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  1. Nazism has never been a right-wing ideology. This is the ideology of the National Socialist Workers ' Party of Germany, which was joined by Alois Schicklgruber (aka Adolf Hitler). In Munich 1919, during the turbulent days of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, he was in the ranks of communist formations (since the entire garrison of Munich was enlisted in the Red Army) and even served as a deputy. He was so genuinely disillusioned with communism after the defeat of the Soviet Republic that he was not subjected to reprisals, despite the fact that he was a member of the Soviet from his unit that had put up armed resistance to Freikor and the Reichswehr (and according to some sources, it was he who led this resistance).

    In essence, German national Socialism was not much different from Soviet communism. The same socialist paradise for working workers and peasants, but with the preservation of private property. Perhaps this is why, after Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, many German workers so easily exchanged their blue Communist “stormtroopers” for the brown shirts of Hitler's stormtroopers.

  2. Because there is equality only within a single nation, according to the facts, there is no socialism there, neither in social nor in economic terms, but national socialism cannot be called a radical right-wing ideology, rather a center.

  3. The question is whether the name is false. Socialism cannot be right, even at the level of philosophy. “National socialism” is absurd as: “black and white” or “square-bitter”. In Russia, the example of such a movement “national Bolsheviks” is the same attempt to make the absurd a reality. The same applies to the so-called “third paths”.

  4. Because initially the NSDLP (National Socialist Workers ' Party of Germany) was a party based on workers with a nationalist ideology. But after coming to power, there was nothing left of socialism or democracy. The ban on trade unions, an increase in the working day, etc., etc. And of course they did not change the name, the bulk of the country was still proletarian, and the party seemed to work in their interests. In short, the usual change of shoes in a political flight.

  5. This is a typical attempt to give meaning to the inscription on the fence / banner of the NSDAP. The characteristics of nationalism and socialism are so incompatible that their unity is only lied to for propaganda purposes. To cover up a creature of one. Equally, as the other. Nationalism and socialism do not interpenetrate, do not imply common ground, and repel each other. At its core!

  6. Who counts as? A broad mass of people? Well, a wide mass of people still believe that Russia is a democratic country, and that GDP is a good president.

    I do not consider national socialism a right-wing ideology. Firstly, because, as you correctly noted, this is socialism, and any socialism is left-wing. In fact, we can say that the most popular ideologue of Nazism, Hitler, wanted equality in economic and social terms between all people. Only here for people he considered a limited circle of people, and all the others had to be killed. Well, something like in communism – all proletarians are equal, and the bourgeoisie should be shot, or made equal in the same way.

    All this is leftist bullshit, Hitler is a leftist, just like Lenin and Stalin.

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