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  1. To “YOU” when I keep my distance. And yet, I prefer warm to ” YOU “than cold to “YOU”! Anyway. Especially if I like the person. But what about the English “YOU”?

  2. Because you start to experience feelings, and you want reciprocity in return, and when you don't get reciprocity, you are disappointed and it seems that he treats you coldly

    And as they say, do not do good, you will not pour evil

  3. Because people get used to your kindness and don't appreciate it when it's still there. This is a very familiar problem. And it really works. While you are interested in a person, ask how he is doing and what he ate today (this is all figurative, of course), he gets used to it as it should be. If you change your behavior for a moment, it will immediately be noticeable,and if you treat this person “fuck off”, he will immediately feel it .

    This is generally difficult to explain,but I have learned from my own experience.
    The better you treat a person,the more they don't give a shit about you. And vice versa. There are of course exceptions,but rarely.

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