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  1. By definition, a constructor is a system of parts (this system can consist of only 1 part, for example, a Cube ) connected together in a strictly defined unique way.

    In the Constructor, when Designing ( the process of developing and assembling a model), parts are connected according to a special algorithm, but the parts themselves are not changed!

    In the Constructor, after disassembling the model, all the parts can be used many more times and connected according to new schemes-algorithms.

    In classic Origami ( with the exception of “Modular Origami” – this is a modular type of constructor, not Origami! ) there is only one part-a blank made from a sheet of paper with a traditional square shape or another.

    This blank element is never connected to any other parts of this type.

    There is only a change in the shape of the original element by folding according to a certain scheme.

    If we reverse the “model assembly” in Origami and return the blank to its original state, we will make sure that even the second time this blank can not be used to get a new model – we will be hindered by the fold lines and, of course, forced other deformation of the surface of the sheet of paper.

    Therefore, in ORIGAMI we have a design process, but not a Constructor!

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