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  1. It turns out that the “time of emancipation” is a snap of the fingers and women have lost all obstacles on the way to education. This is not the case, and in addition to the legal prohibitions on getting an education, there are still a lot of stereotypes that need to be overcome additionally. This leads to the fact that among educated women, the best results are achieved not by talented, but by strong-willed ones. Talent is rare. Wittgenstein, conventionally, occurs once in a billion. In other words, to find the female equivalent of Wittgenstein, you need to sift through a billion women, pass them through an education system that imposes the same requirements on them as men. We still don't have such an education system. We still haven't sifted through the right number of women. Hence the result. But as the requirements for women get closer to the requirements for men and more women go through the dropout process, we are seeing more and more talented women in all fields.

  2. Thatcher, Merkel, Coco Chanel, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, the inventor of Biontek (I forgot, I'm too lazy to look), Rowling, Ulitskaya, and many others. Before you ask a question, at least run through the facts a little:)

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