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  1. Because it's all true, and the influence of secret state electromagnetic radiation makes you and everyone else believe that everything is normal and that you want to live, and for someone else's good. and if you are very ill or mentally ill (or maybe there is no mental illness as such in nature, just a difference that makes a person unsuitable for mind control?) that is, the waves do not affect you as intended, and the true nature of things is revealed to you.

  2. This phenomenon is probably described somewhere in medical books. In my childhood, too, this was often the case with illnesses (now I rarely get sick). Most importantly, if you are really interested, look through your friends for a good doctor who can talk to you over a cup of tea. It is better to find out something for sure once again, than to amuse yourself with innuendos like “here, this is all your computer!” or ” well, it's probably because of the pressure.” No “probably”, knowledge is power! 🙂

  3. I think it's not specifically in these diseases, but in the high temperature that accompanies them. 39-40 C and such hallucinations are not surprising. Such is the feverish delirium.

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