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  1. Let's take as an example such an option as drawing a portrait to order from a photo. It would seem that you could just take a photo and print it out. Nothing complicated. So why do people order portraits and consider it art? The fact is that there is a big difference between a photo and a painted portrait. The artist, drawing a portrait, passes the image of a person through himself, through his worldview and sees in a different way (we all look at the world and people around us differently). Next, the materials used, the style of the artist, the manner of transmitting images, and much, much more are used. And of course, the artist, drawing a portrait, can put the image of a person in any atmosphere, any, even the most fabulous and surreal plot, finish what is not in reality. And in the end, we have: the original style and vision of the author combined with a certain atmosphere and magical plots. And what does a photo and portrait have in common? Only the image of a person, and everything else is completely original and beautiful, starting from the impressions of the whole picture as a whole, to the beauty of the texture of various brushstrokes and prescribed details.

  2. Art is a form of creativity, that is, it is any kind of activity, regardless of whether it is done by inspiration or mechanically. Even in a normal drawing, you can show “your own”. If you take 10 talented artists and ask them to draw something, the result will be different. This difference is “bringing your own”. The very fine line that is difficult to notice in simple things will be art.

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