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  1. “It's not fair” – these are very loud words of a confident person who understands life and knows well what “real justice” is.

    And there is a good Hollywood movie “Bruce Almighty”on this topic.

    There is a fantasy on this very topic: “God is unjust, I can easily replace him.”

    And so there is a famous parable about justice:

    How an old man went into a hermitage and for ten years prayed to God for one thing: to find out why some people are born or become rich, and others-poor. And why most creatively gifted people are poor, while the rich are usually the most ordinary people…, etc.

    Yandex will tell you how it ended there. And the more you live, the more you learn all the life stories of “How it all ended”, the more you begin to understand this parable.

  2. I saw this question just now, although it was asked a long time ago. And perhaps the questioner is no longer interested in the answer. But maybe someone will find my answer interesting and useful.

    First of all, “it is God's will” – so this phrase, this thought is not in the Bible. Although there were similar thoughts in the Old Testament (that everything comes from God), but in the New Testament, Jesus showed that the source of evil is the devil. This misconception is based on the assumption that God does whatever He wants on earth. But this is not the case. God gave power over the earth to man, and man, through the fall, gave power to Satan. How can there be “God's will for everything” on earth, if He has given us, people, free will?

    In the Bible, Jesus said to pray the famous “Our Father” prayer, which includes the words ” Thy will be done.” If it were God's will, there would be no point in this prayer. We've already written about this here, and I won't repeat it.

    Unfortunately, many believers repeat such phrases, and do not think that they themselves are deceived and mislead non-believers who ask such questions.

    The Bible clearly states that God's will is good, acceptable, and perfect. God is good, and He wants only the best for people. So it was originally conceived, so It is His will now. Only now, in order for God's will to be fulfilled in a person's life, he needs to turn to Him, and not wait for Him to decide everything for us. Without our prayers, God does not interfere in our lives.

  3. But really! What's up?”

    A man jumped from the 10th floor and crashed… Where was God looking?

    A person gets drunk every day, hop and cirrhosis of the liver… So where was God looking again?

    And his child and his wife marked conception and continued… Everywhere God is to blame, we are people, how, from what…. This is God's work!

    Oh, what a thief Semyon Semyony is, and he has money and children in England, that's a scoundrel, and what a car he has, and a YACHT… here is a reptile and a yacht he has and died of envy, anger and heart failure, well, here where did God look?

    And let's try to blow up a nuclear bomb? Come on, and another one, and another … damn… and what has happened to nature?.. Once again, God is out of place, not seeing anything!

    Oh! And the virus is nothing insidious 🙂 And if you attach such a membrane-piercing thing to it, it turns out Zucchini! Hey, hey, where to… And again God did not see, here he sits there in the sky does not see anything!

    But God told you not to sin, not to be angry, not to be vain, not to be envious, not to lie, not to do what you don't want yourself to do…

    what? I have freedom, what God is, what he says… IT'S GONE!

    And then… God is still to blame, it's his will!

  4. Because the world is left to itself and exists according to its own laws, which have nothing to do with religion, people's morals, their ideas about God, good and evil. It is very stupid to invent an ideological concept that is unprovable and based on nothing but myths, and to expect that the real world will correspond to it.

  5. If “it is God's will”, then why are we mortal? Why are we not perfect, why are we wrong? You can say it's because it's his will, not yours.

    “The will of God” seems unfair to you – it is only your opinion and evaluation concept, which is changeable and fleeting.

    The important thing is that we don't want to accept a part of life, we reject it. We don't want to feel pain, but it doesn't undo our suffering.

  6. Man and his creation, like the planet and everything else, is beyond the scope of human perception, at least words can not explain it, because words do not exist, they were invented out of nothing! Perhaps there is a higher mind, but it is clear that religion is fairy tales and mostly evil tales, but there are people to whom it helps and at least you can thank it for this! �It's a shame that it is forcibly imposed on us! As I understand it, a person creates his own reality! We see around us what we believe in the most! And if the whole world generates only good thoughts, then perhaps the world will become a better place =)

  7. Dear Galina, most likely the concept of “everything is God's will” is not quite correctly explained by believers and not quite correctly understood by non-believers. The fact is that the will of God is not for everything – most of the problems that you mentioned exist because of the will of man, not God – God calls humanity to salvation, to good, to the Kingdom of God, and man chooses his own path rejecting God's and as a result he is surrounded by the “diseases”you mentioned. These are the consequences of human misconceptions.

    “Thy will be done!” is the way the Creator prays, but few people seek it and pray for it. In fact, the vast majority of humanity is looking for what is, as they say-my will be done.

  8. At the beginning of the prayer “Our Father” it says:”Hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It will also not be bad on earth when the Kingdom of God, led by Christ, cleanses the earth from evil and the consequences of human sinful activities. Humans can't do that. In Matthew 24, when Jesus prophesied about the future,he described all the things that you have listed, Galina, as a sign of the end of this old world. He said that there will be hard times,but “he who endures to the end will be saved” 24: 13. And He offers to endure with the help of his( and ours) Father-God.

    We love God, whose son gave his life for us. He will surely return Paradise to earth, where happy people will live,including you and me, if we are approved by God. In this way, He will sanctify the name of his heavenly Father. All this is biblical data, read the Bible.

  9. God is spirit. It has no beginning and no end. Who gave rise to everything. He gave us the law, which we broke and got the consequences. You have to blame yourself. God has given us a path to follow in order to return to existence without suffering or dying. This is the meaning of a believer's life. To restore the lost unity, overcoming difficulties, cultivating the soul in love. Extorting the spoilt in yourself.

    God's will means accepting the consequences of your bad deeds and deviating from God's laws for a happy life. At the same time, with humility, cultivating virtue in yourself .

  10. God is neither good nor bad. God is nature. Do you curse the lightning that killed a fool in an open field in a thunderstorm? Diseases, accidents, wars, injustices-do you remember any cases that can be attributed 100% to God, and not to human razdolbaystvo? If there are such people – this is the Will of God, then this is the fate of this person. God has given us a beautiful world, but also free will (these are the conditions of the game) – use it, people, and live happily ever after! But what do we do with the world and our lives – is it God's fault? He doesn't give a damn about our problems. “Man is the creator of his own pi-decs! “(I apologize for the rude word, but it accurately reflects the meaning. This is my aphorism). We love God for the world, for this life, and for the perspective, too. (Now the world is in a mess, this is what we do, our governments! But I bet that in 50 years everything will be back to normal. You can't clean up our shit before. And this is a lesson for all of us!)

  11. God allows such a situation temporarily. It is clear that admitting and being guilty of everything are two different things. The main thing is to understand the reason why you allowed it. It was necessary to have a very good reason for this.

    It would be really strange if the Bible avoided this question. But in fact, the explanation of this point is the main theme of the Bible, and if you understand this point, then the personality of God becomes even more attractive, although difficulties and sufferings crush any person. Awareness of the cause and the hope that any harm will be compensated in the future, helps to live and not lose the joy of life.

  12. Or maybe it's just a certain kind of cleaning? Everything is in balance, someone died, someone was born, somewhere left, somewhere arrived…

    And if this question is interpreted from the point of view of a believer, then death is not the end and not grief. I believe in rebirth and karmic laws. Everything that happens to us is not just like that. We have earned it in this or past lives… Again, this is my personal opinion, which I can not prove anything))

  13. God created the earth and life on it in an amazing way.How many pleasant opportunities did he give a person, for example:Each of us can remember these moments when we walk,when we run, or play with friends, eat, sleep, swim in the sea,all this brings us pleasure and it's all a gift from God.It was not God's plan for people to suffer.The fact is that the first people-Adam and Eve-rebelled against God's rule,wanting to establish their own standards of good and evil.They turned their backs on God and paid the price.Today we are reaping the bitter fruits of their action.But God does not cause suffering in any way.The Bible says, “Let no one say in a trial,' God tests me, 'because God cannot be tested by evil, and he himself does not test anyone by evil” (James 1:13).But a person has an enemy who has led him astray from the right path, the main culprit of human suffering is the Devil.The Bible says that he “takes the form of an angel of light”(2 Thessalonians 2: 9,10; 2 Corinthians 11: 14).Also,the existence of the Devil is evidenced by the harm that it causes.However, the Devil is not responsible for all suffering.Why not?Because God has given people the ability to choose between good and evil(Joshua 24: 15).When we make the wrong choice, we reap bitter rewards(Galatians 6: 7; 8).

  14. The fact is that God has His own justice. He teaches, guides, punishes, and thereby educates. He does all this while loving his children.

    If God didn't punish me, it's hard to imagine where I would be right now! That is why I love no one more than our Most High Father, God. I know how wise He is and see how He behaves, and of course I trust him. And since I trust God, nothing terrible happens to me. And if something happens, I quickly find the answers. And this is not magic, but because I have not been tempted for a long time, I just watch and see how people suffer from temptations around me and it is quite boring.

  15. The question is what kind of god and whose, believers can believe in anything.We have primitive religions , because they were created when people were illiterate and wild, with a primitive way of thinking,to make it easier for them.They put everything that happens on God and demand justice, we say we prayed to you let's give everything as quickly as possible and change the world to my wishlist .)That's what he cares about you ?I would say not everything is the will of God but the laws of the universe, whether you like them or not, but they work like this, if you put your finger in the fire, it will burn and not freeze or make you feel good.Everything has a cause and effect, and God has to change it because you want it to, break your own laws, because it doesn't seem fair to a microbe on the other side of the universe?)

  16. Believers learn not to choose, but to accept their God. And He is not cruel, He is just in His plan, which is beyond the comprehension of man. It is precisely on these topics that many philosophical treatises have been written, and you should turn to them for an answer.

  17. gods were invented by talented healthy scammers for sick morons who think that someone is reading their thoughts – this is a symptom of schizophrenia

    everyone who talks to god is sick


    all psychiatrists know that

    it is on the basis of the painful feelings of schizophrenics that all religions are created in order to pump money out of patients for the whole head.

  18. Why can't G-d be a violent bastard with maniac syndrome? He has powers, he created us in his own image, he has a “personality”… and the vast universe under his rule. Huge space for fun.

  19. The phrase “everything is God's will”is not correct
    God gave man the right to choose. Every moment. A person chooses constantly and gets the result. And don't confuse religion with God, even though every religion has seeds of truth and truth. Look for God in yourself, and don't try to prove His existence in heaven or anywhere else

  20. It's not really about God. It's about man and the relationship between God and man, so to speak. In philosophy, theosophy, and just plain fiction, this question has come up repeatedly and has been solved by a simple explanation: God gave man free will. And the existentialists ' favorite “there is no god” is not about a gray-haired old man on a cloud, but about the personal responsibility of each person. God will not come and intervene in a global conflict or local quarrel. People are not dolls in the hands of God. A person, having the freedom given to him, makes his choice between good and evil. And what comes out of it – judge for yourself. God's will is to allow a person to live life independently and, in a good situation, come to goodness, love, and God, which are one and the same thing.

  21. The answer to this question is simpler than you might imagine: there is no God (God), and life in general is unfair. There is not a single effect or experience in our world that requires the existence of a super-powerful being to explain it. In addition, according to Christian dogmas, God would have to be an exceptional moral freak, a scumbag, and a pervert. Who else can allow the death of children, the murder of innocent people, the existence of wars, slavery, concentration camps, diseases, pain and death to “test” the faith in a loved one?! Believers were never asked who they wanted to love, and this faith was imposed on them without giving them any other alternative. Since Christianity and Islam from the earliest times existed solely as ideologies for the conquest, defense and retention of power, the unwillingness to love the imposed god at all times could turn out very badly for non-believers. Now in Russia we have a law on “protecting the feelings of believers” (there is no law on protecting common sense), and in Iran, for example, for refusing to become a Muslim, they are executed by hanging. How can you not be imbued with an all-consuming love for God?

  22. There is such an expression – “bear your cross”, and if we rely on religion, then each of us carries it. They say that God does not send trials that we cannot survive. Although I am an atheist myself, there is a grain of truth in this – a person goes through some tests in life in order to gain experience that will benefit him in the future.

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