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  1. * Alcohol changes consciousness, disinhibits and liberates, and relieves anxiety.

    * The culture of drinking alcohol includes the message that ” drunk people are not responsible for themselves and do whatever they want.”

    Both of these points make alcohol extremely attractive to people who, in a sober, “normal” state of consciousness, constantly feel stressed and constrained by obligations. They often resort to alcohol precisely as an opportunity to throw off their obligations and be a little spontaneous.

  2. You can answer the question why alcohol is equated with entertainment and recreation. Because alcohol takes away problems and stress in the background, a person's mood rises. Therefore, it is drunk for the purposes and conditions of entertainment and recreation.

    You can try to understand those who do not want to spend their free time without alcohol, while calling you strange. Such people treat entertainment and recreation as tools for relieving stress, and alcohol can make you forget about it. Or just alcoholics. Therefore, it seems strange for them not to use alcohol during their vacation, and you seem strange.�

    But what really needs to be asked is: is it worth putting up with the fact that someone in your environment adheres to such a flat position about entertainment and recreation as an important part of life? Is it worth putting up with the fact that someone from your environment does not see any other option for recreation other than under the degree? If not, then either help the person change their way of thinking, or exclude them from their social circle.

  3. Alcohol is the reason for my exciting adventures, and drinking is fun.

    On the train, a priest and a businessman are traveling in the same compartment. The businessman immediately opened his laptop and started working with documents. The priest looked at him, thought for a moment, then said:
    — My son, why don't we take a walk to the dining car and see what's on the menu?”
    “No, Father, I'm not hungry.
    The priest goes to the restaurant alone. An hour later, he returns happy and smiling, carrying a bottle of expensive cognac in his hand.
    — My son, why don't we try this five-star drink?”
    “No, Father, I'm sorry, I don't drink.
    The priest pours himself half a glass of cognac, savoring it, and drinks it slowly. He wipes his lips and goes out into the corridor. He comes back in fifteen minutes.
    “My son, there are two young laywomen riding in one compartment from us. Maybe we can visit them and talk about high things.
    — No, father, I'm married, and I have to work with documents.
    The priest takes a bottle of cognac from the table and goes out. He returns late in the morning, happy as a March cat. The businessman who has been working all this time looks up at him.
    “Tell me, Father, how is it?” I don't drink, I don't smoke, I keep my moral character. I work like an ox. Am I living the wrong life?
    The priest sighs.
    “That's right, my son. But In Vain…

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