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  1. I agree that dreams are nonsense. If in reality delusional visions, then it's time to contact psychiatrists. This is my opinion, I'm not an expert. But I like to observe and analyze my feelings.

  2. Dear questioner, A dream is not delirium. It's very strange that you should say that. A dream is a reflection of our fantasies, worries, all sorts of incomprehensible phenomena, joys and sorrows that we see in reality. Yes, we clearly separate sleep from reality, but this is not entirely true. Today I had a dream about a man I loved for many years. But this is not nonsense. He is there, he lives, it is true, far away from me, but even in my dreams I love him, and in reality I love him too. Sleep makes our lives easier. If we didn't have dreams, it would be harder for us to live. And it's certainly not a delusional dream. Rather, it's a relief. Some have colored dreams, others have black-and-white ones…But this is not nonsense. Sleep is directly related to the functioning of our brain. And with his rest.

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