status that is important as diligent performance of one's duties. A human life is just a short episode in an endless series, and it doesn't matter what role you have at the moment – the main thing is how you will play it. Before God, all souls are equal, and the highest goal of life is to serve God through the fulfillment of their prescribed duties. The pursuit of fame, wealth, and power is a waste of time and effort, because with the death of the body, everything accumulated will have to be left behind.

    The Varnasrama system was used for thousands of years in the Vedic civilization, and it worked quite successfully-India was the world's leading economy, and the works of its masters are still admired today. Everyone was doing their favorite thing and everyone was happy. India is the only country in the history of which there were no class revolutions and conflicts. Engels also noted this. Because at the center of such a society was God, who unites all members of society, regardless of their abilities and social role.

    But when religion becomes just a means to collect money from the population, everything collapses and degrades. Each class tends to dominate others, which inevitably leads to social conflicts and violence.

  31. For parasitism, laziness and lack of skills in work, which is also essentially from laziness in the source, have ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be. This is, if you will, the law of biology. Minimum effort and maximum benefits. The eating majority is the essence of survival, creativity and passionarity are the essence of behavior deviation.

  32. Because man, as a being, is not perfect either in a positive or negative sense.

    It is for this reason that neither a person, nor a group of people, nor humanity as a whole, in principle, can create any ideal society. A just society without violence – a positive ideal – is not achievable (an attempt to create it in Russia, during the Soviet era, failed). A society of total violence-a negative ideal-is not achievable, and if there were “Hitlers” and / or” pol-potas”, they (although they are evil) quickly fell apart.

    Pretty easy question and answer, obvious.

  33. You think COMMUNISM is something terrible associated with the Bolsheviks, no, read the BIBLE, the word communism is taken from there . If every person born lived as it is written in the Bible and did not deviate one step from this scripture, we would live under COMMUNISM . But no, there is always a person who considers himself the MOST intelligent among the smart ones and is not averse to becoming the ruler over the rest of the smart ones . It is this human GREED that turns a person into the most intelligent gentleman who is not averse to riding on the neck of the people .

  34. It's all about answering the question: “What is the state for?” It is necessary to solve the problems of the population that the population cannot solve by itself; it is necessary to protect the population; it is necessary to maintain order so that they do not destroy themselves.

    All three actions require violence, in one way or another. This means that political systems(the way the state solves its problems) cannot exist without violence in principle.

    If all people(every one of them) lived as the Gospel commands, then violence would not be necessary, and the state would be superfluous.

    And now we are using Anglo-Saka models of government and political systems. This means that violence in them is not a necessary but unpleasant component, but the main mechanism.

  35. Yes, we were supposed to start building one in 1956,
    but the petty-bourgeois ruling class did not allow it, considering
    that it threatens its social position !
    The administrative and economic Apparatus carried
    out a revolution in the ruling class by the hands of Khrushchev and seized power.
    After that, the party Apparatus turned into an ideological
    screen, and the more it lost its authority among the people, the
    less it created propagandist chatter !!!

  36. Because it's not possible. Human nature, stuck in the biological idea of reproduction, can only lead humanity to destroy itself again and again. No social structure based on survival and reproduction will ever be FOR and FOR humans.

  37. The answer is in the question itself. Because humanity has not yet created a political system that is a set of many equal ideological components that are connected and interact as a single whole. Like a clock made up of various parts or an organism made up of organs that are all equal and important in overall functioning.

  38. The European Union, especially the north-west of the European Union, is quite close to a political system where there is no violence and peace reigns. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are also not too aggressive. Yes, even in the United States, there are twice as many murders per capita as in the Russian Federation, with all their individual weapons stock. So it didn't create it, but it does.

  39. Violence comes not from the political system, but from the State. Because any state is a criminal structure of society, in which people are forced to die in humanitarian and inappropriate wars, for the sake of the ambitions of statesmen.

  40. Such a political system existed! Its remains are ancient Pskov and Novgorod. But the story changes in a “spiral”, repeating the main stages of development on a more complicated (or simplified?)level. level. The historical stage following the communal system (commune=commune) required strict centralization and, as a result, increased violence.

  41. The ideal is not achievable. But you need to strive for it.

    You can't build a good house out of bad bricks.

    It is also impossible to build a more perfect society without improving the individual. Society is made up of People.

    The wealth of society is a Person. The higher the level of the average person, the richer the whole society. Therefore, it is necessary to define ideals and educate them in people. Since childhood.

    As soon as we give up on it, we start to degrade.

    That's what we see around us right now.

    Communism is the unity of individuals for the sake of achieving common moral goals. Individuality must be cultivated.

    Therefore, communism is also a continuous evolution of everyone.

    These are simple and obvious truths.

    But, unfortunately, even now, in the 21st century, not everyone has grown up to them.

  42. One might answer that such a system does not correspond to human nature. But this answer doesn't explain anything.
    I'll give you a more specific, though less complete, answer. No matter what decision is made, there will always be someone who is not satisfied with this decision… And the society WILL HAVE to force this person to comply with this decision. And where there is coercion, there will be violence.

  43. Because we are people, no matter what ideology exists, no matter what faith 100% of the world's people profess,or refuse, nothing special would change, people will always find a reason for war even within one country, people will always remain selfish, no matter what others yell, we are all egoists and hypocrites to one degree or another,and therefore we will never see peace and unicorns, until the end of time.Just as there is no peace of mind among animals so there is no peace of mind among humans and there will never be any peace of mind among humans
    The only option for a fairy tale from the category of dystopia(peace, tranquility, butterflies everywhere)is chips in the heads that will control people's emotions, this is the only option that is really implemented in our time(although 10-15 years ago it was considered science fiction)but even here there will be fighters for freedom of thought and emotions ai… war again )


  45. It just so happens that man is an under-evolved being. And from this simple fact, such a picture is already emerging. In which the species, which for some reason in the course of evolution has not been rearranged in a different way before receiving intelligence, is forced to suffer from itself, and moreover, to perish from itself.

  46. Because humanity over-praises itself: humanity cannot create a system. It is created by the ONE who created man. But as they degrade, people begin to worship themselves instead of God, and instead of the Vedas, they create godless sciences. Such sciences are disconnected from the TRUTH (God) and therefore work only in part and eventually lead to failure.

    Only a monarchical Vedic system of self-government, led by strong leaders arranged in cascades and governed by a single king, can be fair under certain conditions. There can be no other fair systems, but only fantasies.

    Violence is sometimes necessary to stop or punish criminals, but this should be done not by anyone, but by a representative of the local self-government system or the tsar.

    I highly recommend you to study the “New civilizational concept” Enver Izmailov. A new look at successful management systems that were in different eras.

  47. Dimitri D. gave, if we talk about brevity, an exhaustive answer to this question. Such a political system contradicts the laws of Nature . It would stand in the way of the progress of human society.

    Here we must remember the saying of the inhabitants of the far North :

    “You shouldn't destroy the wolves. For they make the deer strong”

    Well, if you really want to have a visual confirmation of these considerations, it is useful to ask about current events in the United States. There, such a system began to be created back in the sixties of the last century.

  48. Because the political system exists for two purposes:

    1. Competition with other systems (i.e. war to varying degrees).

    2. Forcing members of the political system to work as efficiently as possible (i.e., to some extent-violence, because 100%+ of people do not want to spend extra effort to achieve other people's goals, but they themselves are looking for something simpler and better).

    A peaceful political system without violence is an oxymoron. It's like a refrigerator without cold.

  49. The nature of any “politics”, or political manifestation, is primarily the planting of Chaos, against those natural laws of nature, the direct influence of which is also subject to the inner nature of Man himself, which by its very nature, at all times, must remain unchanged. The nature of ” politics “is the nature of the” feminine principle “in which there is nothing”permanent”.

  50. For the ignorant, there are no such systems. For the educated, they are there. These are labor collectives of educated people. Intelligentsia and intellectuals. Workers of science.
    Do you want dumb monkeys to respect each other? This will never happen.

  51. This is an interesting question. But, in my opinion, there is a brilliant answer to this question. And he is.

    Peace and harmony will bring humanity its level of development, which corresponds to the level of WISDOM. The most important commandment of WISDOM says: DO NO HARM, NEITHER IN THOUGHT NOR IN DEED.

    Tell me, dear reader, when and where was the last time you heard anything about WISDOM? I'm afraid you haven't heard that word at all.

  52. Well, the ideal system, from the point of view of humanity, is a well-fed, carefree and fun life, with minimal effort, work and responsibility. Hence, it is a utopia, an idealized society, the closest relative is communism.

    But if we imagine that someone in the world has created such a utopia, it will probably serve as an example for someone, but it is also likely that someone will not like this society. Consequently, this system will need a state structure for self-defense, that is, an instrument of coercion.

    And once a state appeared, even if it was extremely liberal, nevertheless IT WILL force a part of the citizens to become policemen, soldiers, supply officers and let's go.

    Based on the premise that Moscow was not immediately built, as indeed all cities, structures, social or state structure, a one-time transition to utopia is not possible, hence, it is not possible to create a political system without violence and without confrontation.

  53. Because it's biologically impossible. This contradicts the very essence of man as a biological species.

    This requires forced programming of consciousness and a radical change in all basic human instincts. Even if you imagine such a thing, it will no longer be a homo sapiens human. Moreover, the population of such artificially created individuals will be absolutely non-business-friendly and will quickly die out.

  54. Politics is the struggle to gain, retain, and retain power. Power is the ability to impose your will on someone. Struggle is an activity aimed at overcoming or destroying something. I.e., a political system by definition does not exist without suppression and violence.

  55. The whole point, as always, is in the material conditions of life. Namely, in the permanent mismatch of available resources to urgent needs. Primitively speaking, bread is always relatively small, and mouths are relatively plentiful.

    How do we provide these mouths with this bread? There are only two options:

    1. Little by little, but equally.
    2. Differentiated distribution by formal and / or functional characteristics.

    The first option is not an option, because it leads to stagnation and deterioration of the situation (why, in fact, make a fuss, tear the veins, if all one will get your share?).

    Therefore, humanity stubbornly follows the second path, the path of inequality, choosing as a criterion for access to material goods belonging to a particular group (stratum) of the population (stratification). As a result, some strata received more (tribal nobility, service nobility, bourgeoisie). Others – less (slaves, peasants, proletariat). This is disgusting, but humanity has not yet invented anything else (although in the 20th century a completely new method of stratification was invented-Nazism-but for some reason almost no one liked this method).

    In order to maintain the stability of such inequality, violence is necessary. The instrument of this violence is the State, which legitimately suppresses some and protects others, ensuring unequal distribution. Any state is simply saturated with violence at all levels (there is always political, economic, and ideological violence), and violence inevitably seeps into everyday life.

    Under socialism, by the way, the same thing happens, other strata are simply suppressed.

    And so it will be until the productive forces of humanity provide everyone with the necessary (and even redundant) resources. When everyone has the opportunity to get everything they need at any time, there will no longer be a need for systemic violence, the state will die out (or at least change a lot for the better), and violence will be minimized as much as possible (although it will not disappear at all).

    Some call this state of society communism.

  56. Peace reigns-rather a delicate balance. It is impossible to co – exist peacefully-it is boring. And if you preach peace, love, friendship, care,humanity – they can crucify,kill.

  57. Because the majority of humanity has not yet emerged from the cave. And accordingly, it has a cave consciousness and a cave mentality. Something like that.

  58. Because only on a desert island did Robinson Crusoe have any problems because of other people. And so-a lot of problems that a person has, is caused by the behavior of other people. And since people have a lot of opinions, it is not always possible to resolve this in peace, someone has to be forced by force (even with the verdict of the court in the most maniapusic fantasies). So people were constantly trying to come up with exactly what they wanted and force each other to do a bunch of different things, ranging from religion to local norms.

  59. Needs are divided into the lowest (safety, food, clothing, shelter), and the highest (communication, respect, learning, work, creativity, helping others). If there are no higher needs, the satisfaction of the lower ones leads a person to degradation. And the state can only provide for the lowest needs, it (and the Communists) cannot influence the highest ones. Read the book “Mistakes of Marxism and millions of innocent victims”.

  60. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that ” individual governments are unlikely to address global problems such as poverty, hunger, disease, natural disasters, war, and other forms of violence.” It also notes: “Some believe that only by creating a world government can we move forward in solving these problems” (Britannica Academic). But even if all human governments were to merge into one, this new government would still be made up of imperfect people who were unable to deal with the problems listed above.

    What the Bible says: “He who walks cannot direct his steps” (Jeremiah 10: 23). Humans weren't created to rule other people. Therefore, they cannot cope with this task and cannot solve the world's problems.

  61. this is a technical solution everything else is speculation redneckness and stupidity in fact a reflection of modern values imposed by capitalists poor in mind

  62. It is impossible to create a State without violence simply because violence can only be countered by other violence. Only in a very small number of cases can violence be stopped by persuasion.

  63. For me, this is one of the most important arguments of faith in the kingdom of God. Because people are unable to organize themselves so that there is no evil, inequality, and the resulting problems.
    We must understand and come to the conclusion that without the Lord, we can only do evil and destroy. Our entire history is a testament to this.
    No, I'm not a fanatic, it's just logical and true for me. Unless there is a kingdom of God, unless we are ruled by incorruptible, just beings, we will not create or build anything. They are not capable, because they are depraved for the most part, Alas

  64. The fact is that the desire to dominate others is the force that drives a person and humanity, encouraging progress, both personal and social. So far, the only way to organize the division of labor is through exploitation based on the aforementioned principles. This drive also generates violence and conflicts at various levels. A double-edged sword. If an artificial way to create a world without violence in the current sense-violence will be considered insufficiently friendly look and just as it will be condemned. I think it is possible to genetically breed a subspecies of completely non-aggressive people, but someone will have to look after them like children, feed and water them, etc.

  65. The political system was initially built on rigid pragmatism.Or profit in acceptable ways, the person here is only a pawn in the game.This means that pawns are often sacrificed.But the trick is that everyone living in one way or another is included in this format.And now the meaning,the loss of at least one even a hundred is equivalent,and the world is only words!

  66. The Bolsheviks ' dream is to improve the world…

    It's still a dream. Did not take into account the idol,

    That everyone is free to live in their own little world,

    Where it is not “ours” that reigns, but “mine”.

    If we die, we will fall asleep and “wake up”again –

    Let's go back to pitch-black hell again.

    So it will last until then,

    Until the filth comes out of the souls.

  67. 1) Because good must be done with fists. This is the moral.

    2) Because a person is such a beast that he is well able to fight and exterminate his own kind. It's not even a society, it's already biology.

    3) Because the resources on the planet are limited, which means fighting for them one way or another. This is the economy.

    4) Because even if they (resources) are made unlimited, there will still be someone else who will want to divide them in their own way, i.e. in their own favor, and not otherwise than by force and coercion. These are the realities.

  68. Well, first of all, it has never created such a system, and secondly, it is impossible to create it, absolute peace is about the same heresy as building communism or the city of God of some kind.

    The absolutization of any idea is a purely abstract model, calculated from a certain logical ideal balance and conditionally-imaginatively ideally built and controlled. It is by the power of thought, or rather a sick imagination. Which is much easier than a real routine daily-long-term, not to mention reform management.

    Reality-even with any ideal approach – deals with the reconfiguration of a spontaneously developing system, and always at a far advanced stage. Which carries with it so much inertia and inevitability that the greatness of the thought of “great thinkers”, including the champions of universal peace and friendship, hoping or trying to really rebuild it completely on idealistic principles, automatically comes into question.

    In general, everything is like in the joke about mice, which a wise owl suggested that they should become hedgehogs so that no one could offend them. And how to become hedgehogs did not tell them, because she is too great a thinker to be sprayed on micromanagement))

    In short, all societies have grown either out of the conquest of some by others or out of the internal collapse of kinship and egalitarianism, due to spontaneous processes of population growth with limited resources and simply prolonged coexistence and generational change with a scale of complication of problems that constantly outstrips the growth of their solution potential.

    Moreover, they went through conquests and auto-collapses many times.

    Each time forgetting who subjugated whom and how, and coming up with a legendarized version that psychologically simplifies the coexistence of conquerors and conquered or elevated leaders and their management apparatus and demoted masses.

    At the same time, the population is growing all the time, and its support technologies are lagging behind and additionally push the team to external expansion and internal repression and proscription. Until recently, the profession of a thinker-inventor sitting on the fifth point did not exist as such (no practically significant discovery is ever made), knowledge and experience were accumulated spontaneously by chance, trial and error. And you have never caught up, much less overtaken your time in a practical application, this is impossible.

    As a rule, following idealistic concepts is a more and not less destructive way, the attempts of the same communists to seize power in practice (and use it to build their own model of society) led to a large-scale massacre, starting with the fact that whoever gave it to them just like that and ending with the need to impose discipline on the masses. And mostly the old “good” and not absent in nature idealistic methods. Moreover, there were no methods leading to communism, and the hypertrophied administration of everything and everything and the preservation of power in the hands of one's own elite is a deliberately inefficient management model, plus a deliberately inefficient system of personnel renewal that does not lead to anything good. For a while, they repeated to everyone that they kill, die and slow down in order for their descendants to live in communism, but everything has its own expiration date, even demagogy))

    And humanism in the form of a declaration of the desire to ensure security from violence to everyone is generally a recent discovery, not the fact that it is implemented in practice. But useful as an abstract goal. The main thing is that under it they do not make another revolution led by humanizers-peacemakers who know exactly who needs to be wetted so that everything becomes cool))

  69. Such a society is being created right now. This IS A CREATIVE SOCIETY.

    8 foundations of a Creative society — the foundation of human development.

    The first foundation is Human Security

    Human life is the highest value. Any Person's life should be protected as one's own. The goal of the society is to ensure and guarantee the value of each Person's life. There is and cannot be anything more valuable than a Person's life. If one Person is valuable, then all People are valuable!

    The second foundation is Human Freedom

    Every person has the right to be a Human Being by right of birth. All people are born free and equal. Everyone has the right to choose. There can be no one and nothing on Earth higher than a Person, his freedom and rights. The exercise of human rights and freedoms should not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

    The third pillar is Human Security

    No one and nothing in society has the right to create threats to Human life and freedom!

    Everyone is guaranteed free provision of basic vital needs, including food, housing, medical care, education and full social security.

    Scientific, industrial and technological activities of the company should be aimed exclusively at improving the quality of human life.

    Guaranteed economic stability: the absence of inflation and crises, stable and equal prices around the world, a single monetary unit, a fixed minimum taxation or no taxation at all.

    The safety of people and society from any threats is ensured by a single global emergency management service.

    The fourth pillar is Transparency and openness of information to all

    Everyone has the right to receive reliable information about the movement and distribution of public funds. Each Person has access to information about the status of implementation of the company's decisions.

    The media belongs exclusively to the public and reflects information truthfully, openly and honestly.

    The fifth foundation is Creative ideology

    Ideology should be aimed at popularizing the best human qualities and stopping everything that is directed against a Person. The main priority is the priority of humanity, high spiritual and moral aspirations of a Person, humanity, conscientiousness, mutual respect and strengthening friendship.

    Creating conditions for the development and upbringing of a Person with a capital letter, cultivating moral values in each person and society.

    Prohibition of propaganda of violence, censure and condemnation of any form of division, aggression, manifestation of anti-humanity.

    The sixth foundation is Personal Development

    Every person in a Creative society has the right to full development and self-realization.

    Education should be free and equally accessible to all. Creating conditions and expanding opportunities for People to realize their creative abilities and talents.

    The seventh foundation is Justice and equality

    All natural resources belong to Man and are fairly distributed among all people. Monopolization of resources and their irrational use are not allowed. These resources are fairly distributed among the inhabitants of the entire Earth.

    A person is guaranteed employment if they wish. Remuneration for an identical position, specialty, or profession should be the same all over the world.

    Everyone has the right to private property and income, but within the limits of the individual's capitalization established by society.

    The eighth foundation is Self-government of society

    The concept of “power” in a Creative society is absent, since the responsibility for society as a whole, its development, living conditions and harmonious order lies with each Person.

    Everyone has the right to participate in the management of the affairs of a Creative society and in the adoption of laws aimed at improving human life.

    Decisions on socially important, socially significant, and economic issues that affect changes in the quality of a person's life are submitted for public discussion and voting (referendum).

  70. It's all about human nature. In the genome of any person there are sections of past components from a virus, a worm, a trilobite to a pig and a monkey with Neanderthals. And all these parts, pieces by inertia, in addition to the person himself participate in the answer to questions: “What to do?”, ” Who to be?”, ” What to be?”, etc. And, in the end, ” Who is to blame?”.

    Therefore, when answering the question ” Who are you?” The entire gene dump listed above is involved in the human “I” response.

    Because of this, there is a common degeneration: “Let's transform a coherent and clear plan into a chaos of concrete actions!”.

  71. So that humanity can create a just society. we have a lot to learn,a lot to learn. It is necessary to learn the laws of Existence, which are written in the ordinary words of any language of peoples and tribes of mankind. To help humanity understand the WORD, we have been given the science of God's WORD, secular Understanding of the WORD.

    Without this, no way will it work. It can happen through great suffering and trials.

    The science of Understanding the WORD reconciles any human society.Teaches A Wise Life.

  72. In addition, I will only say that as a child I fell in love with the works of Leo Tolstoy, related to the reflection of society in conditions of both war and peace. I began to get acquainted with the life of Leo Tolstoy and his ideas and began to understand something in this World, where there are all sorts of wars going on.

  73. Dreams of Paradise are an eternal theme in all religions. But in real life, there is always a struggle and competition, which often leads to violence. We are living organisms and obey the laws of Nature. Of course, the Spirit can have a decisive influence in certain cases. However, it is still impossible to achieve a high level of spirituality all over the world. And the world is developing in different directions based on differences in cultures.

    Weakness and laziness, ignorance and selfishness are the main causes of conflicts at different levels of society and government life.

  74. Because man is a part of the animal world, and there they eat each other only on the road, and most often alive, without prior humane treatment. Why on earth should a person create something different from the natural state of affairs? As they say in the criminal environment, “we are wolves, and everyone else is sheep.”

  75. Such a political system of society can be created only after humanity gains the institution of Wisdom. The basic commandment of Wisdom is”Do no harm. Do not harm either in your deeds or in your thoughts.”

    I think that humanity has forgotten about the word WISDOM. And then there's WISDOM.

    Seek Wisdom lessons.

    Everyone will be better off if you think about it.That I was joking.

  76. Why? Yes, because there is no sufficient level of knowledge.

    I know for sure that as soon as humanity gains the institutions of Wisdom, it will immediately be possible to talk about the beginning of the era of harmony in human relationships.

    In the meantime,humanity has even forgotten the word WISDOM.

    The main commandment of Wisdom reads as follows:”DO NOT DO ANYTHING BAD, BOTH IN THOUGHT AND DEED.”

    Good Luck To All.

  77. The answer to your question is contained in the question itself, oddly enough.

    And the whole point is that any system presupposes a rigid hierarchy and discipline. Without this, this system cannot demonstrate any stability and efficiency, because in fact it will not be a system.

    Thus, as soon as a certain system appears in any cluster of living beings, hierarchy and discipline immediately appear. Even in a herd of cows, there is a hierarchy…

    So, these concepts involve forcing individual members of the group to perform certain roles and prohibiting others from performing the roles. This is violence by definition.

    Hierarchy, on the other hand, presupposes the predominant role of some beings over others. The role of a creature will always be determined by a set of necessary qualities and will always be challenged by other members of the group. Thus, the higher the role of a particular creature, the more people who want to get this role, and the more serious the struggle for this role is. Thus, the hierarchy system a priori lays down in the group at least an internal conflict over the distribution of roles within this group. There will never be any” in the world ” there.

    Now let's add the goals for creating such groups here. This will always be a joint resistance to external negative conditions and a joint expansion/increase of the food base. Thus, a conflict with other groups of individuals is inevitable, since the expansion of the food base of one group always leads to a reduction in such a base for another group…

    As a result, it was the creation of the very concept of the system structure of society for humanity that immediately healed violence and conflicts at all its levels in human society. By definition, there can be no society where such conflicts will not be created.

    There is a separate question about the anarchist system, but everything is not so smooth there with the theoretical part and with the fact in general, whether it can be considered a system as such.

    And so, yes: any system creates a war on all etatps-from the clash of interests of two individuals within the system to the clash of two systems with each other. War is not unreliable.

  78. Because humanity is heterogeneous, and is divided into social classes that have their own interests. Every political system can only represent a particular class, because you can't please everyone. The state itself is an apparatus of suppression. When the differences between classes are erased, the need for suppression will disappear and there will be a society more or less free from violence.

  79. The political system is, by definition, an instrument of coercion. You can't do without violence here. Marx's communism is a spherical horse in a vacuum.
    Both Leninism and Hitlerism grew out of it.

  80. Marx meant a primitive community when he wrote his diabolical postulates. A commune is possible and actually exists, but only in communities of no more than 30 individuals, and with a primitive social structure. They have no concept of ownership, and even raising children is a matter for the entire community. And the institute of family, often did not know. From whom the woman suffered, it is not so important. Raised the whole clan.

    On highly developed and large societies, this of course categorically does not work, and is even fatal.

    From the commune came the idea of equality, which is now destroying our civilization (at least in the West). We have gone through millennia of cultivation and developed an optimal, albeit complex system of values, and accordingly morality. At the very peak of our development, we again seized on the ideas of Marx, and actively destroy everything that hundreds of generations have created before us.

  81. I read responses and comments:

    communism is a utopia, capitalism is completely consistent with human nature. You repeat after the bourgeois propagandists the ravings of their masters.Socialism has shown its inadequacy.

    You need to think with your head.

    The nature of animals can be changed. And man is one of them.

    No one expresses such nonsense:

    “don't feed the dog as much as you can, but he's looking into the woods.

    – pets are best suited to the environment of wild animals-taiga.

    Yes, in the character of a person there are still atavisms from the pyatikanthrope, which is necessary for survival in the wild:

    – cruelty

    – greed

    – dominance (showing off, aggressiveness)

    – individualism

    These disgusting traits developed under the influence of the environment. If you change the environment and upbringing (as in the USSR), people and other animals change for the better. Not so fast.In bourgeois society, some dangerous traits of character are suppressed ,cruelty for example, others are weakened, greed to the point of commercialism.Dominance (showing off), individualism, on the contrary, are cultivated. It is necessary for someone to sell expensive cars, for example. A person is kept in the position of a monkey in a zoo: complete the exercise, get a delicious treat.Therefore, human nature does not change for the better.

    How do you imagine bourgeois society in the 22nd century?

    The land is owned by 10 oligarchs, a limited number of earthlings who serve their whims live with their permission.

  82. Because it's against the laws of Nature. But man is also a part of Nature, and politics is just a special case of the struggle for survival among homo sapiens. The so-called intraspecific struggle, or competition within a single species.
    Violence is one of the forms of this struggle, and often the main one. You can only give it up all together and at once, but this is impossible, because who will give up such an advantage in the struggle for power? Therefore, as long as man exists, as long as he has not evolved into another more social being, there will be violence and wars.

  83. Because all biology is based on three pillars:
    – nutrition
    Man is no exception and he does all this more subtly, so the whole history of mankind is a history of wars.
    It has always been so, and it will always be so.

  84. So, I propose to understand in order.words in the sentence, leaving the root unifying “why?”.During its(documented) existence, humanity has not created very many political systems in general,or rather not at all,if we classify them into several main types.Systems emerged in the presence of economic facts in the form of primarily commodity surpluses and social paradigms-religions.In all systems, there is a HIERARCHY. (God(s) in heaven-king(s) on earth and then descending in the form of their servants of different levels+CERTAINLY a power block,to protect against competing forces). systems and guarantees of inviolability of internal hierarchies of the system.Hierarchies control, to a greater or lesser extent, the production and distribution of surpluses.In general, all of them are based on economics and economic relations.So-called democracies do not abolish hierarchies and inequality of all before the “law”,although most of them confidently declare them.Control is always VIOLENCE.Any existing state is, first of all, an apparatus of violence and coercion under different sauces with different degrees of social consensus and hierarchical elevators. “Where would there be peace?”The world inside the system?outside?Ie about the world-superfluous.Theoretically, all the conditions listed by the author of the question are fully met by only one social economic formation-COMMUNISM. BUT .. communism is NOT a political system, since commodity production is at a level where there is no surplus, but there is the possibility of reproduction and distribution at any consensus level necessary for society.There are no national borders.The priority of society is the educational function.Punitive functions-no.There is no state hierarchy.That is, it is a different level of human existence.With a different energy,morality, ethics and possibly religion.This is what capitalism has become in its time,but it is not eternal and certainly it is waiting for transformation.One of the ways to COMMUNISM humanity has already found, lost and uses only its crumbs in the form of “socialisms”and ” guarantees”of all stripes at the level of national projects.But the leaders of HIERARCHIES tend to agree and turn towards GLOBALIZATION, while preserving all the preferences inherent in past “political systems”.By means of violence now on a planetary level.Thank you for your patience in reading this)

  85. because the state is an apparatus of violence. The whole question is who is over whom. In the Union the violence of the majority over the mensheviks, in capitalism the violence of the rich mensheviks over the okhlos. Read and watch German Gref. He speaks directly and accurately, without ambiguity

  86. The issue lies in socio-economic relations. The political system is just a governing body that stands above the economy. Roughly speaking, what basis (economy) is such a superstructure (politics).

  87. Man was not created to control his own kind ( people). According to the Bible, people have neither the ability nor the ability to fix things once and for all. “Man rules over man to his own detriment” (Ecclesiastes 8: 9)

  88. Because a person is an animal that lives in conditions where, due to lack of resources, there is a struggle for them, as a result of which the strongest survives. More precisely, the one who was able to get these resources in one way or another.

  89. Confucius is credited with saying that it is possible to make subjects live according to the principles of justice and goodness, but it is impossible to make them believe in these principles…

  90. Stupid question… there are laws of development of herd mammals… there are features of the development of primates… Read Dawkins… 20% good 20 % selfish 60% conformist traitors… so all the moral is for idiots … especially religious… Have you ever heard of subordination to authority…?.. go learn the matcha… stop talking……

  91. Violence cannot be avoided, but if it is justified, it is minimized. And there is a constant prevention, this is not only a mention of the criminal code, but also an emphasis on conscience, culture, and justice.

    The main thing is not cruel laws, but the INEVITABILITY of even relatively mild punishment. And with the inevitability, we are just completely bad. A police officer can be locked up for years for throwing a paper cup at his shoulder. And at the same time, for example, for stealing billions from Roscosmos, they can be scolded. How can there be any inevitability here?

  92. People for all the time of their existence had enough time, energy, and means to build a world of prosperity and happiness. And there were more than enough great thinkers who could come up with such a system and bring it to the ideal. And even repressive mechanisms are enough to isolate from society those who, because of their mental disability, would prevent other adequate people from living peacefully and happily. So why doesn't it work? Is there really not enough resources for everyone? There is more than enough, with a huge excess! If they are distributed evenly! And thieves, robbers, and swindlers wouldn't commit crimes for money. and there would be no wars over resources. And those who have more resources (well, they managed to achieve more with their extraordinary abilities) would be happy to share with others, since they themselves would still have enough to meet all their needs with interest! And sharing with others is also a joy for yourself! Would share, like all adequate. Or are they nuts? Yes, like normal! Don't the rich want to live without being hated by the less successful? Yes, and with a risk to health and life! I would like to, they are adequate people. BUT THEY CAN'T! What's stopping you? Passions, lusts and excessive desires! Greed and insatiability!

    And what prevents rapists and murderers from committing crimes? After all, they also risk their health, freedom and life!

    The reason is lust, hatred, greed, malice! But are these qualities inherent in a person from birth? No. Maybe their parents instill them from infancy, these bad qualities? Yes, it seems not! There are some freaks who beat one-year-olds, yell at three-year-olds, hiss at five-year-olds (why, by the way? The answer is ahead!) But there are few such idiotic parents, and many more inadequately evil adults grow up! even good-looking parents! So what is the reason why people can't agree on world peace, or even on peace in their own families? There is a reason, but atheists don't want to see it. And many believers do not think about it. This reason is demons, which aim to lead the maximum number of people, ideally ALL, away from God, who created people for love, creativity and prosperity. Take them away because they envy people and do not want to recognize people as creatures of higher dignity than spirits (angels and demons). And man was created by God as the crown of creation, uniting the spiritual (angelic) and material (animal) worlds. So the demons get mad, and they incite people against each other, instilling thoughts that a person takes for their own. And demons seduce people to EXCESSIVE satisfaction of physical and spiritual needs in order to prove to God the imperfection and unworthiness of people. And a person, if he does not understand this, is also happy to please himself in full, or rather beyond measure. So until a person understands and accepts the fact that people's relationships and thoughts are negatively affected by demons, there will be no welfare society. Well, let's say a person has realized this and is trying to overcome the influence of demons and finally bring order to the world. But then fear comes into play. Demons themselves can inspire fear, and through people directly subordinate to them (through a contract for the sale of souls for worldly power and money), other people are kept in subjection and fear. If you don't obey, they'll kill you by first bandaging you up. If you haven't turned to God for help.

    So there will be no prosperity on Earth until the Second Coming of Christ, the Resurrection of the dead, and the Last Judgment. And then it will be, but already on a new Earth, and not for everyone, but only for those who have proved by their lives that they really deserve to be the crown of creation, who were able to love God, love other people, resist evil and restrain themselves from excesses. And since it is impossible to restrain oneself, then repent of this and ask God for help, which He gives through the Sacraments of the Church. For such people, no evil is terrible and demons are powerless against them.

  93. Because we have moved away from a stable economic system. Economic growth and devaluation lead to the emergence and bankruptcy of households, and the pace of this process makes mutual deception profitable. A solid economic system can only be based on a closed cycle of one household, which excludes trade and politics, but leaves the strategic balance of power relevant. Thus, all politics is a tactical deviation from the strategic interests of society and it should be completely excluded. Therefore, it is impossible to create a perfect political system, just as it is impossible to create perfect dirt. Politics is a deviation from the correct scheme of human development, which is the tribal system. And now all political life is controlled by clans, that is, tribal families that retain all the priorities of their position. Proper development is aimed at creating such a situation in every family.

  94. There was such a political system 200 years before the birth of Marx. Know the story. Type: The Forgotten Socialism of Paraguay. A just society, according to Paraguayans, was founded on Christian values. And the country developed very rapidly until the money of the Rothschild family was used by three neighboring states to attack and destroy this sprout of socialism. Of the population of 1.3 million people, just over 200 thousand remained alive. 98% of men were simply cut out.

  95. Such a system exists. You were confused by the fact that you first tried to create an artificial ideology and on its basis suggested that money is evil. Everything is a lie, initially the theory was wrong, so it is not implemented in practice. So even socialism turned out to be a utopia.

    The U.S.S.R. was a large corporation, and instead of receiving income from enterprises and paying dividends, as is usually the case in joint-stock companies, they replaced everything with free education, housing, recreation, and medicine. If they gave out shares and paid dividends, then the common people would manage all the factories and factories through their shares. It is possible to create such communism even now, but the ideology of freebies, the habit of doing free things, prevents this from happening.

    The system of governance in the sectors of economy, democracy and ideology should be decentralized, at the level of delegating power to local authorities. The so-called freebie is born from the formation of the tax budget and creates the psychology of the king of virtue centrally distributing gifts to serfs. Therefore, the control system simply copied the old tsarist system of centralizing all the levers of control in one hand. Decentralization leads to the fact that, instead of taxes, it forces local authorities to organize the necessary economic activities for budget formation, through the work of state-owned enterprises that direct profits to budget programs. In other words, they do not collect common stock, as in prison, but launch their own state-owned factories and factories to cover the costs of budget programs. Each region has its own power, not subordinate to any center, and then you will have to take responsibility for your region and not wait for money to come from somewhere in the center. Only a single law and the judicial authority that monitors violations of laws is a bond to keep the state intact, so that the unity of the state system does not disintegrate. And here, instead of laws, the center of government is the Capital and the central government, which create conditions for the inability of local authorities to act.

    The central government monitors only the implementation of laws and secures judicial production activities. Representatives of the central government are located in the regions and form so-called offices that provide legal services to the population and monitor the implementation of laws of all branches of government in the regions. Thus, each region is actually subject to the unified laws of the state, but at the same time it is an independent union state in a single space of the integral Russian state. Such a system will allow the people to own resources and the entire economy as shareholders who vote with their shares for a particular activity in the country.

  96. Unfortunately, violence seems to be an integral part of human nature, and people will never create a political system in which there is no violence at all. This does not mean that violence should be welcomed. It is impossible to get rid of it, but it is possible and necessary to strive to reduce it.

  97. We live too little in a civilized state , and it is hardly possible to call today a civilized one-when natural slave labor , hunger and wars persist ….

    so this question is open-humanity will inevitably have to become something like a communist or disappear as pathetic mice in the garbage dump of ambitious humanity .

    Everyone, absolutely everyone, and everyone wants justice for themselves-and perhaps they will agree together on the rules of this justice ..

    The only problem is to follow these rules -and here there is a nuance -as soon as a person or group of people comes to the management level, a metamorphosis immediately occurs-these people (people ) consider themselves superior to others-worthy, etc. – and here the rights and principles of justice begin to be trampled upon…..

    The conclusion is to provide an educational base from elementary school on the laws and rules of a just society , to develop and correct the science of this process , to introduce control and other methods of ensuring the proper functioning of society based on the principles of justice .

    Voila !….

    now we actually live in the Stone Age-we look at fighting amusements, threaten each other with nuclear batons and mark the territory ))))))

  98. We had such a scheme a la communism in production. There is no boss, everyone helps each other, there are no scandals, there is no hostility…in short, everything is like Marx's. This unfortunate enterprise lasted exactly three months…because where there is no head, respectively, there are no hands, feet and other parts of the body. No-no..no one swore…we just didn't talk to each other. And in the pocket as a result, a hole…everyone has. Utopia…what to say. “The author of the response has restricted the number of people who can send comments.” I wonder why? It suggests that the author is a bit “lukewarm”

  99. The answer to this question is much simpler and shorter than all supporters of conspiracy theories, aliens, pyramids, cosmic energies, etc. think.
    And it consists in the parasitic human nature, in his laziness and excessive desire to live at the expense of other people's forces and resources, providing himself with unlimited comfort.
    This goal cannot be achieved without subterfuge, deception, conflict, violence, and murder on a single and massive scale. Strong, healthy and smart always wins over stupid, sick and weak.
    Otherwise, everyone will have to expend the same amount of energy to produce the same amount of useful result, which is not true in the part that not everyone is equally strong, smart and healthy. Then there will be equality and peace. But this is a utopia that contradicts evolution.

  100. The management system exists in words. But in fact, it is as far as the intelligence and moral stuffing of the people forming this system allow them to bypass these beautiful words and fulfill their animal needs (to row under themselves).

  101. What the hell are sofa comms writing in their responses here?The state is an apparatus of coercion!This is the foundation!A political system cannot exist without hierarchy, a hierarchy cannot exist without subordination,and subordination cannot exist without violence(physical or moral)Everything!Communism and Oligarchy are all one.

  102. The answer is very simple and one of the smart people has already voiced it: IN an IMPERFECT SOCIETY, THERE CAN BE NO PERFECT POLITICAL SYSTEM! all. No more words are needed. All other debates are transfusions from empty to empty, which are a confirmation of this idea.

  103. Natalia Bekhtereva, a world-class neurophysiologist, also said: “In the human population, there are always groups of people with so-called evil, aggressive tendencies.” But even without such tendencies, an individual of any species requires a certain degree of suppression, especially if it is a gregarious individual. Animal communities must have leaders and “enforcers” who direct and suppress all attempts that do not contribute to the survival of the group. Man is also, in a sense, an animal, and his instincts work similarly. What is not very convenient for individuals usually contributes to the prosperity of the species. And the Eden where the wolf kisses the lamb and the tiger plays with the human cub is the biggest myth invented by mankind. As long as there is life, there is and will be suppression. And no peace.

  104. It's not about the political system. It's about the person. Trite human vices.
    What causes wars-greed,greed,lust for power(glory), hatred, etc.

  105. Because humanity is people. Because people are different. Because many people want to eat and do nothing. And then read Engels, ” The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State.” At the same time, read about the theory of violence. It's in Anti-Duhring, I think. There were attempts to create it, but they got in the way. Thieves. A large one. Planetary.

  106. Because all forms of human existence were invented and carried out by men, and not in competition with female variants, but in the conditions of thousands of years of systematic discrediting of women by the “stronger sex”, a kind of one-sided war using physical superiority (as the main argument) and unsubstantiated mockery and devaluation (as the main method). Indeed, all religions and ideologies were invented by men and adapted to the inviolability of the principles of “who-who”. The only thing that has not yet happened in human history is the power of women. Not individual ones here and there, sometimes – but in general. For men, the state, and the planet as a whole, is an object of experimentation, competition, and competition with other leaders and states, and power is a means of domination and self – assertion. For women, the first is objects of arrangement in terms of order and comfort, the second is a means of control and stabilization. That is, the female mentality should become dominant and determine the paradigm of the further movement of humanity. The basis of this paradigm (in short) will be the primacy of the interests of humanity and life in general over state, religious, national and private interests through the replacement of competitive societies with cooperative societies. Fortunately, only the “superhuman idea” will translate a person, and the previous ones were all anthropocentric.

  107. Ordinary people will never, under any circumstances, be allowed access to power itself.

    Because it is not humanity that creates political systems.

  108. because there is both good and evil, and one is impossible without the other. as soon as one begins to prevail, the other begins to grow in order to come to balance. they keep each other moving. they are two sides of the same coin called life. yin and yang. trying to separate one from the other is a bad idea. for every utopian, there is a different dystopian. the idea of utopia is just as likely to fail as dystopia.

  109. Kostya, read again ” Three sources. three components of Marxism ” by Vladimir Ilyich and get rid of the hodgepodge of concepts and terms, the definitions of which sometimes invent themselves. Communism is the goal, and socialism is just a transitional period. The forms of this period are diverse. An example of this is the difference between the socialisms of China and Sweden. The socialisms of Stalin and Roosevelt (see his second Bill of Rights). Yes, and read the clever Engels again… in terms of his theory of violence. The question itself is stupid, because it does not take into account the most important thing – a person in all his diversity.

  110. And it will not create, because everyone must prove their right under the sun and there is no other way!!! All communisms and other isms are from the lousy evil one!!!

  111. There is such a system – Socialism! But external threats force the system to “push harder”, “turn on protection” with elements of violence in favor of the existence, sovereignty and equal rights of the peoples of all countries!

  112. Why doesn't it exist ? The Mormon communities in America or kibbutzim in Israel are very much there. Not only is there no theft, but even the Israeli authorities send criminals for re-education. The author, you are lying. Another question. and who benefits from it ?

  113. So we are a kind of monkey. And we are of different species and with different habits and habits. We can't be controlled by gingerbread alone. But if you use whips and cages, then there will be an order.

  114. The instinct of inter-population selection.

    At the dawn of evolution, there were beings who were not yet able to claim to be intelligent. What motivated them? Instincts hardwired into the genes.

    It's been a long time, and we've come to the point where we can claim to be intelligent. But what happened to the genetic programs of the instincts?

    Do you think they disappeared? This is possible only if all carriers of the strongest genetic propensity for instinctive behavior systematically die out. But no, they just have the most significant reproductive success. Society can despise people with unprincipled animal behavior as much as it likes, but they don't really care. They simply multiply while intellectuals criticize them.

    Do you think that a person can simply recognize the pressure of instincts and resist them? Do you still think that the instinct will, figuratively speaking, wave a red flag in front of you with the inscription “I am your instinct and I urge you to do this and that” and wait for you to decide what to do? No. Instincts are designed to work quickly and unconditionally, to ensure survival and reproductive success in difficult situations without delay.

    If there is no war between States, the instinct of inter-population selection will find its food elsewhere. Any distinction between people will be used, starting with the phrase “what neighborhood are you from” and ending with aggressive forms of struggle for “social justice” like radical feminism.

  115. Because man has ceased to be a beast, and the angel exam has not yet passed. However, there are some biological prerequisites and opportunities for relatively peaceful coexistence of Homo Sapiens individuals. Nature at the genetic level has laid down in the human individual (as in all relatively developed living organisms) the need to try to surpass other individuals in something. In this form, the selection of the best ones for further reproduction of the species is expressed. It's the same for all animals and birds. However, flocks, herds, and herds of animals and birds have mechanisms that prevent unnecessary victims from competing and killing individuals of a high hierarchy (for example, K. Lorenz describes this in jackdaws). Humans, as a species, also have such psychological mechanisms-they have well-known names: humanity – a negative attitude to cruelty, justice – a rejection of too uneven distribution of benefits and troubles, mutual assistance – a desire to help members of the species who are in trouble, and there are others.

    The beast behaves in accordance with the influence of these mechanisms, but man is not a beast, he has learned to blunt and block the actions of these internal brakes. The strongest block known from the history of mankind is the consciousness of the exclusivity of oneself, one's social group, one's nationality, one's nation, and the idea of other people as lower-level creatures (almost animals). Examples do not need to go far: the Spanish conquistadors in South America, the colonial administrations of all European countries, national socialism in Germany, the dictatorship of the proletariat and the forced elimination of exploiters in the USSR, the Japanese terror in China, etc. Of course, the primary motive for such actions was the selfish interests of certain power groups, which introduced ideas of exclusivity into the consciousness of peoples, nations (this is most easily done on a national basis), or social strata, and then used the masses of people who were ready for violence and cruelty. Whether humanity has grown up to effectively control such actions is still unclear.

  116. Because the absence of violence and peace is stagnation, which makes the political system unviable. The story is driven by aggression. The slogan “guys, let's live together!” is the slogan of suckers who primarily die in the process of natural selection.

    I'm really sorry: ~(

  117. Because humanity is only at the beginning of its journey. To create such a system, you must first study the brain – why some people have such abilities and behavioral responses, and others others. Humanity (except for the USSR) has never set such a task to its leaders, leaders have never started to solve such a task. But such tasks are not solved by themselves.
    This is not possible in the primitive system.
    In the feudal system, this is impossible.
    This is impossible in the capitalist system.
    In the socialist system, this is possible.
    In the communist system, this is possible.

  118. Such a system could be ours, the Soviet one, if it managed to raise every child into an ideal builder of communism. Unfortunately, man did not descend from Marx, but from the ape, and this is incorrigible. As long as there is a person, there will be deception and violence.

  119. And why should humanity create such a society? Because someone wanted it? Development takes place according to the laws of nature (or God, to whom as). The man began to exalt himself and evaluate not by size. Therefore, violence.

  120. Because this is a problem of human biology and not politics, the same as fighting drunkenness in the country through prohibition. The reason is that we are descended from chimpanzee-like primates, and these are the bad guys. At most, without a global restructuring of human biology or the foundations of thinking, modern Europe (Scandinavia)will turn out as the pinnacle of humanism, then old customs such as family, different peoples, religion, ideology, prestige, simply will not allow society to grow, technically possible, but morally not. Why a billionaire buys a gold toilet instead of looking for a cure for cancer, because prestige outweighs reason.

  121. Well, why not. Created it. The USSR and its more perfect incarnation – modern Russia. That is why many people would like to destroy us, that we are not just an object of envy for everyone, but a guiding star – you can strive, but you can not achieve.

  122. ). However, such sciences really exist (earned) only about … 300 years. The “science” of the Pythagoreans (founded primarily on mathematics-physics, first realized it yet natural Sciences) can be created only by the laws of the intelligent society“Smart” political system (it is better to tellthe story and even the economy (remember our notorious “Higher school of Economics”) is a pseudoscience (based on LIES, deception, etcThus, humanity has not yet matured to build a reasonable society. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, we are waiting for bloody wars – and this is the maximum that the current leaders of the key (“strongest”)leaders are capable of states on our planet. Most likely, our civilization is doomed to banal self-destruction.

  123. And you think that political systems are created by humanity. The question is not posed correctly. Humanity it does not create anything, it participates in the experiment of Heavenly patrons who control this humanity.. “God has no hands but ours.” That's where you need to start from. And draw conclusions…

  124. Recently ,it seems to me more and more that humanity, that is, we are about 250-300 years old. And before us, there were other creatures,big and small, underground and with wings, such as those painted in frescoes and old sculptures.there was probably a righteous life without oppression and wars. But they left the planet once. And in return,we, humanity, have come.from the low world to become a better person. But, something went wrong…

  125. If you look at the behavior of nature, isn't there chaos and violence?

    Similarly, a person in an individual plan and in society is often not predictable in his actions, despite his mind. We are nature and that's it.

  126. Yes, there were such systems, but they were quickly destroyed by more aggressive systems!

    And the whole history of mankind says that only systems that could protect themselves survived!

  127. Each community is organized according to the members of that community. What is the moral character of people-this will be their association. So there is nothing surprising about the political systems they have created.

  128. The actions of ethically flawed people have always contributed to the distortion and even complete perversion of the postulates of any doctrines, even to the opposite. After all, one of the main thoughts of people of vice is the desire to subjugate others, to enslave them.
    Many bright minds in the history of mankind have sought to create models of society that can be combined under the single term communism. But real attempts to approach this ideal did not always have a positive effect, as we observed, for example, in the USSR.
    Different people have different ideas about perfection.
    For some, perfection means becoming rich, and when they reach a certain level, they think they have achieved everything in life.
    There is the morality of primitive people and objective ethics in the understanding of God.
    The principles of the first are as follows:
    1. Being beaten or killed is bad! I hit or kill-it's good!
    2. I was robbed — it's bad! I robbed (robbed) – it's good!
    3. They make me feel good — it's good! They stopped making me feel good — this is bad, now I hate him (her, them) for this and will take revenge!
    4. Everyone (or almost everyone) around me — us) is the enemy! I fear and hate them all!
    Please note that all these and other principles of such primitives are united by one deep reason — egocentrism, that is, self-love, wanting from others — including to the detriment of them) – for themselves.
    This “moral character” is characteristic of many representatives of low levels of intellectual development. It leads them to evolutionary degradation. And-such people, as Evolution shows-the majority.
    It is important to note the huge role of correct or incorrect moral education from childhood — in instilling certain moral principles in the masses of people. And this is important not only for children, but also for adults: adults are defined by the age of their bodies, not their souls. After all, people of low levels of intellectual development are not yet able to choose their own life credos as children. They form their moral beliefs on the basis of imitation or submission to authorities. But the latter often turn out to be just highly energetic primitives…
    From childhood, children need to lay down the “formulas of life” left by the sages and Messiahs: the teacher should kindly but firmly stop all manifestations of vicious tendencies, such as aggressiveness, a tendency to appropriate other people's things, even the most trivial ones. Children remember well, for example, such formulas: “Jesus Christ taught that you can not do to another what you do not want yourself!“, or ” Anyone who takes someone else's property without permission is called a thief. And a thief is a very bad person!”
    From an ideal point of view, the basis of social harmony should be not the structure of the economy and the way of distribution of material goods, but the psychological state of the members of society. Namely, there should be sincere goodwill of people in their relations with each other and no conflict.

    When analyzing situations in which a particular person manifests himself, it is necessary to take into account that the outcome of the situation is influenced, among other things, by the Divine Will.

    But many people — whether out of their own stupidity, or being fooled by false religious doctrines-either ignore the Care of their Creator, or pray to Him for the wrong thing to pray for.

    For example, God plants demons in many politicians, releasing them into the arena of public and political life…

    But then, it is precisely in the struggle with such people that others — true heroes who go through this struggle to Perfection — perfect their virtues! How would they improve if there were no weak-minded bosses and other evil spirits incarnate in the society?

    ..I would like true knowledge about the development of the soul to be actively introduced into the mentality of the masses!

    After all, each person would then have a much better chance of personal rapprochement with our common Creator, and the levels of morbidity, crime, and other human misfortunes would decrease very significantly!

    And God would then create more favorable conditions for the life of those peoples who have adopted the desired way of existence and development.

    After all, it was He who sent us to grow and develop on Earth! And that is why He is most interested in ensuring that in human communities everything goes according to His Plan, according to the laws and rules prescribed by Him, so that humanity brings Him the fruits of the positive evolution of consciousnesses that He expects.

    When the people do not have true philosophical and religious knowledge, do not understand why we are here on Earth, and how we should live here-no matter how many times the state power and the state system change, there will still be no good!

    The root of all the problems of Russia is the lack of understanding of the meaning of people's lives (it consists in improving the soul, and not its degradation in the material accumulation of earthly “goods”).

    Many bright minds in the history of mankind have sought to create models of society that can be combined under the single term communism. But real attempts to approach this ideal did not always have a positive effect, as we observed, for example, in the USSR.
    From our point of view, the basis of social harmony should be not the structure of the economy and the way of distribution of material goods, but the psychological state of the members of society. Namely, there should be sincere goodwill of people in their relations with each other and no conflict.
    It is impossible to introduce Democratic principles into the environment of degenerates and primitives.
    The majority of the Russian people profess drunkenness and fascism.
    Only by” cultivating ” the people over several decades of wise and strict (!) rule would it be possible to transfer democracy to such a people.
    If we continue to indulge the dominant mass form in our country-with its evil, aggressive, loveless and psychopathological mentality, with its lack of understanding of spiritual self-improvement — then no other positive state reforms will help prevent further rotting and rotting of souls on the territory of our country.

    It is necessary to cultivate the spiritual and moral principles of humanism.

    It is mature souls who begin to think about the purpose of their life from a young age and seek True Freedom! The Path to Light!

      • *

    No denomination can give a reasonable explanation of why we are on Earth and what we need to do here.
    And this just plunges people into the abyss of despair, leading to drug addiction, suicide, crime…
    And only then will it be possible to intelligently explain to both children and everyone what the meaning of our lives is, how to make our lives creative, joyful, happy — and giving the highest fruits for ourselves and for other people.

    In this Universal Multidimensional Superorganism, everything is interconnected, controlled, and nothing “random” happens.

      • *

    Perfection of the soul is the goal of all incarnations on Earth!
    So that we can improve in these earthly conditions — and then return to the Creator in a new — improved — quality.
    But how few people understand it!

    Russian reality is characterized by a lack of understanding of the meaning of people's lives. People cannot clearly explain why we live here and what we should do here-from a philosophical point of view. And that is why spiritualized people, including children, massively and irrevocably plunge into the aimlessness of being, which turns into a normal, habitual way of life for them.
    It is very important what exactly children listen to and read, and who they take an example from. After all, it is largely on the examples of idols that children form ideas about what they would like to become, what to achieve, what to learn.

    Moreover, it is very important which books children listen to and then read. After all, it is largely based on the examples of heroes from fairy tales and stories that children form ideas about what they would like to become, what to achieve, what to learn.

    It is necessary to see that the majority of modern children are characterized by total egocentrism instilled in them!

    Competitiveness, cultivated since childhood, is transferred to all spheres, growing selfishness.

    And now in our country (and not only in it), masses of children are learning — through computer games-on the contrary, violence and cruelty… This is how adult “educators” program bad destinies for children…

    But now, the child is growing up… And here, proper education will include a gradual weaning from egocentric dominants. And getting used to caring for others…

  129. The dominance of idiots begins in kindergarten.Normal children see that those children who rob toys and try in every possible way to prevent calmly playing children, no one punishes and they get away with everything. It remains to accept the dominance of mentally unbalanced peers. This is how the division into users and beneficiaries occurs.

  130. Oddly enough, many obvious things are completely invisible to most people .And why? And this is obvious ,so the obvious does not suit this very majority ,and I simply do not want to admit this most obvious ,because it is painful and unpleasant .All psychologists, political scientists, politicians, merchants and just (well, not necessarily wise) people who are able not only to analyze other people's actions, but also to treat themselves honestly, analyze unpleasant things about themselves and about themselves .These people know that most people not only don't hear what they don't like or like ,but they don't even see it .And for this reason they do not analyze, do not recognize, do not consider .

    It is quite obvious that Humanity did not create a world without a noose and an axe ,without fraud and manipulation ,for one simple reason-It is not capable . The reasons why are another matter. But this is also obvious . If most people consider themselves intelligent, so to speak Homo Sapiens, then the question arises-Why ?! Well, after all, Homo is reasonable ?! This is exactly what most people prefer not to notice .Humanity is NOT intelligent, and lives and acts within the framework of Instincts, genetic programs and imperatives . If you are not personally driven by your instincts, then you are lying to yourself and people .I don't care about people ,why lie to yourself ? We are all apes who imagine that because we are the dominant species, we must be intelligent and sound proud . And this is not so ,there are no facts confirming the reasonableness of flocks and herds . Yes, individuals may be intelligent ,but a herd never is .And the example of human life in wars is a direct and obvious confirmation of this .However, many will exclaim about Evolution and Development .And this is also obvious stupidity .No matter how pundits explain the development of Society ,from the tribal level ,to progressive slave-owning ,socialist ,democratic, etc. In reality, we were ruled by Families and Clans ,and still are .You can call any modern social form of society progressive, democratic, advanced, and humane…..But the fact that we are ruled by families and clans belies all scientific terms and definitions of progress .We were in the tribal administration and still are .And although this is obvious(there is not a single state and international institution that is not headed by people from Families and Clans ,and even Blacks like Obama and Kofi Annan are connected by family relations with the ruling elites), most prefer not to notice this . And this is also biology and instincts, and not at all intelligent activity . But this is already sociology-politics-trade and somewhat leads away from the question asked-Why . But as I said before-because it is not capable .And without any hopes and prospects .If for tens of thousands of years, reasonable management has not happened …then there is no reason to believe that this will happen in the future .No,no, you can certainly believe, as in Paradise or Communism, in Plato's management of philosophers, and even in Humanism and the self-organization of Matter .It's a personal matter .But there is no SCIENTIFIC evidence to support these beliefs.

  131. This is a utopia for people. A person can not see and know the situation so as to choose the right decision, often emotions rule decisions, and this is unacceptable. I read in one magazine that
    a world without wars is possible only in one case, if humanity fulfills the law “do not kill”.

  132. The answer to this question is given in the movie series “Outpost”.It is a species of Ratoids that was sent to the planet Terra 240 thousand years ago(Cro-Magnens) in order to create biological weapons for capturing alien Worlds and now there are more than 7 billion samples of this terrible weapon on the planet.

  133. Because there is such a type of drug addiction-the addiction of power.

    This is when a person in power (of any ideology) is possessed by the demon of imposing his rightness on everyone through a single state legislation, when the majority decides for everyone (majority dictatorship) or the minority decides for everyone (minority dictatorship).

    And I developed a different concept, in which any ideology is reduced to the position of a commodity in the bazaar, like apples or toilet paper.

    The Constitution of communal life.

    History of the issue.

    What does the state want from people?

    1. So that they don't cheat on the state with another state.

    2. So that they don't rebel.

    3. To pay taxes.

    4. So that they don't ask for money or help.

    5. To serve in the army.

    Such state aspirations are called social stability.

    What do people want?

    1. Stable operation

    2. sufficient salary,

    3. opportunity to get a higher education

    4. and give it to your children.

    5. Everyone wants to have their own home,

    6. and he wants his children to have their own home.

    7. Everyone wants to own a property,

    8. and guarantees that this property will not be taken away.

    9. the opportunity to live according to your own ideology, without obeying someone else's ideology expressed in a single state law, which is one for all.

    10. So that the juvenile justice system does not take away their children.

    At the same time, people believe that


    – this is an administrative and security structure that controls a certain territory

    and the law

    – this is a product of the ideology of the ruling group.

    Such aspirations of people are called life improvement.

    Ideological division in Russian society.

    The population of Russia is ideologically divided on 36 controversial issues (good material for those who like to start civil wars).

    Each question has a threefold attitude: for, against, and equally.

    1. Nationalism or Internationalism.

    1. Attitude to the entry of nationality in the passport (for, against, equally).

    3. Believers or atheists.

    4. Attitude to the introduction

    a) The Law of God for the children of believers (each religion has its own version) and the Basics of Atheism for the children of atheists

    b) to separate schools,

    c) to preserve the current type of school.

    5. Number of wives (one, more than one, none).

    6. Wedding or registration at the registry office:

    a) only the Civil Registry Office

    b) only the wedding

    c) Civil Registry office and wedding

    d) Wedding and Civil Registry office

    1. Political regime.

    2. Form of government.

    3. Administrative and territorial structure.

    4. Attitude to the entry of the term “subject” in the passport instead of the term “citizen” for those who wish (for, against, equally).

    5. Attitude to restitution (for, against, equally).

    6. Business mode (planned-branch economy, market economy, or some hybrid).

    7. Land ownership formula

    a) possession, use, transfer by inheritance

    b) perpetual inherited lease of state land

    c) possession, use, disposal.

    1. A single progressive income tax or a flat scale and indirect tax system.

    2. Attitude to the abolition of inheritance taxes (for, against, equally).

    3. Attitude to the total transfer of all paid services from a public hospital to commercial ones (for, against, equally).

    4. Attitude to the total transfer of all paid services from public schools to commercial ones (for, against, equally).

    5. Attitude to vaccinations (for, against, equally).

    6. Attitude to alcohol (for, against, equally).

    7. Attitude to a dog without a muzzle (for, against, equally).

    8. Attitude to the distribution of firearms to citizens for individual self-defense (for, against, equally).

    9. Pacifism or militarism.

    10. Conscripted army, voluntary or contract.

    11. Attitude to the death penalty (for, against, equally).

    12. Attitude to euthanasia (for, against, equally).

    13. Attitude to disconnecting an incurable patient from life support equipment by a court decision (for, against, equally).

    14. Attitude to abortion (for, against, and equally).

    15. Attitude to juvenile justice (for, against, equally).

    16. Attitude to the separation of aggressive and smoking schoolchildren from peaceful and non-smoking students (for, against, equally).

    17. Attitude to the division of schools into

    a) male and female.

    b) schools that divide classes into men's and women's classes

    c) maintaining the existing school type

    1. Infrastructure separation of smokers from non-smokers – at school, housing, work, public transport (pros, cons, equally).

    2. Attitude to the separate settlement of citizens who have been in places of deprivation of liberty and free citizens who have not been in places of deprivation of liberty (for, against, equally).

    3. Relation to housing constructed according to the rule of a separate function for each room (for, against, equally).

    4. Attitude to housing built from sound-proofing materials (pros, cons, equally).

    35. Who do children stay with after a divorce?:

    a) with dad

    b) with your mother

    c) son to dad, daughter to mom.

    36. Pension regulation

    a) cancel pensions

    b) leave it as it is

    c) pension contributions of working children go to the pension accounts of their parents (no one is obliged to unfasten their money for the maintenance of someone else's body).

    For the childfree, childless and infertile – a funded system

    Potential threat.

    If there are acute problems in the state, a lot of dissatisfied people, tension in relations with the outside world – malicious individuals or structures can make a civil war out of all this.

    Article 1. About truths.

    1. Any truth is a commodity in the market of ideas and nothing more.

    2. The bearer of one truth cannot impose his own truth on the bearer of another truth.

    3. Meat eater – meat.

    4. Veggies – vegetables.

    5. There is nothing more despicable than any truth forced upon someone by force.

    6. Your truth is the truth only for you.

    7. For others, your truth is just another point of view that needs to be confirmed by presenting verifiable evidence.

    8. Depriving people of their choice by creating one scheme for all is ideological rape.

    Article 2. Status of the community.

    A community is a voluntary compact settlement of people who share common views on at least 34 controversial issues.

    Article 3. Equality of communities.

    All communities are equal before the state in paying taxes to the state and sending conscripts to the national army.

    Article 4. Definition of the company.

    1. Society-consists of communities that are equal to the state in paying state taxes with state money to the national budget and sending conscripts to the national army, as well as residents of the territory of national law living under the laws of national law.

    Article 5. Permitted methods of self-defense against the imposition of truth by force.

    1. If you are forced to accept any truth by force, pretend.

    2. As soon as there is no need to pretend , discard the imposed truth like soiled toilet paper.

    3. All the material values that you have acquired, being forced to be among the carriers of the truth imposed on you – keep it for yourself, this is compensation for moral damage.

    Article 6. Location of ideological settlements.

    1. Ideological settlements cannot have access to the state border.

    2. Each ideological settlement is surrounded by state – owned land.

    3. In each province, no more than 30 percent of the free land outside the cities is allocated for ideological settlements.

    4. Each province should have different ideological settlements.

    Article 7. Community infrastructure.

    Each such settlement may have its own


    hospital card,


    technical school,

    Vocational schools,









    political terminology,

    form of government,

    political regime,

    administrative and territorial structure,

    management method,

    tax system


    Article 8. Free choice between the community and the state.

    Citizens (or subjects) can choose whether to live in a communal settlement or on the territory of national law.

    Article 9. Land allocation for the community.

    1. It has the status of a closed administrative division.

    2. The entrance to the community is closed to outsiders and therefore there is a high solid fence around the settlement with a guarded entrance and exit.

    Article 10. Community store.

    1. A community can have its own store that is focused on serving that community.

    2. A contract is drawn up under which members of the community buy goods only in the community store.

    3. In turn, the owner of a community store spends a certain percentage of the store's profit within the community.

    4. The amount of interest is determined by the agreement of the interested parties.

    Article 11. Taxes and the community budget.

    1. Community members have the right to establish intra-community taxes.

    2. Community taxes are established at a general meeting of adult community members, by common consent.

    3. Community taxes are spent on creating an intra-community system of education, medicine, and pensions.

    4. Each community member receives a detailed report on the expenditure of collected taxes four times a year.

    5. Each community member who pays a community tax has the right to indicate which item of the community budget his funds should be allocated to.

    Article 12. Correction of the community budget.

    1. In order to avoid a situation where some budget items are underfunded and others are overfunded, community members can make adjustments to the community budget.

    2. At the meeting of community members, expenditure items of the budget are read out.

    3. This is the amount required for annual uninterrupted planned financing of a specific expenditure item.

    4. This is the amount budgeted for this particular item.

    5. If the amount exceeds the planned amount of the expense, the over-planned amount is transferred to other underfunded budget items.

    6. After that, the planned budget adjustment is discussed.

    7. If the correction plan is not met with irremediable objections, the budget is considered accepted.

    Article 13. Property of community members.

    1. Community members, both collectively and individually, can create commodity production and processing capacities.

    Article 14. Community – based features of employment.

    1. Working places in the community are distributed only among community members.

    Article 15. Community authorities.

    1. All issues in the community are resolved only by a gathering of community members, if the rules for establishing a community do not prohibit it.

    Article 16. Intra-community money.

    1. The community has the right to make its own money for internal payments in the community.

    Article 17. Tax relations between the community and the State.

    1. The community member or community (depending on the procedure adopted in the community) pays the state taxes established by law – state money.

    Article 18. Financial rights of the community.

    Community members can introduce the community's internal currency as a means of settlement and self-financing independent of the outside world.

    Article 19. Obligations.

    1. Each community member can assume as many obligations as he can fulfill, if the rules for establishing a community do not prohibit it.

    2. Obligations are not limited to the budget, but to the trade balance, if the rules for establishing a community do not prohibit it.

    3. The community member is independently responsible for the obligations assumed, if the rules for establishing a community do not prohibit it.

    4. The community is not liable for the obligations of the community member if the rules for establishing a community do not prohibit it.

    Article 20. Subject of supreme power.

    1. Those of the ideological settlements that, due to their demography, will make up more than half of the state's population will receive supreme power in the state.

    2. As long as none of the settlements has become a demographic majority, the existing power remains.

    Article 21. Punishment for instigators of revolutions, uprisings, riots, rebellions, and civil wars.

    1. The death penalty.

    Expected result.

    No one will be able to call for revolutions, uprisings, riots, riots and civil wars, because everyone has the opportunity to live according to their own scheme.

  134. Because violence and war are human nature. Unfortunately, people have always preferred the competition of strength to the competition of the mind. As long as people don't change or come to the brink of extinction, and they don't stop biting each other's throats, any political system in such a society inevitably leads to violence in one sense or another

  135. Many bright minds in the history of mankind have sought to create models of society that can be combined under a single term. But real attempts to approach this ideal have not always had a positive effect, which is what we are seeing.

    A-it is the basis of social harmony that should be not the structure of the economy and the way of distribution of material goods, but the psychological state of the members of society. Namely, there must be a sincere goodwill of people in their relations with each other.

    The highest priority should be given to the ethical values that have been proposed by great thinkers as the foundations of morality.

    It is impossible to introduce Democratic principles into the environment of degenerates and primitives.

    Democracy is the power of the people. But in order to exercise a reasonable government, the mentality of this people must be true morality. The majority of the Russian people profess drunkenness and fascism.

    Only by” cultivating ” the people over several decades of wise and strict (!) rule would it be possible to transfer democracy to such a people.

    If we continue to indulge the dominant mass form in our country-with its evil, aggressive, loveless and psychopathological mentality, with its lack of understanding of religion-then no other positive state reforms will help prevent further rotting and rotting of souls on the territory of our country.


    It is necessary to cultivate the spiritual and moral principles of humanism.

    Why is it that in the” calm “countries of the” East ” affability, cordiality, unselfishness, and hospitality are characteristic national features — unlike in Russia, where this is now almost not found? Reason… In those countries, this is exactly how many generations of people were raised.
    And why, then, is the mass mentality in those countries incomparably superior to the Russian one? The reason is that many generations of the population of those countries were brought up (and brought up!) based on the high (though not the highest) spiritual and moral principles of humanism.

    And in Russia, the “popular masses ” have been brought up almost indefinitely on the ideas of aggressive intolerance and fear, as well as in drunkenness.

    Spiritual culture on Earth is close to disintegration.

  136. Any system today is based on fear, and when people understand this, it will be the greatest day of humanity, because they will be able to create a healthy system based on trust. But this is possible only in a society with the right upbringing, where the child is initially explained that competition is a path to degradation, because it causes fear of being worse than others, etc.

  137. Because the masses are always ruled by individuals. And they build a system of power for themselves personally. “The people”, “democracy”, “elections”are just fairy tales for the inspired people, who always serve as just a tool and then never get anything.

  138. it's all about our cosmic genes DNA, EVERY person has a war a massacre this is from our distant ancestors from space we all got it from this everything is simple-do not wake up famously yet quietly do not need to tempt fate go to nirvana

  139. Such a system without politics existed until about 110,000 years ago. And it was a state administration.

    The primary source of our knowledge about sovereign rule is the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. According to them, there are two systems of social organization of people's lives: the State and the state. In the past (and not so far away), the Rus and Aryans lived in Derzhav. The organization of people's life in the State provided for harmony with Nature, because it was based not on the interests of specific people (sovereigns, their officials and other consumers), but on Tradition, the Commandments of the Bright Gods and Great Ancestors, and the Conscience of people.

  140. Contradictions in society have been and will continue to be, because they are factors of its development. The most important contradiction in the development of human society is the contradiction between the need for a person to satisfy his individual needs (food, thirst, sleep, libido, communication with other people, etc.) and the need to live in a society in harmony with other people in order to preserve himself as homo sapiens. The first gives rise to egoism and individualism (personal, group, national), the second requires humane relations of people to each other in order to preserve society and thus themselves. This contradiction is harmonized if the latter dominates the former. However, even understanding this does not mean following it. We also need the will, appropriate upbringing, historical experience, and social status. Therefore, individualism wins for some people, and collectivism wins for others. At the initial stage of human history, especially with the appearance of a surplus product, individualism wins. Man has not yet raised his mind above his egoistic feelings. Naturally formed: slave-owning, feudal and capitalist societies. But already in the depths of these societies, there are more and more people who are aware and ready to live differently. With the development of social thought and the emergence of a class that “cannot liberate itself without liberating other oppressed masses,” the possibility of a radical reorganization of society on collectivist principles arises. However, this possibility can become a reality only when the corresponding theory is created, and the majority of the “liberator” class realizes its historical mission, and the vanguard of this class appears, capable of leading the working masses and building a new society. From this moment, the “true history” of humanity begins. People will begin to build their social relations, unlike all previous” prehistoric ” formations, in accordance with the awareness of the need to live in harmony with each other and nature. This is inevitable, provided that we manage to destroy capitalism before it destroys humanity with its egoism and stubborn stupidity, for example, like the US president, who is going to dictate his terms to the world from a position of strength.

  141. Many bright minds in the history of mankind have sought to create models of society that can be combined under a single term. But real attempts to approach this ideal have not always had a positive effect, which is what we are seeing.

    A-it is the basis of social harmony that should be not the structure of the economy and the way of distribution of material goods, but the psychological state of the members of society. Namely, there must be a sincere goodwill of people in their relations with each other.

    The highest priority should be given to the ethical values that have been proposed by great thinkers as the foundations of morality.

    It is impossible to introduce Democratic principles into the environment of degenerates and primitives.

    Democracy is the power of the people. But in order to exercise a reasonable government, the mentality of this people must be true morality. The majority of the Russian people profess drunkenness and fascism.

    Only by” cultivating ” the people over several decades of wise and strict (!) rule would it be possible to transfer democracy to such a people.

    If we continue to indulge the dominant mass form in our country-with its evil, aggressive, loveless and psychopathological mentality, with its lack of understanding of religion-then no other positive state reforms will help prevent further rotting and rotting of souls on the territory of our country.


    It is necessary to cultivate the spiritual and moral principles of humanism.

    Why is it that in the” calm “countries of the” East ” affability, cordiality, unselfishness, and hospitality are characteristic national features — unlike in Russia, where this is now almost not found? Reason… In those countries, this is exactly how many generations of people were raised.
    And why, then, is the mass mentality in those countries incomparably superior to the Russian one? The reason is that many generations of the population of those countries were brought up (and brought up!) based on the high (though not the highest) spiritual and moral principles of humanism.

    And in Russia, the “popular masses ” have been brought up almost indefinitely on the ideas of aggressive intolerance and fear, as well as in drunkenness.

    Spiritual culture on Earth is close to disintegration.

  142. The people should understand that reliable people's power in the country is organized not by “Parties” or “Leaders”, but by a broad popular movement for the creation of such a system of power that will ensure the realization of the urgent needs and interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens of the country.

    Every nation must go through its own path of development.

    “An idea only becomes a driving force when it takes hold of the masses.”- V. I. Lenin.

    Only when the majority of the country's citizens come to a common understanding of acceptable social relations, only then will there be peace, harmony and prosperity in the country.

    So go ahead, gentlemen-comrades, everyone is waiting for a long and difficult path through themselves to themselves.

  143. The condition of existence and incentive for the development of life is a lack of resources. This is also true of human society. The easiest way to control access to scarce resources is through violence. With the development of human society and the deepening division of labor, other forms of management appear, but in extremely unfavorable conditions, this method shows the greatest effectiveness.

  144. Fascism in Slavic guise. The erasure and destruction of all that is socialist in modern Russia is approached very cautiously, but rudely. Through the rise of a new wave of fascism, which already fulfill the “honorable” role of destroying and erasing SOCIALISM from human memory! They say what to take from them – they are fascists, and we have nothing to do with it. (For example, Ukraine). And it is not surprising that they start with “boards” to Mannerheim – the tsar's hireling, fascist, executioner; a monument to Kolchak -the bloody dictator and executioner of the peoples of the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, etc., etc. Already in Russia, there is a wave of destruction of monuments to Lenin, the heroes of the civil war, the silence of the role of the Communist party in the victory over the most terrible evil of mankind – FASCISM! They make equally terrible claims that victory is “God's will” (just think about IT, people of the 21st century). What's going on anyway? As under Gorbachev, at first we were “rubbed about nothing” in ignorance, and immediately before the fact – the collapse of the USSR, down with the CPSU, long live the “white guard” and the hirelings of the West in the person of “liberal traitors” seized power by removing the flag of the PEOPLE – the flag of freedom, independence, equality of all peoples, a self-sufficient state of the USSR! And they force us to live under the flag of the traitor Vlasov-a fascist, a bloody executioner of the Soviet people, the peoples of the occupied territories during the Great Patriotic War! And it is not surprising that in Ukraine they raised the flag of the traitor, the bloody hireling of fascism – Bandera. All this is done through “liberal traitors”, like bedbugs sucking on the wounded body of Russia!


    … This is a global project of world capital to destroy SOCIALISM all over the world. And not only. This struggle began after the split of Christianity: Catholics and Orthodox. Catholics (represented by the Vatican) began to mercilessly destroy physically and morally-Slavs, the Vatican's crusade to the Slavic lands with fire, sword and dungeons turned them into Catholics, i.e. worship to the Pope, and not to the Cross, because the Slavs are the MAIN bearer of Orthodoxy, which from year to year, for centuries, they are pushed out from west to east. The highest achievement of the Vatican's ideology is the destruction of the Slavs with the help of the Slavs! (example: Poland, Bulgaria, and now Ukraine with Belarus against Russia, the destruction of everything NATIVE, Russian-speaking, Slavic. Destruction of Orthodox churches – open Catholic ones).

    The vicar of the Vatican “on Earth” is England, which is “to the core of its bones” engaged in the task of destroying everything Russian, Slavic! Look at the history of at least a hundred or two hundred years ago and evaluate the actions of England in world politics. (Do you want to object? Like, in the Great Patriotic War? I will reassure you: the Vatican did not create fascism in order for England to help the USSR. All of Catholic Europe helped fascism to destroy the Slavs, Russians, and other peoples of the USSR. But the peoples of the USSR were united by the Communist ideology, which turned the peoples of the USSR into a powerful MONOLITH against the ideology of fascism, against the ideology of the Vatican-England. And so, before the collapse of the USSR, the communist ideology took the first and fatal blow)! And now think about what the Vatican and England have been doing recently, not only against Russia, but also against those who, together with Russia, want to preserve world peace, at least somehow preserve the Slavic identity-they have been made outcasts, enemies of the Western world (the Catholic world). Currently, the Vatican-England ideology is preparing the final blow to completely destroy Russia, not with bombs (although they create an appearance) – they are preparing a NEW GORBACHEV in Russia.

    What does fascism have to do with it? At the state level, it appeared in Italy. The creator and spiritual ideologue is the Vatican at the very time when the Socialist Revolution took place in Russia-the liberator of the oppressed humanity! By accident? No, not by accident. We needed an ideological justification for the deaths of millions of people, the peoples of the USSR. (You can't kill in the name of CHRIST.) For this “noble” purpose, huge funds were allocated by the world's oligarchs and major European states, and fascism began to grow ” by leaps and bounds.”

    The same situation is repeated in the modern world and began with the creation of a” new fascism ” -Slavic against the Slavs (the Vatican and England could not come up with anything new). And the object of destruction is the same Slavs, the Russian people and the Russian state-from the time of the destruction of Byzantium to the present day, until Catholicism becomes the only religion in all corners of the globe! (The priests themselves do not resist, they are “full and satisfied” today, and tomorrow- “at least-a flood”).

    And about the Slavs. “Slavs” is not a concept of national (ancestral) affiliation, but refers to a political trend within the Christian struggle for leadership “to worship at the cross”, to subdue the masses “to praise the holy cross so that God may hear you”, i.e., to “communicate directly with God”. For Catholics, on the contrary, they should “praise the Pope” – the vicar of “God on earth”, and for them the cross meant only a “symbol of belonging” to this trend.

    Therefore, Christians who “glorified the cross” were called “Slavs” or Orthodox, and Catholics were called those who “glorified the Pope”, i.e. believers should not address God directly, but only through the Pope. Hence the war of the Catholics against the Orthodox – the Vatican's crusade against the Slavs.

  146. A state system without violence!

    There is such a system – Socialism! But external threats force the system to “push harder”, “turn on protection” with elements of violence in favor of the existence, sovereignty and equal rights of the peoples of all countries!

  147. It is natural and unambiguous that a person came up with the image of God. This happened because of the fear of natural disasters that occur in nature. The impossibility of explaining these phenomena and pushed a person in the “existence of something” that controls all the processes of the surrounding world. We now understand that this “something” is the laws of the development of nature and society, and ancient man called this” something ” God, who creates both good and evil., After the development of the human thought process, the concepts of “good and evil” appeared, to evaluate their actions. The beginnings of morals and morals appeared. Further – more. Groups, tribal formations, and communities emerged. Someone must be the eldest, and someone must be the youngest. Someone is rich, and someone is poor, someone has to work, and someone has to manage – we needed a management system that supports a certain system. This is where the ability of “sneaky” crooks and the name of God to consolidate the power structure of management through spirituality in a person was manifested. The concept of “soul” appeared, which firmly bound a person to voluntary slavery! I.e., “so God decided”!

  148. Almost everything Marx wrote about existed under the primitive communal system within communities. But communities have not been able to compete with societies based on exploitation. This, and not the nature of Man, is the problem.

  149. Humans are essentially aggressive animals, and the struggle for leadership is an essential condition for the survival of the species.

    And what struggle for leadership can do without violence and blood ?

    It is time to understand that the invention of concentration camps, gas chambers and nuclear weapons did not move humanity one step on the path of evolution – man remained the same cruel, aggressive, soulless creature as he was millions of years ago.

  150. Because any ideal political system will sooner or later be destroyed by the destructive elements of society (for example, Europe and the United States with schizotolerance)

  151. Because every political system. Whatever it is. Requires compliance by all. Rules established by it. And therefore. It also carries punishment (violence) for those of all. Who tries to disagree with these rules.

  152. Because we haven't yet figured out what to do with people who consider themselves entitled to use violence to achieve their goals. Without violence, they are, alas, unstoppable.

  153. Capturing a ready – made structure is energetically more profitable than synthesis-the experience of at least the last billion years of evolution. Civilization also follows the same path, creating systems that make it possible to more effectively seize natural resources, industrial, scientific, and social structures, as well as protect those that are already subordinate. For the emergence of a world without violence, a necessary condition is the excess of the costs of forceful appropriation of something over the costs of its own production or exchange. This is a different way of civilization, the effectiveness of which is growing quite rapidly. However, the entire history of civilization up to the present moment shows that the weakening of the state institution of violence in society, designed to protect its members from external enemies and from each other, due to the decrepitude of the state, due to natural disasters or for economic reasons, immediately leads to an explosive increase in internal unrest or external aggression.

    The second condition for a world without violence is the absence of significant unevenness in the standard of living both within individual territories and for the entire planet, and the possibility of creating such unevenness. Theoretically achievable, but something very similar to the plant type of existence.

    In any case, for a global end to violence, humanity currently has insufficient material resources.

  154. Any conflict leads to a struggle. And without conflicts, the development of society is impossible. The pursuit of the Ideal and communism is as beautiful as the pursuit of Paradise on Earth. But, Paradise is an abstraction. In the real World, there are always contradictions of various types and forms, which often lead to conflicts, and sometimes to wars.

    Politicians organize public systems. Theoretically, it is possible to create a single global social system. But, in practice, the world will always be different. Therefore, conflicts are inevitable. Alas!

  155. Because any political system implies the power of some people over others. And at the head of any of them are the same people, with their own weaknesses, vices and deviations, or even worse (“normal people do not seek power-therefore, the power is always with the abnormal”)

  156. Violence is conditioned by the existence of the State. Until it / the state has outlived itself, its violence cannot be avoided. Until then, it / the state will express the opinion of a part of society and seek the realization of its interests. This is the essence, the inevitability, and the cause of violence.

  157. The whole point is precisely in humanity – it is most likely not left on the planet… At the moment, the planet called Earth is inhabited by PEOPLE, descendants of Adam and Eve… Humans and Humans are somewhat different creatures, including morals and ways of thinking…

    So for all their existence, PEOPLE have not created such a political system just because PEOPLE are inherently immoral and put their personal instinctive needs at the forefront – to eat, shit and fuck… People, in their majority, are basically not interested in politics or the political system itself.

    “Politics” and “where there would be no violence and where there would be peace” are incompatible things. Politics was designed to lead to strife.

    And about what you most likely wanted to ask – this thing is called a way of life according to the soul and conscience.

    If everyone lives according to their conscience and does everything from the heart , there will be peace without violence.

  158. In “paper” formats, such political systems exist and are called “Utopias”.

    In general, “utopias” are called “utopias”, because in reality they cannot be realized, because not all of humanity is ready to live “utopian”

  159. Because people create political systems, not human ones! So that a person is not a wolf to a person, but a friend and brother. Until a person understands that it is necessary to live according to the laws of God, he will always be at war with someone, will always prove his strength and superiority. And only theocratic rule will bring peace to people, but people do not agree with this, inventing all new forms of government. There is no true wisdom from God! “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God, as it is written,' He catches the wise in their wickedness.' It is also said, ” Has not God turned the wisdom of this world into madness?” So if a person is not given, then it is not given!

  160. The serpent said to Eve, ” Eat the fruit and you will become like God.” And Eve and Adam wanted to become gods, but they didn't know how the world works, because they didn't create it! So they began to invent different forms of government, and they still do! But they don't succeed. Stupid people who think they're gods! And the Real, True God made up everything long ago, when He created life, that people can be happy only with the theocratic order, observing its laws. And it is not necessary to invent something that has long been prescribed for a person. God will take care of everything long ago!

  161. Not creating/implementing doesn't mean not inventing it. A society without violence must meet the following requirements. 1. Social and economic homogeneity, that is, without contradictions. The history of mankind really did not know such systems yet. 2. Self-management. The state is always an institution of violence. And no one has ever done without it. Therefore. The project is separate. Implementation separately. Construction technologies have not yet matured to implementation.

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