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  1. How can the unmeasurable be measured? And how to determine, and by what criteria, youth and old age? All these conventions are so blurred that it is impossible to distinguish one from the other. The age of a person is not a measure of youth and old age. Sometimes a man in his thirties feels like an old man, and sometimes a man in his eighties feels like a young man. I, personally, do not know people who died with the diagnosis ” death from old age.” I was struck by the expression of the outstanding sage Adi Shankar in Vedanta: “People grow old and die because they see others grow old and die.” Only a person can determine whether he is “young” or “old,” and the rest is from the evil one!!! With respect.

  2. There is a very definite answer to this question. According to modern medicine, youth (the period of growth and development of the body) lasts up to 21 years in men and up to 20 years in women. After that, the first period of maturity (up to 35) begins, which is characterized by the stability of the body's functions. So, these 35 years (from birth to 35) can be called youth, right? From 35, the second period of maturity begins and continues up to 55 for women and up to 60 for men (not old age – after all, it still “works” normally). Old age (still not old age!), when already with whom as, will last for a man from 60 to 75 (here it is the shortest). And only at 75 will old age begin with its irreversible changes in health for the worse. And in order for your old age to be longer than your youth, as you put it, you need to live at least until the age of 95. And the average life expectancy in Russia for men is 68.5, for women 78.5 (according to official data). That is, the lucky men in our country do not have time to learn what old age is (they do not live up to it), andthe old age of women lasts only 3.5 years compared to the youth that lasts, as we agreed, 35 years, so it (old age) is not longer, but shorter than the youth of women in our country by an average of 10 times. I don't know if I've comforted you or upset you, but it's a medical fact. If you don't believe me, go through the reference books. And live happily ever after.

  3. Not longer, there is a different time, although not for everyone, time is not a crutch to space as an extra coordinate, but a constant of the speed of technological processes that translates space into a dynamic phase, there is also a static state, but development is possible only in dynamics.
    This is similar to a technique like quartz for a microcontroller, and static is programmable logic, if you simplify the circuit.
    Time has nothing to do with the past, future, memory, these are different things, so you can shy away from the past as much as you want, you will not change the future, for this you need to take the present itself into the past and change the future, in fact, what humanity did, now we have started the reverse zod of returning to a new future, but this is another story.
    And time itself we create for ourselves, here to old age, and old age is a disease, but this is also another story, we change it, but it becomes slower for those who have already abandoned life, and who have begun to gain wisdom, rearranges their life cycles to a larger scale, which from outside in terms of time also seems like a smaller speed, for them death is not It's just that life isn't really what we think it is, it's not math that's different, and it's important, but it's part of bigger things, and since we don't want anything sweeter than this carrot, it's our limit.
    The desire to have is not a wishlist like give it I want to indulge, no, I want to be responsible for it and show the power to rule the development of this, but neither one nor the other is enough it will crush me, and then either it will spray or it will imprint into a stone this is how the limit group of symmetry that we call death physically works here is the answer why it is a disease and what is the physics of immortality, which you also do not want to use. And we use death every day getting a lot of useful things, where we know how to do it correctly.

  4. It depends on what counts as youth. Young people drink alcohol, do not sleep at night, run around with women, what kind of youth is this? It is not disfigured by intelligence, so it is full of movers or works for a day or two, what kind of health is there? After that, old age begins at the age of 30, and the remaining 30 years are supported only by medicines. Old age is not longer at all, just more painful, and if something also hurts, it seems like an eternity!

  5. Because people are deceived from childhood, getting used to all sorts of rubbish and living in illusions.
    This world was a very interesting game in the past(MMORPG with full immersion)
    The human body is a liquid crystal robot with an operating system (mind) under the control of consciousness and for this super machine, there is a certain type of power, but you still won't believe me..(If you feed a sparrow only with bread, then in a week its feathers will start to fall out, and in a month it will die, because its food is seeds)Sugar-crystal, salt-crystal, resin-crystal (amber, etc.), blood is not baked, but crystallized, you can continue indefinitely… But people do not want to see the obvious things, everyone is busy chasing illusions and racing around in circles, worshipping candy wrappers and pieces of iron.

    P.S. My answers are often stoned here, so do not hesitate, feel free to write your angry comment, because you need it for self-affirmation!

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