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  1. I agree with the previous speakers, but I will add that not always “everyone gives a shit” – not so. Sometimes it is a reassessment of one's own problems over those of others, sometimes it is a different understanding of the situation from the doctor. The doctor sees the situation, prescribes treatment, and the mother wants the doctor to give tests first – an extra hole in the child, the need to drag the child to the polyclinic once again (a patient, yes), a loss of time, and the treatment tactics are not affected.

  2. I don't give a damn for a number of reasons. Due to the lack of fear of losing your job, low responsibility for your actions, low pay, overloading at the workplace, poor motivation to work further.

  3. If you look objectively, “everyone” is also human, no one gives a shit because you don't give a shit, look at yourself. take a side look at how you operate. People are like mirrors, what kind of face you make will be reflected. If the teacher doesn't give a shit about how YOUR child learns, maybe you should think about it. We are used to the times of the USSR, that in school everything is taught.

  4. Well, as if in general most people on the planet do not give a shit about other people… If a German saleswoman smiles at you, it's not out of love for you, it's their custom and they've been trained like this for 800 years. And tough. Sekirbashka did not bow to the owner… Crossed the road to the feudal lord-dyba. Stolen – the gallows… And we are free people, even though we are serfs, we don't care:)))

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