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  1. Sensations are always located in one place – in the brain.

    Some part of the body sends a signal, and the brain “thinks” of this signal as heat in some part of the body.


    “So, I repeat once again: there is not really the slightest difference between the actual impression with its consequences and the recollection of this impression on the part of the process.”

    In addition, it is logical from this to create the next opportunity to imagine heat in some part of the body (It is important that the experience of real heat in this part of the body has already been. And the ability to turn off the thought: “this is not real”), this also leads to classic phantom pains – pain felt in an amputated limb, as well as relatively new experiments with a puppet hand that feels like its own and others like that.

    Here description and links to similar experiments at the bottom.

    Also, everyone went through experiments on this topic in a dream – what happens in a dream seems to be happening in reality, and only when you wake up (or the lucid dream method is activated) do you begin to understand it as a dream. That is, the brain distinguishes memories, fantasies based on memories from reality, not because they differ in some way inside the brain, but because the brain controls this – “thinks” another thought at the same time, performs another process – 1 “I feel heat in my leg” + 2 “this heat is a memory, it's not real”.

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