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  1. Why it is bad to do evil, suddenly after death there is no hell or heaven. Suddenly, just turn off the brain, and the life that turns out to have lived without a buzz?

    And what's the thrill of living a life of scum and scum?

  2. It won't make a difference if you've lived high or not)

    Evil is like suffering – when you cause it to others, you cause it to the whole world and to yourself as a part of it. If you feel pleasure from pain , this is a disease (you can just not pull your hand away from the hot stove to make sure of this). Try to get high from “causing” happiness to yourself and the world – it's safe))

  3. In order to do evil and enjoy it, you must be evil yourself. Judging by the question, you are not yet, thank God, a supporter of evil, i.e., an opponent of God.
    And now about heaven and hell. The Bible says:
    James, chapter 1..
    …But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all simply and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, not doubting in the least, for the doubter is like a wave of the sea, lifted and blown by the wind. Let not such a man think to receive anything from the Lord. A person with double thoughts is not firm in all his ways….
    I'll explain:
    To get to heaven, in other words, to connect with God, it is not enough to do good deeds and be a good girl, you need to passionately desire it!
    The Bible says : …no one comes to Me as soon as…..
    Next, you will be able to learn about God's very radical decision on this issue.
    If you really care that after death everything is just beginning, then it makes sense to figure it out. And I can also say from personal experience, as evidence –
    Without God, life and all the fuss in it does not bring what you dream of-a high. True, many people understand this when they have already had enough of this so-called “high” so that they don't want anything anymore. And since man is created in the image and likeness of God, there are always 2 principles in him – God's and not God's (Satan, who imposes his own orders and thoughts in the world)
    Which team to play in is chosen by the person himself.
    This is God's plan! A person must make his own choice, and based on this – live and get what he wants.

  4. Because people suffer from it. Those who are affected by this evil. Is it really a “high” for you to be rude, steal, and so on (or is it limited to that)? People should enjoy themselves in ways that don't make others suffer.

  5. Well, then be prepared for the fact that others will play by your rules, that is, get high by doing you evil. Fair enough?
    And then, what if there is a judgment of God and a posthumous retribution – what then? Are you really willing to take such a risk for the dubious thrill of doing evil? Pascal, the smartest man, offered a rational argument on this topic, which reads as follows: if there is no God, and I believe in him, then I essentially lose nothing, but if there is a God, and I do not believe in Him, I lose everything.

  6. “Bad” and “good” were invented on earth, so that after death there will be no punishment for bad deeds, as well as for good ones, so you can do evil. But it's better to get high from good deeds all your life than to get high from evil ones once, and then pay for it to death

  7. That's why butter is butter. “Evil” and “bad” are synonymous words.

    High from what-from violating the ban? Prohibitions are written in the laws and you become a criminal who can be punished – not in hell, which is not there, but right in life.�

    Wow, that reminds me of a 14-year-old girl who asked, ” Why follow the law?” She, by the way, never greeted anyone and boasted of hooligan actions. It must be very exciting to be her.

  8. There is no hell or heaven, and if a person has a conscience, honor and reason, then he will not think either for heaven or for hell.

  9. Without the adoption of the laws of karma, awareness of the relationship of all things, the balance of energies and the “influence of energies on the consciousness of a person and”, the answer to this question can not be given.
    There are causal relationships between your actions and events in your life.
    “What you sow, you reap.”
    Committing and thinking bad things-you lower your vibrations, degrade.
    Good thoughts and deeds lead to development and self-improvement.
    Without these laws, consciousness : “I want to have everything and get nothing for it” won, destroying the world, and then self-destructed.
    This consciousness disturbs the balance of energies and is a parasitic consciousness.
    It is not self-sufficient and can only exist by finding a donor for its wishlist.
    After destroying the donor, it moves on to the next one, and so on until the world is completely destroyed.
    Since it is not self-sufficient, it simply dies without a donor.
    General response: this is bad for you, because following the path of this consciousness you will sooner or later die.
    In religions, this is called the death of the soul.
    There's a bigger question here: why are there people who take pleasure in doing evil? After all, this is incompatible (pleasure and evil).
    Long talk, short: this is a serious (fatal) disease of the soul. Darkness (low energies) mixed with the kundalini energy of the person, or rather, the person let them in himself.
    Here purgatory (not to be confused with hell) is created to purify and save the soul from these energies. You can get there in your lifetime, or you can get there after 🙂

  10. Well, if “doing evil” and “high” are synonymous words for you, then you are in for big problems . Read the biographies of the villains, which of them was happy ?

  11. You need to ” understand “this. If �to take �to other �people � not human then �and you �this attitude �before �or later return . Next �you � will not loved and trusted �life �of people , only those who are at any moment �you will betray � of more favorable �reasons . �To do evil � �possible �no one �interfere , but �price �exactly �is �all � that �you do �or what you want �to make. �Just � while �not time �to pay , but pay �all �still have . There may not be a soul, but there is a desire to be happy. I �something hard �believe that you can be happy � while �in full �alone �among strangers and unreliable� people and constantly looking around , as if � who does not �stabbed in the back.

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