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  1. It is worth adding that not just “sea of seeds”, but “sea of porcelain seeds”. Porcelain is a traditional Chinese material, and each of these seeds was hand-crafted by craftsmen from the city known as the”imperial porcelain capital”. Each unit of the “sea” is individual, not like another, it has its own shade, its own shape features, like the Chinese people, similar in appearance, but different in the manifestation of their unique individuality and self.

    It is important to note that during the exhibition of the work at the Gallery of Modern Art in London, visitors could directly interact with the installation, literally touch the history of the Chinese people expressed in symbolic form, walk through the huge gray “sea” and take a piece of Chinese identity with them.

    “Sea of Seeds” is the author's creative reinterpretation of the Chinese people, their traditions and history.

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