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  1. Good time of day. It depends on what kind of literature we are considering, if it is artistic, then for me it is creativity, along with music and painting. And if we consider scientific literature, then it is already difficult to call it fiction.

  2. To understand this question, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word art.

    The Philosophical Encyclopedia edited by F. V. Konstantinov states: “ART is a form of creativity, a way of spiritual self-realization of a person through sensory-expressive means (sound, body plasticity, drawing, words, color, light, natural material, etc.). As we can see, literature (exclusively artistic) fits perfectly into this definition.

    It is also worth noting that fiction, like other forms of art, combines author's (including anonymous) works, in contrast to works of folklore that have no author in principle. Therefore, folklore is a product of culture, not art.

    Therefore, art does not include scientific, reference, educational, etc. literature, as well as folklore.

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