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  1. Disillusionment has never been the root of mental illness, much less a barrier to the human (???) development. People are constantly experiencing disappointment and moving on, because getting rid of illusions is part of life, and especially adult life.

    At some point, you get used to the fact that the initial ideas do not coincide with reality, so you give yourself the right to make mistakes and move with caution. And no drama.

  2. Frustration is not the root of illness, but an unpleasant process of mental healing, part of development.
    I agree with the author of the previous answer to this question: charms are misleading. Therefore, their removal is recovery.
    The recovery process is often unpleasant: dislocation reduction, for example, is a very unpleasant procedure, but necessary for recovery.
    “Pain is a point of growth”
    This is not always the case, there is pain accompanying the process of destruction, degradation, but pain in the process of recovery is really a point of growth.
    “It doesn't matter what happened, it matters what you do next with it.”
    How a person copes with pain: breaks down or grows up, determines the progress of either a person or their illnesses.
    And this, in turn, is the free choice of a person to degrade or develop.
    Therefore, in some cases, a strong disappointment can break it, and in others make it stronger.

  3. I don't think there is any main reason for such complex system processes.

    And I treat disappointment with sympathy and tenderness.

    Once-charm – the moment when you stop communicating with the pink ponies from your fantasies.

    And, hail, God!! “you finally see real people, real yourself, real life.

    Real ones. Imperfect, much more interesting than the two-dimensional painted fantasy that used to be in this place.

    Only after disappointment is there a chance for love.

    A real girl, a real me, a real world.

    Or dislike – who forbids it?

    But before that, it was generally a relationship not with a girl, not with yourself, not with the world. With a stupid pink pony))

  4. In order not to be disappointed, do not be charmed. It is necessary to accept the prosaicity of life without “rose-colored glasses”, i.e. not to build”illusions”. But the fact is that the less life experience a person has, the more often they build up illusions that at first seem like a tempting goal. Having reached the next goal, a person is disappointed again, but this is the development and improvement of a person. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed, you need to set high, beautiful goals that are in the realm of the spirit, and material goals that work for the “cult” of the body will necessarily lead to disappointment. After completing the course of life training, a person gains wisdom – the highest knowledge available to a person, which cannot be taken away, forgotten or destroyed. It is no accident that in Eastern philosophy life is called “maya-illusion”. It is very important to have a sober, sane mind based on your “own” opinion, which excludes servility and idolatry, so as not to fall into “psychism” and not be buried under the rubble of built-up illusions.

  5. Disappointment is not the root, it is a consequence, the root is most likely doubts and the more the more disappointments it is inherent in the character of people, there are people who can control emotions and thoughts and there are those who have doubts extremely rarely, learn to control thoughts and emotions and mental illnesses will become several times less

  6. It depends on what the disappointment is.. sometimes, on the contrary, it leads to improvement and motivates.. but disillusionment with yourself-in fact, a loss of faith in yourself-breaks down completely.. in any case, disappointment is the result of high expectations and the reason for dissatisfaction with their needs, both spiritual and physical.. in fact, the main thing here is to learn not to give up.. and also to strengthen faith in yourself in other areas where there are no disappointments yet, to look for your own, to look for what inspires..
    In fact, the main cause of spiritual ailments is physical ailments.. you can have great motivation for a goal, but feel so bad that you don't have the strength and are afraid to go and do something that leads to the goal.. as long as your body does not torture you, your strength is full and you are able to literally turn the world upside down, the main thing is not to give up and do not stop.. disappointment is just a life experience and a source of wisdom.. like a grenade.. you can blow up on it yourself, but you can destroy its obstacles.. use any experience, including negative ones, as a lesson, apply the knowledge gained for your own benefit and in your favor.. that's the whole secret..

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