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  1. It doesn't matter, because it's not. Starting with the fact that some would argue at all whether to call him a philosopher and ending with the fact that if there are any tops of the greatest philosophers, in most of them Plato or Aristotle will occupy the first place, due to their enormous influence on the whole world. If Confucius is put in the first place in any such list, your question will need to be addressed specifically to them, this point of view will definitely not be generally accepted.

  2. Confucius is certainly an outstanding thinker, but not a philosopher at all. The set of rules of behavior is called Ethics, it is a narrower discipline, the technology of successful behavior of an individual. Comparing Confucius with Hegel, Kant, or Laplace is like comparing Watt with Maxwell, Gauss, Lorentz, or De Broglie … Not the same level, without detracting, however, from specific merits.

  3. Confucius taught the wisdom of living. He taught correctly, because the modern renaissance of Asia is also due to Confucius. Rituals and their significance in people's lives cannot be overemphasized.

  4. Confucius stands out among other thinkers primarily for his common sense. That is why his philosophy has survived for centuries and can be successfully applied in any country, including our own.

  5. CONFUCIUS gave brilliant practical advice on specific topical issues in the lives of all people. Other philosophers were more interested in abstract truths.

  6. Yes, because it is very primitive.

    Yes, because all his statements are at the Carnegie level:

    To live well , you need to : breathe, sleep, blink, pee and poop, ……………………. and so on.

    That is, it is very convenient and understandable for the bulk of humanity – people who are not capable of creative thinking, but use superficial-primitive logical chains, events and conclusions.

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