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  1. Because many are not all. And if you see a beautiful woman, but you think in stereotypes, then it will be difficult for you to accept that she is a lesbian. If you see a brutal man, you will break the pattern when you find out that he is gay.

    Because it will be very unpleasant when you find out that the Mercedes, on which you spent so much money, breaks down as well as some Hyundai twice as cheap.

  2. Thinking in categories and stereotypes is not bad in itself – this is how abstract thinking works in principle, without it, our brain would be overloaded and unable to quickly understand and perceive the world around us, and even more so make any decisions.�

    The problem begins when the thought process ends with these abstractions and stereotypes. When based on the stereotype “many gays are feminine” or “all blondes are fools”, a reinforced concrete conclusion is made about a particular person and this impression interferes with interaction and adequate perception of people and phenomena.�

    Simply put, stereotypical thinking is not bad, it is bad when there is nothing but stereotypes.

  3. You limit your perception to ready-made answers, thereby eliminating learning, cognition, and flexibility from your life. Your world is filled with only limited options for events, and you have safely fenced yourself off from the rest. A stereotype is not a law of life, which means that you will make mistakes and face problems that you did not allow yourself to prevent. The stereotype simplifies life and saves energy, but as long as this “coin toss” falls on the eagle.

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