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  1. Because the female body is objectified, fetishized, eroticized, but the male body is not. The female body is an element and tool of mating games in patriarchal culture, which is based on archetypes about men-breadwinners, conquerors and driving force, and women are assigned the role of auxiliary, passive, slave, which is nevertheless partially compensated by indulgences for beauty and motherhood.

    A woman should have a mystery, courtship, flowers, that's all.

    Under patriarchy, the body of a woman does not belong to her until the end (Hussars, be silent!), despite the fact that he even creates the illusion of choice and the image of a beautiful lady, for whose heart and sympathy the knights fight. However, the patriarchy is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

    Then there should be a paragraph about the restriction of sexuality of the century to the past, due to biological barriers. After all, for a fertile woman, the penetration of sperm into the vagina is fraught with pregnancy, unlike men. I will not describe in detail, and so it is clear what sexuality is, what sex appeal is and what the human body has to do with it. By the way, there were no condoms until the middle of the last century, and birth control pills-combined oral contraceptives-even longer, in our country, COCA generally appeared only in the last 20-30 years.

    Biology still determines cultural (gender) roles. It is difficult to overcome the millennial inertia, although the 20th century and the 21st century have done a lot for this, for the emancipation of women and their liberation from the monopoly yoke of biological roles.

    And because women's breasts are necessary for their reproductive, biological function-to feed their children.

    The male torso, on the other hand, does not carry any load comparable in the socio-cultural context (which is sad in its own way). So it is not censored.

  2. Why is it so difficult to explain?.. We are simply talking about moral norms and prohibitions in certain social environments… And, in general, the concept of shame arose with the implantation of faith, as Christian, Muslim… etc…While in African culture, naked female breasts are not at all shameful or intellectually arousing objects… Modern society is gradually moving away from the state of vulgarization of the contemplation of the human body.. It's all natural… And, as you know, this is not ugly… Just be reasonable…

  3. Man is a mammal. And like any mammal, the female sex has mammary glands. Then there is the attitude in cultures, we will take those that had women's clothing in their composition. Best of all-corsets and bodices, as well as their descendants that support (well, or not so much) breasts (bras of all types). Clothing is quite a multifunctional thing, and in ancient times, among other things, it could protect spirits from evil spirits along with jewelry and tattoos. Times have passed, functions have changed, clothing has changed and remained.

  4. somewhere women go naked and this is normal for them . Hypocrisy, if a woman wants to show her breasts open, this is her right,for example, I was young and a woman in a translucent robe with beautiful breasts with big nipples and huge halos around them just mesmerized me. I dreamed then to possess such beauty charm, BUT that it so showed itself to someone yes not for what neither then nor now.And now there are pusi running around waving their Spaniel ears cool no more . it's just that we guys are against it and there is censorship from here.

  5. Tell me honestly ladies. Are you attracted to a photo of a penis as something erotic like a breast for men? For men, breasts look attractive and alluring. Many men could jerk off over a photo of just one breast without a bra (if they have normal health and psyche, of course). And for example, a photo of a member looks like something not particularly exciting or even disgusting.

    I personally, as a man from the Middle East, dress with clothes at least from the navel to the knees (in baths, etc.). This is all etiquette. And cultural customs.

    Agree, because the breast can sometimes excite a man. And women are physically weaker than men. Even in the 21st century, many rapes are still unsolved.

    I believe that for the rape of a girl, for example, the death penalty is necessary. And for example, rape a woman or a girl, put them in prison and make them pay a fine set by the court and expertise. Depending on the degree of damage to both the body and mind, the penalty and prison increases. For killing any person on purpose, you also need to be executed. And if the murder occurred by accident and / or mistake of the killer. Then he should sincerely apologize to his family. And the family itself will have to choose how much it should pay, as well as the court must approve the amount.

    In Japan, it sometimes happens that a girl blames a man for sexual harassment. And a man has to pay quite a lot of money. Moreover, even proof is not particularly needed. All you need is a public camera and the wrong action of a man behind a woman, and voila. And by the way, the erection of men is also prohibited. Men can't control it in any way. Just one erotic thought and that's it (the unit is yours) it's worth it, and you're a pervert.

    It is simply impossible to protect all women from violence as well as men. And if possible, then only temporarily. If not temporarily, then not colossally and costly. Many cases are individual depending on the economy, country, and geographical location.

    So that men don't stare at their breasts, women should wear bras. And men don't have to stare at them.

    When a one-year-old child cries from hunger, his mother must feed him. But carrying a bottle of milk is simply inconvenient and can always be forgotten. At such moments, the woman does not hesitate to feed the child in full. And others don't stare. If the child is not fed, his eyes will turn red, his face will turn blue and swell. Which will lead to more problems.

    Men, in my opinion, are required to wear at least long shorts from the navel to the knees. And women wear swimsuits similar to dresses, as in the 19th and 20th centuries. This is on the beach, pool, etc. procedures.

    And on the street or in public places, men should wear at least knee-length shorts and a T-shirt. A woman should wear a bra with a T-shirt and some kind of long skirt.

    I gave an example of my opinion on the etiquette of clothing. Don't throw your sneakers or crush your old newspaper. This is my opinion. Do not agree to put dislikes I don't care.

  6. Because developed mammary glands are a sexual trait of a woman. And not like, for example, the adam's apple in men. In men, the breast is not a sexual trait. The speaker above speaks of some mystical patriarchy that still oppresses women, even in developed countries, arguing that men objectified their breasts. Well, you might as well say that there is an objectification of the term. Men can't show their penis in movies (except in certain genres). That's all, we have a matriarchy, where to go.

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