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  1. There is nothing surprising in the body's reaction. When standing up abruptly, the blood drains from the head for a split second and dizziness occurs. Many years ago, in a military school, we cadets had fun like this: a volunteer stood up with his back to the wall ( for support) and did 5-6 sharp squats, after which two or three people pressed him in the solar plexus area. The person was losing consciousness for a few seconds!- “leaving”. Of course we were young and healthy for such “fun”. So if it's just a slight dizziness, it's okay. However, I can't say anything about the metallic taste in my mouth….

  2. I once had similar symptoms , in my case the cause was low hemoglobin and low blood pressure, corrected with proper nutrition, but I really hope that you understand the stupidity of diagnoses on the Internet and consult a doctor, and not in absentia.

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