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  1. This “question” is not and cannot be answered. Nothing. This is not a question at all, but a provocative statement of the author's own position. This is a lie and slander. In addition, it is inciting national hatred. Yandex Q could pay more attention to the essence of questions published by some “authors”. The Criminal Code has not been repealed.

  2. If they were very much disliked, there would be much less or no immigrants from Central Asia. Uzbek and Kyrgyz people have a lot to love, and not just for their amazing cuisine. There are a lot more of them in Russia than people from the North Caucasus, and the noise from them is much less, don't you agree? But the Georgian and Armenian intelligentsia, of course, and the common people, too, of course, enjoy the greatest love in Russia.

  3. I would not say that people from the Caucasus are massively loved in Russia. Dagestanis and Chechens, for example, do not enjoy the popular love of Russians – both in millions of people and in smaller cities.

    As mentioned above, this is probably your subjective opinion.

  4. Well, you are rather talking about some subjective observations and experience. I live in the province and here the Caucasians are treated very, very differently. Just like for other nationalities. Sometimes I meet people who are extremely intolerant of Caucasians, but sympathize, for example, with Buryats or Kazakhs.

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