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  1. Extreme introversion is by no means called autism. Autism, or rather, diseases of the autistic spectrum – these are diseases, they have a place in the international classification of diseases (ICD), symptoms and physiological causes.

    Introversion is a psychological term coined by Jung to refer to a psychotype that tends to focus on its own feelings more than on external assessments. We are talking about the cognitive style of a completely healthy person. Sometimes the behavior of an extreme introvert is called “autistic”, rather in the old-fashioned way, by analogy with the old terminology. Such a legacy was left to us by the psychology of the beginning of the century, when psychological traits and psychotypes were often distinguished by analogy with clinical disorders, for example, “schizod” (not schizophrenic, but somewhat similar…), hysteroid (the same thing). The words were used, again, to refer to normal people who have somewhat hypertrophied certain features. This can be seen in accentuation theories and even in the famous MMPI questionnaire.
    Rather, it is a tribute to the old language and old systems. I do not think it is correct to call introverts “autistic”at the present time.

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