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  1. A person is an open energy-informational self-healing system that interacts harmoniously with space. He is a particle of Intelligence, embodied in a biological shell. In other words, the body is a “spacesuit” that protects the subtle component of a person, and the basis-information, energy-is tested on Earth, gaining experience for its development.

    Since man is created by Perfection (Higher Intelligence), which constantly strives to increase Harmony, then the task of the particle is to develop perfection – to evolve in the mind (consciousness). The earthly conditions make it possible for a person to control his own destiny, as if he tries himself as a god on his own level.

    Faith — a subtle connection with the Creator-is of primary importance to him. After all, after the earthly incarnation, we will be together with Him to sum up the results of this next stage – what has been done for the development of the individual? What went wrong and why? And then the further path of development of the particle of Reason (human) will be determined – to go to pass repeated exams, or new horizons will be given. As we understand, it is necessary to go forward all the time, so it is difficult for a person without knowledge of the Universe to make the right choice on the way.

  2. because many values of human existence are invisible and intangible, they are difficult to touch, smell, touch, they are difficult to prove, verify, calculate. They are accepted by faith. Love, sacrifice, honesty, decency, hope, faith in the good, in God, in Truth, in common sense, and so on – belong to this. Everything can be refuted by arguments – everything can be doubted, and it is faith that helps to overcome all these false arguments and doubts.


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