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  1. Somnologists say that the most correct option is to sleep with your head to the north.They explain their recommendations by saying that it is precisely this position of our body that coincides with the movement of the Earth's electromagnetic fields. If you can't put the bed to the north due to the layout of the room , you can turn the headboard to the east.A person is endowed with various kinds of energy fields that determine his physical and emotional state. These fields are oriented in a certain way. Depending on which way your head falls, these fields will either correspond to the fields of the Earth, or contradict them. So that there is no contradiction, you should sleep with your head to the north. In this way, we connect to the energy flows of the planet and feed on them, otherwise we enter into an unequal single combat with them. If the layout of your home does not allow you to put the headboard to the north, it is acceptable to install the headboard to the east. But not to the south or west.

    But in my opinion, these are all certain incorrect conclusions. I sleep with my head to the West and I'm fine.

  2. If my memory serves me correctly, the Neolithic burial sites of primitive people face north and face east. This type of burial is almost always observed, with rare exceptions. Why face east is clear. The sun rises there and is conditioned by the animistic beliefs of the ancients that the soul of the deceased in this way in the afterlife will turn to the light. It is not clear why the head should go to the north.

    In order to determine the validity of the theory of the influence of the earth's electro-magnetic field (I'm not even talking about the existence of other energy fields, this also needs to be somehow proved or disproved) on a person during sleep, you need to conduct a study and sample, well, at least in tyasyachu people. With the condition that people will be absolutely healthy, will not have serious chronic and pathological diseases and abnormalities, will eat the same food for at least a calendar month. That is, a month on each side of the world for a total of 4 months for the experiment. And at the end of each month, they will be examined for everything. It is clear that such an experiment / research requires large financial costs and infringement of free time for a large number of people. I think only such a study can objectively answer whether there is any influence or not. At the moment, this is the same topic as the influence of zodiac signs on the temperament and character of people born. Objective research is needed that can confirm or refute this information. They don't exist, so it's impossible to say anything intelligible about it.

  3. Everything is simple. This is part of “women's science” aka Woman Science.�

    • They will tell you how to sleep.�

    • Why it is impossible or possible (I don't remember) to cut your hair when the moon is waning.�

    • Why you can't eat shaverma and why a real man should serve.�

    • Why they are not delicious, but homemade soup is healthier than what is prepared by professionals in the nearest supermarket.�

    • Why it is necessary to baptize a child (in the pasta religion, for example).

    • And they will also have 3 boards at home for cutting food (arguing that 50 years ago there could be sick meat on sale, so you can't cut fruit on the same board. Although you can't buy sick meat with larvae anywhere else, but women are not interested. My mother ordered – the wife-soldier fulfills)

    • They will also tell you why you need to wash or not wash on certain days of the week,�

    • Saying “Extreme” instead of “Last” will drive you crazy with “calls” and “calls”, completely ignoring the fact that the language is a dynamic structure.

    There is no real logic or benefit in these points.

    Sleep as you want, listen less to women.

    While men create real science, they sit at home and invent an alternative one to teach us “stupid” people to live like human beings.

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