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  1. It didn't fail. Treatment with antidepressants has a certain specificity – these drugs act as the drug accumulates in the body. Therefore, the antidepressant effect begins in the third or fourth week of taking medication. In addition, the course of treatment is at least six months, so it is natural that sales of antidepressants are quite large.

  2. Treatment with antidepressants did not fail. This is evidenced by numerous successfully completed medical histories. The problem is that treating depression in this way is still a question that continues to be studied. Some patients respond positively to certain medications, while others are not suitable for them, just as some are more suitable for drug treatment, and some are more suitable for psychotherapy. Since today there is no way to accurately determine the best treatment method in advance, even the most progressive psychotherapists offer a trial-and-error method, that is, the selection of the right tool for you.

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