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  1. Strange question. Let's just say it's not necessary at all. Red diploma, extra high USE scores, and so on. You need to understand what you want to do, and the PO is 25k only in Shokoladnitsa and Starbucks, even in other coffee shops people calmly make 50k each.�

    Choose a good, non-abstract specialty, in an area that is developing and people will be needed there. Train in the summer while you're studying and everything will be fine. A red diploma is generally a thing for yourself and for parents to brag to their relatives, ” my son has a red diploma.” So don't waste your time, it doesn't matter which university you go to, everyone doesn't care about the red diploma, and no one will look at the regular one either. The main thing is that the knowledge and skills from studying remain and everything will be fine.�

    And never go to the food service, it's addictive like a black hole.. It is better to take a couple of years as an assistant-someone and from there stable career growth and the norms of po.
    *or you leave the offices, open your own and fuck around until you achieve your goal*

  2. Well, I did not pass the Unified State Exam – “there was no Milora then”)))) � Just a few exams. University exams-yes, I passed them. I have a very ordinary diploma – well, it didn't work out with the “red”one. ))) � Salary ? � “A little bit” more. So this is a question-statement-provocation. kmk

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