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  1. I don't know for sure, but I guess it's probably introspection. If you just read without thinking, then there will be almost no sensations, but if you partially focus on how you read, some of the resources will be spent on focusing and analyzing this case, and this will happen at a loss of the resources of reading itself, which is why you will tend to read a little slower (as for example, we start reading slower when we read something complex or emotional, because it requires more of our resources). Therefore, it will seem that you are reading more slowly, and on the other hand, the habit of a certain reading speed will push you to read relatively quickly, and because of the decrease in resources, the level of understanding will decrease and, accordingly, this speed will seem too high. And considering that the analysis of these impressions (either slowly or quickly) is given little resources, it turns out to be inaccurate and indistinct, as a result, this strange feeling is born. But, as I said , this is just a guess.

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