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  1. Compared to whom? If with the Russian Federation, then more than 9 years – we have 70, and in the United States 79 years. Let me remind you: the global average is 71.4 years. The US doesn't have the longest life expectancy. The largest in Japan and Hong Kong – 84 years and Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Singapore-83 years. 1-3 years lower in all sorts of Sweden, Norway, Holland, England-in general, in the “Kalashny” series.

    Exactly the mechanisms that regulate life expectancy are not fully understood. There are historical and genetic factors. However, it is clear that the standard of living, quality of life, material well-being, level of health care and correct lifestyle have a positive effect on increasing life expectancy. That is why in all developed countries the life expectancy is around 8 years. There are exceptions – the Caribbean: Cuba, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Panama for 79 years. Climate? But Iceland is 82 years old.

    You won't find any rich developed countries with a life expectancy of less than 80 years.

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