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  1. It is EASY to upgrade a computer to the “iron” level, because their most common platform was designed with this in mind.

    Man is a product of “blind” evolution, so his “hardware upgrade” has great limitations and difficulties.

    However, the presence of a huge number of courses in various subjects and skills suggests that most people have not exhausted the possibilities of their own “upgrade” at the” software ” level

  2. To upgrade at the “hardware” level, humanity does not have the technology, but you can always start upgrading your brain at the “software” level simply by training memory, thinking and other brain properties.

  3. Learn to use your current memory first. If you don't use your computer for its intended purpose, then no upgrade will really help you. Similarly, you will not have enough memory for garbage collection.

  4. Any computer upgrade, whether it is replacing a video card or updating a program, assumes that the new card or program “understands” the commands that the computer processor sends to them and, conversely, controls its functions using signals that the processor understands. This is all possible only for one reason: both of them were originally made compatible with each other in terms of interaction codes, I / O ports, and so on. If we are talking about the brain, then the addresses of its memory cells and codes for recording and reproducing information are not known to us! And, most likely, they will never be known, since there are more than 85 billion nerve cells in the human brain alone, and the contacts between them, analogous to memory cells, are even three orders of magnitude more, only a million billion, while in the most advanced processor there are no more than 2-3 billion of them. So the only way to upgrade your brain is to learn, learn, and learn again!

  5. Well, if you have already used 2.5 petabytes of your memory, which is enough to record TV shows for about 300 years continuously, then you definitely need to implant additional memory.

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