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  1. Higher education is the choice of every person , no one is forced to do it . Higher education is not particularly important in our country , as many workers who have graduated from technical schools work in high positions . There are many examples
    Bottom line the choice is entirely yours

  2. It seems to me that higher education in Russia has long been purchased. Even if you're as dumb as a green oak, they'll give you at least two higher grades for the money. It has long since lost its meaning.

  3. In my opinion, any higher education, in addition to the specifics, teaches a person a serious approach to business. It introduces a person to the criteria of the scientific method, which in the most ordinary life will help a person to separate truth from lies. It teaches a person the principle of analyzing already available information and how to use it to draw conclusions, experiment and discover something new. Finally, a person (sometimes unwittingly) receives a package of some general knowledge about the world and its structure, even if this does not directly concern his specialization. All of this provides some life skills that can help in a wide variety of situations.

  4. well, for example, there are some areas in which special knowledge is very important, for example, medicine, and there are some in which education is more like a tick, for example, the same IT technologies or journalism, and in this case higher education is just an element of socialization, networking, entertainment in the end.

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