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  1. First, let's clarify that not children are not in adolescence, but in late adolescence, i.e. 15-19 years old.

    Secondly, it is from here that the legs grow, and the parents are fully responsible for the child, and not only because this is the way it happened, but according to the legislation. But starting from the age of 14, for the most part, with rare exceptions, the child is responsible for himself, so there is already a passport, respectively, there is also responsibility to which they can be brought(although it does not cancel the responsibility of parents up to 18). Plus, by the age of 14, the child, for the most part, is no longer just a child, but an already formed personality that gradually enters adulthood, has its own interests different from the family's, perhaps first love, etc., therefore, parents give more freedom so that the child learns not only independence, but also responsibility.�

    Yes, and you will agree that a child of 5-7 years old in the event of an emergency will not be able to do something due to age and ignorance, although there are exceptions. But 14-19 is already the age when a person is able to understand what needs to be done in the event of an emergency, although there are also exceptions.

    Well, last but not least, this is Parental anxiety, of course, in 14-19 it does not disappear, but still in 5-7 years the parent is more worried about children than in 14.

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