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  1. When a person gives up something that does not suit him, and takes it out of his life, it creates-yes, a hole, a void, a space. And the more space in a person's life was occupied by what he got rid of, the bigger the hole and more time spent in this state.

    Then-on the principle of “A holy place is never empty” – it quietly and imperceptibly begins to fill up with something. If you do not help yourself and fill it with what you really want to have in your life (in a clever way, this is called something like “forming a new behavioral stereotype”), everything that follows is a matter of chance: you may or may not be lucky.

    Your quote: “It may be better to live and be burdened, but for something like everything is arranged” – if, excuse the tautology, how everything is arranged, suits – you can live on. Only it is advisable to take into account that if in principle it has already reached the point of getting rid of something – is this exactly “satisfied”?

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